Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love Barbies

Hello, Dear Ones! Thought I'd take a little departure from showing you our trips in Kiki with some more fun.

Oh, and do you like my new header? Some of you had mentioned it earlier and thank you. I've seen so many headers that are more simple and hey, I do like to copy cat so I had a little time and played. I made it myself. I used to belong to a little graphics club and each month would receive cute images in the mail and this little wreath came from there. :) So thank you for noticing.

Okie a young girl, I loved my Barbies and was a closet Barbie doll player til I was 13 years old! Girl friends would pop over to visit and I had my mother working with me to make sure she came and told me first before letting in my friends so I could stash all of my Barbies into my pink polka dot suitcase and poke it under the bed! Whew! I did that a few times.

I passed my love for Barbies on to my daughter. I made zillions of Barbie clothes for her dolls and was kinda reliving the fun I had as I made them. She took care of her Barbies and then she passed them down to little Carter. That's my daughter's Barbie she's holding.
Carter is all into the animated movie "Frozen". If you haven't seen it you really should. It's great, even for grownups. She all 'Elsa' and 'Anna'. Here is Carter with my daughter's Barbie and she braided Barbie's hair into a braid like Elsa's and put on a crocheted dress I had made for her when she was little. Carter took Barbie Elsa to Show and Tell at school. Well, school for 3 & 4 years old. That crocheted dress is almost 30 years old, y'all! Can you believe it?
That's my girl! I love this little stinker.

Well, I'll do just about anything to make Carter happy. I'm a grandmother and that's my job! So since Carter is into her mommy's Barbies at the moment, I thought I would make her some Barbie clothes and bring her a new Barbie too when we arrived at her house. If you know me, I get rather carried away and get on a binge and so I made lots of Barbie clothes. I'm telling you I mean LOTS OF BARBIE CLOTHES! Of course I wanted to share them with you. I made so many that I have enough to show you an outfit a week for 6 months. I know, I'm obsessive. So bare with me and bring out your love for Barbie and each Monday I'll show you an outfit. I'll call it "Barbie Mondays".
Okie dokie. I headed out to Walmart to purchase a Barbie. I needed a model after all! I didn't realize Barbie's had changed so much. This is called a belly button Barbie. Yes, she has a belly button, smaller bust, more normal hips that pooch out and she seems to be a bit shorter than the older version. She's built more like a real gal. I never had a hang up with the Barbie image thing. Did you? Heck, I knew she was a doll and never even thought anyone really looked like that! I could tell the difference between reality and 'play like'. Oh, well. I did have some friends whose mom's wouldn't let them have a Barbie. I felt sorry for them. Barbie did not hinder the image of myself or make me anorexic or anything else. After all, my first sewing project was for my Ken doll - I made him a shirt on my mother's old peddle sewing machine.

I'm getting side tracked here. So just love Barbie with me and the making of some clothes. Now I had packed all of my material up and it was in storage so I had to go shopping for a little more. It's wise to use a small print for Barbie clothes. I used to have many Barbie clothes patterns but through the years got rid of them. So I went online! I found a gold mine of Barbie patterns and probably searched for days for free patterns! Fun fun. Sometimes I had to adjust the pattern to make it fit.

So this was my first outfit. I love this sweet fabric. Oh, I made several outfits out of the same fabric because that's what I did! :) So you'll see repeat fabrics some.
Isn't this sweet? A little top and skirt. I trimmed the top with tiny lace and thought Barbie looked so pretty.
I forgot how small the seams needed to be on Barbie clothes and messed up a couple times and had to toss the outfit. Oh, well, I'm very talented but I ain't perfect! I say with tongue in check and a great big ole smirk! :)
 Now I was on a roll and made Barbie some matching slacks. Cute huh?
 What nice long legs she has and the little slacks fit perfectly.
Then I made a pair of shorts so now Barbie has a complete set of interchangeable clothes to take on a long weekend somewhere. She may want to bring along some strong deodorant since she'll be wearing the same top! :) I had to position Barbie like this and send this snap to my daughter, who at 39 years old still turns cartwheels! I try my best to get her to stop - scares me to death!

As you can see, I love to play and I think I enjoyed making the clothes as much as Carter loved receiving them. When we go for a visit, each day we're there, I give her a 'Special Surprise'. It might not be much of anything, but she loves this. So she received about 3 or 4 Barbie outfits each day while we were there. What fun. 

Here is the free pattern for the shirt
I used the pants pattern for the shorts, just cut the legs shorter
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly,......well, hello, Dolly
It's so nice to have you back where you belong
You're lookin' swell, Dolly.......I can tell, Dolly
You're still glowin''re still crowin''re still goin' strong
I feel that room swayin'......while the band's playin'
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
So..... take her wrap, fellas.......find her an empty lap, fellas
Dolly'll never go away again

Hello Dolly,.....well, hello, Dolly
It's so nice to have you back where you belong
You're lookin' swell, Dolly.....I can tell, Dolly
You're still glowin''re still crowin''re still goin' strong
I feel the room swayin'...while that ole band keeps on playin'
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
So...golly, gee, fellas....find her an empty knee, fellas
Dolly'll never go away....I said she'll never go away
Dolly'll never go away again 
~ sung by Louis Armstrong


  1. cute cute cute!!! LOVE!! Im a Barbie girl too!

  2. I loved my Barbies too! Mother had a good friend who made Barbie clothes and she would lay them out on her dining table for me to choose several. Carter is so precious!

  3. You know what I will be doing today! haha! HOW CUTE! And I haven't made Barbie dolls clothes in a long time. You are so smart and so sweet! What a thrill to get so many presents when you come to visit! Sending you hugs, Diane! Dollies make me HAPPY!

  4. Love your header!
    Such a sweet outfit and the cartwheel cute!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


  5. How cute! I have always loved Barbie. I tried to make sure that my daughter not only had the stereotypical blonde Barbie but a selection of other ethnicities as well. We didn't make many clothes but bought lots over the years. We always watched for them at garage sales. I played with my dolls into my early teens. My daughter decided that she didn't want any more Barbie stuff when she was 12. She still played with hers from time to time, but didn't want more. I then moved on from buying dolls for her to buying them for myself. I now have nearly 300 dolls some are collectable and some are in a special suitcase for little girls to play with when they come over to visit. Some are vintage dolls like I played with as a child and many are from the 90's and forward. I even have a small chest of drawers that used to belong to my son that is full of my Barbie clothes. Sadly, I don't have a granddaughter to pass on my love of Barbie to. I have 5 grandsons ranging from newborn to 16. I'm now hoping that maybe in another 10 years or so I might have a great granddaughter to which I cam pass on my dolls and my lover for them.

  6. Adorable! You're so creative!! I didn't have a Barbie when I was growing up, but I did have Tiny Tears! No one ever sewed clothes for them...that would have been so nice, though.

    Pretty Header...I prefer the simpler ones now myself.


    ps...saw your post about the new house and offer in NY! Yippeee!

  7. I loved Barbie...still do!! I've still got my "bubble cut" Barbie. My mother sewed a lot for my daughter when she was young, she always made a matching outfit for her dolls.


    1. Oh, Jeanie, I had the blonde bubble cut Barbie too and unfortunately gave it to my cousin when I was too old to play Barbies. I never saw it again! ;)

  8. i loved my Barbie...the Barbie with that blonde ponytail and black and white mom would make the doll clothes....When I got married I gave it to my sister...and it was soon after that she lost was a sad day!!...Cute outfit Sheila!!!

  9. I still have an outfit my great grandmother made for my Barbie during the 1975 bicentennial. It has a blue top with a red skirt with soldiers on it. A very cool piece. (At least I'm assuming she made it).

  10. Hi Shelia,
    For the love of
    I loved my barbies as a little girl, I use to make my Barbie clothes and then I made my girls their Barbie clothes. Those were the days...
    Just a sweet post with you little grand.
    Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth

  11. I loved my Barbie's and played with them a long time! I passed mine on to Sara and now she has them if we should get a Grandgirl one of these days! Love all the cute clothes!

  12. I love your new header. Now, just how did you do that? It's perfect! I love Barbie's, too. My grandmother bought my cousin and I each a Barbie the first year they came out. She bought several outfits, complete with shoes and hairbrushes and accessories. I still have her and her original black and white striped suit - and the clothes my grandma gave me. Plus, Barbie clothes my mom made. I learned to sew making Barbie clothes and I have some pretty poor renditions of style back then - but I made them myself. Can't wait to see more of your wardrobe for Carter's Barbie.

  13. Your outfits turned out great Sheila! I love the shorts! Bet Carter has a blast playing with them and I look forward to seeing more:@)

  14. I never had a Barbie but my eldest daughter did and she used to make her clothes herself, she loved sewing. I think she still has some Barbies and still makes the cloths occasionally. Carter will be enjoying hers as well.
    I do like your new header, very fresh looking.


  15. Well this was fun and you sure ARE talented!
    I was in an antique toy store last summer and a Midge like I had as a kid was 125.00!

    I bought a few Barbies 2 yrs ago for the grand daughter to have here and they were still busty and skinny but I had fun choosing mine...mostly due to all of the different hairstyles. And you are correct...I always knew that she was 'play' and didn't think people were built that way :)

  16. I still have my Barbie, Ken and Midge dolls! I have my original vinyl carrying case and old clothing sets. We played with our Barbie's a lot. I was lucky to have a sister 2 yrs older and friends on the block that would come over to play. It's all about play acting which is a good thing for kids! No one bothered to make concern about their size, shape or such- we just played and enjoyed the time. I don't remember what age I quit being interesting in them but I hold fond memories of those days. It's so sweet that you are making outfits for your granddaughter's Barbies. Your new header looks wonderful- you are a talent!!

  17. Hi Sheila, You are so talented and that sweet 3pc Barbie outfit is too cute. How fun for your darling grand to share a present each day. She looks so cute with your daughter's Barbie. Love the little crocheted dress.
    I had a Barbie too and mine had the bubble cut dark hair do. Remember those? My best friend across the street had the blonde ponytail Barbie and we had great adventures with our dolls and played for hours.
    Such great memories. Looking forward to seeing more on Mondays.
    Love your new header too.

  18. Cute and adorable your Carter is and so are the doll clothes. Heck, I'd love those outfits in MY size. :-)

    I had the original Barbie in her striped black and white swimsuit, along with the Barbie dream house and car. I'm just sick that I got rid of all of that years ago.

  19. We truly are sisters. I love Barbie, too. In fact, I still have mine. You see, I have an only son and an only grandson, and no girls to share my doll love. That is okay though because there are lots of cool guy things, too.

    I'll have to show you a photo of my Barbies one day soon. I know they would be admiring the gorgeous clothes you designed.♥

  20. I loved my Barbie, too! Original 1959 brunette Barbie in her red and pink bikini! Played for hours and hours. Also had Ken and Barbie's best friend Midge.

  21. Oh how I wish I had kept my barbies and my daughters for our new granddaughter on the way. My mama made all of my barbies' clothes We couldn't afford the "store-bought" ones. The ones my mama made would have lasted for years! These today are are thin as paper. Oh how I wish I had mine. I like Skipper too! Loved to play!

  22. Oh Sheila...what a fun post! First of all your new header is really beautiful! And, yes, I made Barbie clothes too. In fact, that's how I first learned to sew! I still have my Barbie...somewhere. The outfit you made is totally adorable! It makes me want to hunt mine down and make some clothes for her too! Adorable Carter has such a fun grandma!

  23. I love Barbies, too. Several years ago I tried to give my daughter her Barbies that were stored in our attic to her -- she didn't want them and told me to get rid of them. I always knew back in the day that I liked them and all the clothes I made better than she did!!! I couldn't get rid of them -- they are still in our attic. Have fun playing with Carter. Sally

  24. What great outfits Shelia! I really like the crocheted dress, it seems that Barbie likes to wear vintage!! xx

  25. You are so very cute!!! What a nice job you do on those tiny seams too.....lucky Carter!!!

  26. I love Barbies too! Wish I could go sew and play with you, but specially with your adorable!!!

  27. I am squealing with delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely ADORED Barbies - still have them - paid my tomboy little sister to play with me - played for a long time with them too............even got them out about a year ago just to look at them aging and looking pretty dingy, not fresh like in thelate 60s and early 70s!

    Your outfit/s are awesome and I am soooooooooooooo going to enjoy this series.

    You are so awesome, lady.

  28. Precious outfit! Love the print. My daughter never was into Barbie much, but my granddaughter likes them. She's not playing with them right now though. She plays school all the time and teaches all of us. It's so much fun! Carter's a cutie pie!

  29. I loved Barbies, most all of her outfits were handmade too, you did a great job!

    I've done a couple of Barbie posts as well, never tire of her!

  30. I had one of the first Barbie's ever, black hair made of thread and the black and white swimsuit, I got her for Christmas when I think I was nine. I had a blonde Ken doll too!
    I love your outfit for her and I also love the Barbie Mondays!!!

  31. Precious granddaughter! I have to confess I didn't or haven't let anyone play with my Barbie. I bought my daughter and her daughter Barbie's but mine is for looking at. Isn't that awful!

    You are sweet to sew for your granddaughter's Barbie. I did for my daughter but need to start sewing for my granddaugher too. Thanks for the reminder I need to get going.

  32. That Carter is a little doll, she is so pretty. I can see why she's grandma's girl. The outfit is really cute. Bet Carter loved all the outfits for Barbie.

  33. I had some Barbies as a kid. I had a Midge doll and a Tressie doll, too. My mom made Barbie clothes for me. And I think I finally gave them up when I was about 12. My daughter had a lot and my grand has played with some of hers and some of the doll clothes I made for her. But she is 12 now and has given them up (she collects Walking Dead bobble heads now) For a while she collected and played with Monster High dolls but has outgrown those. Now the baby loves Baby Dolls. She carries them around all over the house. So there is hope we will go through Barbies again in a few years. Adorable picture of your granddaughter. Some of my former co-workers girls are all into Frozen :)

  34. My daughter always loved Barbies and we have still quite a collection. She will keep them forever. :) Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesdays at Our home. Enjoy your day! Maria

  35. Oh my....I just adore Barbie...still! I would like to see this new Barbie....makes sense to me to have her more like a real person. But I also didn't have any issues with body image because of my Barbie doll...even as a child, I knew she wasn't even close to a real girl...:)

  36. I loved this! How lucky is Carter to have you! all those gorgeous outfits you made Shelia. My mother did the same for me (made lots of whacky outfits for my collection of Barbies) My daughters too loved their Barbies and yes dear old Barbie certainly has changed over the years!


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