Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crocheted Egg Cozies

Hello, Dear Ones! I promised I would show you some of the things I've crocheted as I was recooping.
 Feast your most gorgeous peepers on these darling little egg cozies.
 Aren't these just darling? I've been wanting to make these for years and just never took the time so I grabbed my tiny little crochet hook and grabbed a bunch of cotton thread and went to town.
 Now wouldn't this make you smile to wake up one morning and see these sweet little girls keeping your soft boiled eggs warm? They are going to make me smile for sure.
 Let's get up close and personal to these little ladies. Each one is a little bit different from the others.
 Each little lady has her own individual hat and collar and even crocheted buttons on the front of her dress.
 This one has naturally curly hair and has her little head tilted just a bit. Not that I sewed it on crooked or anything! :)
This little lady is very affectionate and wants to kiss everyone.
The sun was shining brightly through the kitchen window and the girls wanted to line up so you could see their little hats better.

 Here are their sweet faces again. I have to admit, these little  puppies egg cozies took me quite a while to make since they were made with the cotton thread and all. After the pieces were crocheted, I stuffed them, embroidered their features and then sewed them together. Oh, and actually these are called egg warmers according to the instructions.
 If you're interested in the pattern this is the book where it came from. I so don't want to infringe upon a copyright or anything so I won't put the pattern in my post. This book was published in 1995 ~ I've had it for a long time.
 Here's the little egg cozies/warmers in the book. I didn't add eyebrows or noses because I didn't think they looked too cute.
Okie dokie, sit right down and have your egg - our little gal has kept it nice and warm for you. Oh, you may not want to try this egg as it's not edible! :) Don't you just love faux stuff?

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Little Egg

Once there was a little egg, that sat upon a wall.
Soon he started to wobble, then he started to fall.
He cried out for help, as down, down, he fell.
I grabbed him in my hand, so he didn’t crack his shell. But later, when he thought his troubles were at an end,
My mother cracked him in a bowl, I watched him drop right in.
This story has a sad end, for the little egg any way.
But as for my family, he brightened up our day!
 by Jean Warren