Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crocheted Topsy Turvey Doll

Hello, Dear Ones. Well, I've been keeping my crochet hooks pretty hot and wanted to show you what resulted after they cooled down!
Ta dah!!
 I made Carter a little Cinderella Topsy Turvey doll! Isn't she sweet? I remembered the topsy turvey rag dolls when I was a little girl. I had one where one side was a little girl crying then you lifted up her skirt and there she was again but this time she was smiling. I just don't know what happened to her.
 Here is the Princess side. Oh, she is all decked out in her bippity boppity boo gown with jewels on the skirt.

 Here you'll see she has on jeweled earrings and a tiara on her head. Carter says it's a crown. Well, crown it is then! :) Granddaughters rule! Her long blond hair has been done up in a very Princessy style just for the ball.

Oh, what a time Cinderella has had at the ball. She danced every dance with Prince Charming but she almost forgot! The clock is about to strike twelve and you know what that means!
 Yes, so sad, so sad! You know what happened. Cinderella's ball gown turned back into her poor poor pitiful little dress with patches, complete with apron and head scarf. He beautiful Princessy hairdo became her poor little raggedy hair again, with strands escaping out from under her head scarf.
 What a sad experience but...
 as she went back to doing all of the housework for her wicked stepmother and mean ole stepsisters, she cherished the memories of the night she had spent dancing with Prince Charming. We do know the rest of the story and it's a happily ever after ending. I just love those, don't you?
 Okay, just once more for your viewing pleasure - underneath the Princessy blue skirt is the raggedy little Cinderella.
Underneath the raggedy skirt is the Princess Cinderella. How fun this is - going from rags to riches.
Needless to say, Carter loves her little topsy turvey doll. I am patting myself on the back on this one because it did turn out so adorable. It really wasn't very hard and if you want to please a little girl in your life just grab your crochet hook and some yarn and then GO TO TOWN!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ 

Rags To Riches

I know I'd go from rags to riches
If you would only say you cared
And though my pockets may be empty
I'd be a millionaire

My clothes may still be torn and tattered
But in my heart I'd be a king
Your love is all that ever mattered
It's everything

So open your arms and you'll open the door
To all the treasure that I'm living for
Hold me and kiss me and tell me you're mine evermore

Must I forever stay a beggar
Whose golden dreams will not come true
Or will I go from rags to riches
My fate is up to you

~ sung by Tony Bennett


  1. Fantastic Shelia!! How clever are you. I love the fact that she has two looks and is smiling wearing them both! I am sure that your granddaughter will treasure her for many years to come. xx

  2. You make some of the cutest things!! Such talent!!

  3. This is so cute! Your Grand girl is lucky to have a Grandma that is so talented!

  4. That is adorable. I have been crocheting a lot. I am going to get that pattern. Thanks for the link.

  5. Well, I don't crochet anymore, and now I sometimes wish I did. Those little people are so baby friendly. Just adorable and they look so soft. I don't think there is anything you cannot do, Shelia!!
    At the end of your post I found I had to sing "Rags to Riches" pretending I was singling along with Tony Bennet. *sigh* just like Lady GaGa got to do! I loved that song. It was so popular when I was in high school! Thank you for the sweet comment on my paper project. That little bathroom cost a lot, as small as it cost! LOL Maybe I'll back off on papering for awhile.

  6. Good Morning Shelia, This is just the cutest ever. What a talent for crocheting you have. Your work and stitches are perfection!! Loved you telling the sweet little story to go with this cutie. Your grand is going to love it.
    What a treasure!!
    Stay warm and have a nice weekend sweet friend.
    Love the Note Song today too.
    Hugs, CM

  7. You are so talented I think you need to open your own shop or at least teach classes. What adorable pieces you create.

  8. Aww. She IS sweet! You are so clever!

  9. More fun from your crochet hook!!! Sally

  10. That is adorable, Shelia! Cinderella is my 4 year old granddaughter's favorite princess, too. I remember these dolls from my childhood as well. You did a great job. I don't crochet or knit. Maybe I can find something in a panel fabric.

  11. Oh what a darling doll. I know Carter just loves it. You are such a wonderful grandma and living so close to them now. How great is that.
    Stay warm and cozy.

  12. Well now, that is just precious! And I know Carter will cherish that little doll as long as she lives! Have a blessed Susday, Sheila :)

  13. What a goregous doll, Carter is a lucky little girl.


  14. Those are so cute!!! I used to keep something like this in my bag when the kids were little- finger puppets- and they kids only played with them in church. lol. It kept them quiet and they were "new" to them because they only got them once a week.

    Did you change your settings or something? You dropped off my sidebar when you do new posts and today your comment did not come in through my email like it always has before. How weird.

    I am going to try to reinstall you on my sidebar and hope it takes. xo Diana

  15. What a sweet doll, and I know your Carter will love it. Homemade dollies are wonderful! I still have the one my grandmother made for me. I'll have to show it someday. Have a wonderful week!

  16. Hi Shelia,

    Carter is a blessed child to have you for her Grandma--and close by too! I love the touches like the blue earrings. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  17. Oh precious, I wish I had the talent to crochet. What a sweet doll. Reminds me of my own childhood. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Hi Shelia, I don't know how to crochet at all so it doesn't take much to impress me, but you do make the most AMAZING things with your crochet hook!!! Oh I love this topsy-turvy doll, Shelia! It really is charming, and I love all the colors you've used. I think Cinderella's apron and patches are darling, and so are her earrings and sequins on her ball gown. Great job and thanks so much for sharing with us! Maybe someday I'll learn to crochet. :)

    Have a great day!

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  19. Hello my sweet talented friend, This Cinderella two way (Topsy-Turvey) doll is just adorable. Think about the stories little Carter will tell to her family and little friends. You are the 'best' grandma ever.

    Much love,

  20. How adorable and what a cute gift for a little one!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  21. I used to do hand work, but never crocheted. These are so cute and you do a very nice job.

  22. She's so cute; I smiled the whole way through. I quilt but learning to crochet / knit is on the bucket list! :)

  23. Oh my goodness, you are really rockin' those crochet hooks, Shelia! This is just adorable and I'm sure Carter is going to love it!

  24. Shelia, Carter is such a lucky little girl to have such a talented and generous grandmother. I love this doll. I still have my topsy turvey, but mine isn't crocheted. She's Little Red Riding Hood, and when you flip her, it's the big bad wolf dressed in her clothes.

  25. Shelia,
    Adorable, dear friend!!!
    You are so very talented!!!
    During my Early Childhood "teaching" years,
    my beloved Mother~in~Law made a topsy turvey doll
    for my class of Little Red Riding Hood!!!
    The children loved it. . .it was their most requested story!

  26. Annie would have loved that as a little girl. It's adorable, Shelia :)


  27. LOVE that little doll Shelia. :)
    You did a great job!

  28. Carter is so fortunate to have you close by! And this topsy-turvy doll is darling!! What a treat for her. We recently saw the Broadway tour of Cinderella so your little dolly is a good reminder of the fun story. My daughter had a topsy-turvy doll. It was Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. She had such fun telling the story. I love to see your handiwork - you do such fun things.

  29. This little doll is the cutest! I am sure any little Princess would LOVE to have one of these.
    Would love if you shared this at our Yarn Fanatic Link Party -


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