Monday, September 22, 2014

First Real New York Blog Post! :)

Hello, Dear Ones! I've finally got to a spot where I could actually sit down and write a post. I hadn't downloaded my pictures since we left Galveston last month! So unlike me. But needless to say I will get back into the swing of things and more regular posting. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Except for my Barbie Mondays, this is where I had left you...we were on our journey to New York. Mr. Precious pulling a Uhaul behind Kiki and I was following in my Jeep. I have to admit, I was a little worried about following at first/ Then we bought some walkie talkies and they worked out great. No looking down to try and phone each other. If we got separated, just poke the button. It was a genus idea! :)
After a week of driving we made it to upstate, closed on our house and slept on our daughter's air mattress for a month until I woke up one night to a pop pop pop sound and realized we were sinking! It sprung a leak right at the seam! So the last five nights before our furniture arrived, we just slept in Kiki. There she is parked in her new driveway. Sorry I don't have any 'house' snaps to show you right now. But hopefully pretty soon I can show you something. We've been working so hard just trying to get the house ready for our furniture. The house was really filthy. Honey, I mean filthy! And wallpaper was everywhere and the walls that didn't have wallpaper had horribly colored paint everywhere. But it's all getting turned around.
 Dear Ones, this is why we're here! Our little family and darling grandchildren!
 Well, things were beginning to fall apart at this point! :)
We've already had such a lovely time. Here we took the grands to a little place called Hoffman's. It was built in 1951 and is closing so daughter said the kiddies had to go and experience it just once. Such a darling place with old fashioned charm.
My doll, Carter.
 My doll, Campie, in a somber mood! Actually I think he had had enough playland!
 I got to experience Carter's first day at her preschool! She loves 'school'. I can actually pick her up from school now, y'all!
Spent the morning with my darling daughter (can't believe she's 39!) and little Campie who pooped out on us in more ways than one! :)
 Oh, I'm still letting my hair grow out. This was from about a month ago. Now I did fiddle with my snap to try and cover up some wrinkles and such! This was a good day because my hair doesn't look very good down very much so I wear it up ~ easy and this is why I'm growing it out. I want to wear it up! You know, ole granny and stuff!
 Okie dokie, last Wednesday our furniture arrived! Woo Hoo! But let me say one word...boxes!
Feel sorry for me! I mean really sorry! I'm so exhausted! I'm so tired! My feet hurt! My arthir is screaming! I've aquired more lines and wrinkles. Folks, I'm too pooped to pop! But...
...there is always fun happening around here. Now don't turn me in to the child abuse police! Mr. Precious did this but I promise it only lasted about 4 seconds. This was our first time to babysit Camp and Mr. Precious thought it would be funny to send this snap to our daughter and son-in-law and show them how it was going!

You are my bunch of sweeties and I've really missed you!!
Shelia ;)
 I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Gonna Buy Me A Dog

           You know my girl just called me up

And she woke me from my sleep
You should have heard the things she said
You know she hurt my feelings deep.
I'm gonna buy me a dog
(A dog, a dog! Why?)
'Cause I need a friend now.
(Say, you need all the friends you can get)
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
My girl, my girl, don't love me no how.
She used to bring me my newspaper.
(Cause you didn't know where it was at)
'Cause she knew where it was at.
She used to keep me so contented.
But I can teach a dog to do that.
(Maybe elephants)
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
'Cause I need a friend now
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
My girl, my girl, don't love me no how.
(how) how (how)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 hike!
(hike! I was a little late on that one.
I just got back from playing cards with the natives.)
(No I usually one, ha ha.)
I could use a drink of water.
(Why, you thirsty?)
No, I want to see if my neck leeks.
I wanna buy a racoon like John's.
(35 bucks.)
Where do I come back in?
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
(dog!) Um, yeah.
'Cause I need a friend now
(yeah, yeah)
Boom boom boo doop doop ramalama.
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
My girl, my girl, don't love me no how.
(how, how)
How now brown cow.
I'm gonna buy me a dog, yes sir.
If I was looking for a word to describe it, "dog" would be the world.
Defenately dog. I would come springing from my lips, dog.
(Ok, the song is over, could someone let us out? They're coming to take
us away, ha ha hee hee ho ho) 

~sung by The Monkees