Sunday, March 1, 2015

Come On In

Hello, Dear Ones! Y'all, it's snow all day today. Light and dry, but all day! I think our snow has been on the ground a month now! I'm dreaming of spring so come on into my entry and let me show you my little springy redo.
Getting ready for spring with a new vignette.
I changed out my lamp on the table. Thought this one looked a little more fancy. :)
Then I pulled out some faux flowers and made a happy little flower arrangement in a blue vase. See? More blues.
And...I have the hardest time keeping my little dogs from running all over the house and this little pair finally landed on my table. I think they believe there must be some dog food in the little jar.
You can see my little plugin smelly thingy there. I like to have a nice scent as you enter the house. Now, let me ask you another question - I'm thinking about painting this little table. What color would you paint it if you were me?
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

I Feel Like Going Home

Lord I feel like going home
I tried and failed and I`m tired and weary
Everything I ever done was wrong
And I feel like going home

Lord I tried to see it through
But it was too much for me
And now I`m coming home to you
And I feel like going home

Cloudy skies are rolling in
And not a friend around to help me
From all the places I have been
And I feel like going home

~ sung by Charlie Rich


  1. Hi Shelia,
    Your spring table vignette is darling, I like the dogs. Now you know I am a Victorian at heart, so my vote is not to paint the table. I like how it goes with the floor and the mirror and how it contrasts with the light colored walls.
    Have a great week,

  2. I don't know if I could paint that table, because if you change your mind (or your granddaughter wants to someday strip it) it has so many little crevices to reach, somebody somewhere's gonna' be doin' some cussin'.

    Or off-white. Ha.

  3. If your heart is set on painting it, what about navy or deep blue? I toured your pretty home and I see your pretty curtains of blue. You also have this pretty vignette with it. Good luck!

  4. I love your Spring vignette. It looks very cute and I love the little pups keeping guard there. Oh- I am not gonna get into that paint debate for love nor xo Diana

  5. Very pretty vignette Shelia...I love those pups and that pretty blue and white container! You know I love painted furniture and think that table would look beautiful painted and a light distressing over those pretty details...what about Annie Sloan's Old White.

  6. Lovely vignette and so inviting. I love white for my painting projects and excited to see what you decide.

  7. I think that your table is lovely as it is, but I am sure that if you do paint it it will be lovely then too! xx

  8. The table is holding a lovely vignette. I can hear her screaming at you why don't you like me like I am. lol
    She will be pretty any color she is. Only you can know what color will suit your foyer.

  9. Ahhh that vignette is a welcome to Spring indeed Sheila! Enjoy, I think it's on its way.

  10. Love your springy vignette Sheila ! I have almost that same table ..and I want to paint the legs a color ( I'm thinking for my house ..grey white ..or aqua) and leave the top wood :)

  11. Hi Shelia,

    I look to you for decorating, so I'd never be able to give advice; however, since you asked . . . I'd never paint it. The doily looks so perfect against the dark wood.

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  12. Pretty spring vignette. We are getting more snow today, just a few inches but with the mounds we have it will be awhile before we see green again...I particularly like your blue and white vase, just gorgeous.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Jen and thank you for popping in to see me.
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia :)

  13. I just always love your sweet vignettes Shelia. Love the dogs....just perfect!! This brightened my day!!

  14. I'd go for white for the table Shelia ! It'd look great I think !
    I love your doggies, they're adorable ! :-D

  15. Shelia,
    Lovely change of Season vignette, dear friend!!!
    I notice the mirror above is dark with gold and the floor tiles are dark, as well.
    If you paint the table a light color it might blend in with your wall.
    Had you thought about a red or a gray hue???
    Also, would you use a different mirror or paint this one to compliment the table???
    Which ever you choose. . .I know it will look fabulous!!!

  16. Well, the table sure is pretty as is. But I would think maybe a sage green???

  17. I am so tired of the snow! I heard today that all the states have snow except Florida! We are expecting another round after 6 this evening! It is quite warm today and melting but it just means the leftovers will freeze and the roads will be icy and dangerous. Whaaa! I ahould stop whining! But I am working inside my house trying to clear clutter and make a more efficient space. I like that Spring entry! Sigh! Soon it will be here, soon! Have a wonderful week.

  18. Your Spring Vignette is beautiful, Shelia. What a nice way to welcome Spring. Very pretty!

  19. Your tabletop is wonderful.

    I wouldn't paint that table, I agree with those above whom has stated it goes so nicely with the mirror and the contrasts and doilies just POP with the dark wood.

    Why not set the table on an angle - it will hide the plug in scent thingie and maybe look ok? Worth trying?

    Soooo sick of snow here too. Hugs.

  20. Well, Shelia, first off, if I were you I'd be able to play the piano! I don't think I'd paint that pretty table either. Michele had a nice idea about an angle. Love your Staffordshire dogs--they look so nice on that lovely table. ♥

  21. I love your little vignette with the puppy figures, so cute!

  22. Your vignette is ever so springy pretty! Your two dogs seem very well behaved! I vote for not painting the table...sorry sometimes old just need to be old.

  23. Beautiful vignette of Spring Shelia....I vote for no paint if the piece is in good condition....I tend to leave antique pieces alone if they are in great condition....Love the table!

  24. Hi Sheila! Your spring vignette is so lovely...just love hydrangeas. Hmmm...I don't know about painting the table if it was me...but it's NOT! I'm sure it will be lovely, whatever you decide :)

  25. I am ready for spring, too. Haven't started decorating for it yet, tho....still too cold here. :(
    I want to buy some dried hydrangeas...think I can order them on Ebay.
    White with a LITTLE shabby chipping...not too much...or maybe just a chalk paint white with a dark waxing.
    OR.....a washed out turquoise...oh, my....I am going to do a tiny hutch in the turquoise chalk paint and I'm scared to death.......:)

  26. That is such a sweet little vignette, Shelia! I'm probably not the best person to ask about painting, because I pretty paint everything some shade of!

  27. Very, very pretty, Shelia -- and I simply adore your dear doggie!

  28. Sheila, I think whatever you do with the table it will be great. Remember..."You're good like that". LOL~ I love your little doggies. So cute! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. Hi Shelia. Love your entry display. What a beautiful welcome. It so inviting!! Whatever you do to your table will be gorgeous. It is gorgeous just like it is too.
    Thanks for stopping by while I've been on a little getaway. Back now and trying to catch up.
    We are heading into a winter ice storm with cold temps. Crazy Texas weather this year!!
    Be Blessed my friend.
    Hugs, CM

  30. Glad you are surviving our NY winter! Spring comes slowly, really not till May. We can't plant till late May, so hard to wait but not worth losing it to a frost.
    Your table looks so pretty, brightens up a cold snowy day!

  31. It's warm and balmy again here. I think Spring is definitely upon us but how one can tell if they live in this sunshine soaked state is beyond me! The little table. You do know that one day everyone will be doing the "stripping" thing again and wondering why in the world we covered up this BEAUTIFUL wood! Remember those days. *sigh* Shelia..Not being there makes it difficult to picture what color..but can't you perhaps drape a lovely cloth over it? I think I would perhaps just add lots of pretty greenery under the table and it would also hide the cord and little plug in. I have those too! :) Put the old books on top and let the doggies come live with me!
    OHHH..hahahahaha! Be sure and send their foodie jar. (fell off my chair on that. I love making myself laugh. And by the way..I cannot wait to see your pretty hair. Your hair so are going to look like a chickie again, Shelia!!
    Big hugs!

  32. I love your vignette in the front entry! I like to mix things around and this is my cup of tea! The dogs look great there and I love the lamp! Hope you aren't getting sick of winter already :-) It can get a little taxing but spring really will come and the renewal of life is amazing! XX, Liz

  33. Love your spring vignette! About the paint question...I like how the table, floor, and mirror work with the lighter wall color. I just read that table skirts are coming "back" (didn't know they were out!), so maybe you could have fun with fabric.That said, if a paint color calls out to you, go for it. Follow your heart. Anything you do will be beautiful. Hope springs arrives soon!

  34. It looks lovely, Shelia :)

    I love the little table as it is, but you know I'm a purist ;)


  35. Your vignette is so pretty, Shelia! Love your profile picture too. You look beautiful!
    Can't wait to see what color your table ends up.
    Enjoy the day.

  36. Darling spring vignette and pretty table too.
    XO Barbara

  37. The table would look lovely with it's legs painted and keep the top stained. Maybe paint the legs an off white and use a darker paint/stain/wax in the leg grooves and wipe out . Let us know what you decide.

  38. So pretty Sheila! I'm so jealous too of your Staffordshire dogs!

  39. This is a beautiful spring vignette in your foyer, Shelia! Since I recently posted on lamps in the home, my eyes went straight to your pretty lamp. I love it -- love the Grecian urn shape of it! It looks very elegant in your entryway. :) I don't know what color you should paint your table; I love the spool legs and the whole shape of it. So pretty.

    Thanks for inviting us in, Shelia, and have a great weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  40. Sheila, This is such a pretty Spring Vignette and I appreciate you joining the Share Your Style party.

  41. Beautiful vignette! Thank so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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