Monday, March 16, 2015

The Last Day of Our Trip

Hello, Dear Ones! I thought I would show you the end of our little weekend trip. If you missed the first part you can click HERE to see it.
 We drove to Hyde Park, New York to visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt's home and museum. We have visited a few other Presidential libraries and this one was on the list ever since we moved to New York.
 This is Franklin and Eleanor's home. This was an excellent guided tour! We were amazed at how well it was all maintained.
 As you can see, everything was covered up in snow.
 I won't bore you with a lot of words, I know that's hard for me. The lighting was not very good so I snapped the best I could.
Such lovely rooms and we were given lots of history info of guests and happenings. The above snap is of the carriage house. It was under construction so we weren't allowed to visit it.
 Had to show you a snap of my handsome Mr. Precious! Can you believe he's 70? I can not keep up with him! :)
 Elie and Frankie posed for a snap! :)
 After touring their home, we went into the Presidential Museum. It was all laid our perfectly and I received a larger history lesson than I had planned for! :) 
 This is FDR's library and his is the only library on display that was actually used by a President. It's not a very good snap, but I wanted to show his wheel chair. For those of you who are so young, FDR had polio and tried his best to keep it a secret from the public. He was a strong man, a strong President and his affliction didn't hinder his work for our country.
 I know all President's have their pets and this little Scottie, Fala, was the Roosevelt's beloved pooch. I don't know if you've seen the statue of FDR in Washington D.C., but little Fala is right by his side. FDR may be sitting in a wheelchair that is covered up with his cape. I believe America probably knew little Fala very well. There is another statue of him sitting visibly in a wheelchair. I have heard his family was against this monument as he wouldn't have wanted to be remembered sitting in a wheelchair.
I took this picture from the web to show you how much little Fala meant to FDR. Now, this all was way before my time, just wanted to toss that out there! :)
 Needless to say, this was a day well spent. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a few things which is always a good thing. And as we were walking to our car looky what I spied with my most gorgeous tiny eyes...
DEER! They were having a grand time walking around in the snow! Hope you've enjoyed going along with me on my little trip. Wishing you all a glorious day!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

The President's Song

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison
Monroe, Quincy Adams, Jackson, Van Buren,
Harrison, Tyler, Polk and Taylor,
Filmore, Pierce, Buchanan.

Lincoln, Johnson, Grant and Hayes,
Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison,
McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson.
Harding, Coolidge, Hoover.

Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy,
Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter.
Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and OBAMA

~ sung by children in the classroom


  1. Been there several times with my parents, back in the day. Mom loved it because she thought FDR was the greatest prez ever (and yes she did live in his time), and I was fascinated by Eleanor - she did so much to pave the way for women's rights. Your pics are great, thanks for sharing.

    Mary @ 120 Spring Street

    1. By the way, last time I was there (years ago), there was a building dedicated solely to Eleanor - is that still there?

  2. What a beautiful and classic styled home. I love seeing bits of history like this. Thanks for the tour!

  3. What a fun place to visit! I'm heading on a road trip tomorrow to Biltmore Estate with my grilfriends!

  4. Interesting place to visit. Love all of the beautiful furniture and d├ęcor in their home. Thanks for taking us along on the trip with you.


  5. What a great place to tour. He was quite an interesting man, wasn't he? And there was hanky-panky going on in the white house long before Kennedy and Did you happen to see the movie that came out about a year or so on his life? It was quite good.

    Your hubby looks great. You would never believe he was 70 to look at him. I think you have a keeper there, Shelia!n xo Diana

  6. That would be so interesting to see and tour this gorgeous home. Thanks for taking us along. Is he the same president that had a summer home on Campobello Island in Canada? I have toured that home before and it had a wheelchair in it so I'm guessing it was his as well. I need to take another visit to beautiful Campobello Island again. It's only a couple hours and twos short ferry rides away from here. Have a great week Shelia.

  7. What a great trip that must have been! I watched the documentary on the History Channel about the Roosevelts and really found their history very interesting. I went back and read the first post too...lovely snowy barn photos and scenery. I do love me a good road trip :)

  8. What a wonderful tour - I loved FDR - he was a great president. I remember him as I was a youngster when he was in office.
    I have always tried to see every Presidents home if I am there . Where he was born, lived, museum or where he worked while in office away from the White House.
    A few months ago there was quite a autobiography of the Roosevelt's from Teddy on down to FDR - very well done and I really enjoyed learning more about Eleanor. She was quite a woman in her own right.
    So glad that you all had a wonderful time.

  9. I would love to visit that place! Who isn't fascinated by Franklin and Eleanor? They were both strong people who did so much for us. Their house is beautiful. Aren't you amazed at how the decor is still the look that many of us love? Glad you shared this, Shelia. :)

  10. I love history so this is right up my alley, Shelia. Lovely photos of everything. I can see why you had such a wonderful time. ♥

  11. Thanks for sharing the photos! I love historical places.

  12. Thanks for sharing your trip to FDR's home with us. I do remember Eleanor and FDR. As a child, I was impressed with Eleanor's activities; plus, I thought she looked just like my grandmother!!! Sally

  13. This just made my day big time. Oh Shelia...thank you for sharing this. I have read many, many books on Franklin and Eleanor....this would be my hearts desire to visit Hyde Park! It was a real treat for me to see these photos! So much appreciated! Big hugs!!!

  14. That is a beautiful building! Glad to hear it was such a good tour. Your Mr. Precious is very handsome and you are beautiful!! Loved the pic of the deer too. XO

  15. That was a very interesting tour. Such a lovely home. I am sure they loved that home. I love to visit places like that. One of these days I'm going to make it to Warm Springs Ga and visit the place FDR stayed there.
    I've been to one presidential museum and that was the Kennedy museum in Boston. It was very emotional because his death was something I remembered from my childhood. It was also after his son's plane went down. It was such a sad time there.

  16. One place on my wish list to visit. Such history and I noticed the pictures of the King and Queen of England on the piano, I read about when they visited Hyde Park. The Roosevelt's introduced them to hot dogs!

  17. What a cool post! Loved it...learned some neat things! Happy st Patricks day!

  18. Shelia,
    Thank you for taking me along with you and "Mr. Precious" to the Roosevelt's.
    Eleanor is my most favorite First Lady!!!
    I do love that they were such good "friends" as husband and wife!!!
    Loved hearing about their life through your eyes!!!

  19. Shelia, this really was fabulous! I've just had a look at the previous post as well. Love all that white stuff! It was so interesting and fabulous photos, and yep your Mr Precious is a hunk, but you're a babe so there you go! Love American history, thanks for this post Shelia. :)

  20. Shelia, so interesting...Ron would love this too. We saw a wonderful PBS special about this dear family not long ago. So good!

    Hugs, Barb

  21. Oh I enjoyed that! I watched that PBS special about them last year and enjoyed it a lot. So I take it the home's furnishings are all original? Are the fabrics original too? I noticed the green shutters and green fabric inside so I take it they were fond of green! Happy 70 to Mr. Precious!

  22. Thank you for sharing your tour with us. This is on my list to see if we get nearby sometime. I watched 'The Roosevelts' on public television and loved learning the history before my time. My dear, little mother remembered it all as she watched. Your photos inspire me to make my list for someday so I won't miss a thing!

  23. What a great trip, I used to love historic trips like this when I was a kid; my dada always took us on learning fields. I would have loved to see this historic house, which is in pristine conditions, even inside, wow.
    Thanks for sharing it with us pretty lady.

  24. Shelia,
    Thanks so much for the great tour!! Loved it!! How are you liking our Winter's here in the great northeast??? LOL!!


  25. oh how we LOVE touring Presidential Homes.....we are super lucky to have one just down the road ~ Rutherford B. Hayes' home in Fremont, OH....LOVE it....and many don't compare...but FDR's home is just lovely ~ we'll have to put it on the list when we travel east!! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our bunny plates today Shelia!!! Have a super weekend :)

  26. Hi Shelia, this is an amazing part of your trip and I know you so enjoyed it. The history is incredible to learn and see in a tour. I saw the statue with Roosevelt and his little dog in D.C. when we visited the White House and it's a wonderful larger the life sight.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great evening.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  27. This is fabulous -- a very beautiful place and relatively homey for such a large place. I've been fascinated by the Roosevelts for many years, but particularly after watching the wonderful Ken Burns series about them. Should I ever get to explore your new state, this is a spot I would like to discover myself.

  28. FDR's home is so beautiful, I could move right in! Thank you so much for taking us on the tour with you :)

    Mr. Precious looks 10 years younger than he is. What's his secret? ;)


  29. Very nice to see this place! I think these places are interesting. The Presidents Song makes remembering their names a little easier and it doesn't appear to seem like there have been so many presidents in all.


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