Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oil and Vinegar?

Hello, Dear Ones. Well, I did it again - I found something I couldn't resist. I just walked into a thrift shop, you know, just to take a peep, not really looking for anything and there they were! 
That's happened to you all hasn't it? Well, just look! What was I supposed to do? Pass up this gorgeous pair? No, no Nannette! Not me! :)
 They're olden and one of the tops had been chipped and didn't want to stay in the bottle. So, the most talented one that I am decided to twirl some double sided tape around the stopper part and poke it back into the bottle! It worked! I know, I know, it's a bit tilty, but that's okay with me.
 Don't know anything about this pair but here's the bottom and it's stamped 'Germany'. Works for me.
I'm not actually going to put oil and vinegar into the lovely bottles, so for now they're hanging out in my mother's little china cabinet!
Just so you'll know...I was summoned for jury duty and they picked me! I've always wanted to serve on a jury, never have, but this is certainly a busy time for me as we're packing up (again) for our move to New York in a little over two weeks. But anyway, back to jury duty. If I don't get back to you, just know I'll be fighting the good fight, deciding between good and evil and all that stuff! Wish me luck.
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ 

Here Come The Judge

Hear ye, hear ye
The courts in session
The courts in session, now
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge

Stop eatin that fudge
Cause here comes the judge
Don't nobody buzz
Cause here comes the judge
Judge Shorty is presidin today
And he don't take no stuff from nobody
No kind of way

Hey boy, take off that hat
Where do you think you're at
I know where you gon be
If you don't heed my plea
I'm here to tell you
Courts in session
Order in the court now
Courts in session
Can't nobody smoke now
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge

Here come the judge,
Here comes the judge
Yall here comes the judge
Order, order
What's the first case on the docket
Judge I got a boy here who can't dance
Can't dance? Ah
Ninety days, thirty days for boogaloo
Thirty days to learn how to shing-a-ling
And thirty more for the Afro twist
Can't dance, what is this
Courts in session everybody quiet now
Courts in session, here comes the judge
Here comes the judge

Is that the man?
No, your honor
Does he look like the man?
No, your Honor
Well, I'm sorry you got to go now
Ah ha you can't recognize the man
You got to stand guilty
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge
Ah yes, here comes the judge
They caught him stompin down the aisle
Yes here comes the judge
I'd rather be lost in the jungle of Brazil
Than to face the judge
This morning the way he feels
Here comes the judge
Here comes the judge boy
~ sung by Shorty Long