Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Reason For My Blog Break

Hello, Dear Ones.
I'm back and wanted to let you know why I needed to take a little break...
I've been keeping a secret from you.
In late January, we put our house on the market and now it's sold. We closed this morning.
After my little mother went to Heaven in October last year, we realized we really didn't have any ties to Galveston any more and decided we would sell our house. Things at our church had changed and not in a good way - so God disconnected us over two years ago from there. Saddens my heart. We had been members for 16 years and the imprint of my bum is permanently embedded on that piano stool and I'm not kidding. Things change sometimes for a reason and we don't always know why. The church has closed it's doors and is now for sale. Just breaks my heart!
We've never been at a point in our lives as we are now. Mr. Precious is retired (although he is a Realtor and sells a few houses here and there) and we're truly able to go do what we want and we want to travel in Kiki. When mother was still with us, I just couldn't be gone too long from her.
So stay with me, if you'd like, but be warned there are lots of pictures and this is gonna be a looooooooong post.
I thought I would show you the MLS listing pictures of our house.
Course Mr. Precious was our realtor! :)
After he retired he got his realtor's license and this gives him something to do. We want to take Kiki and travel as I said and a large house is just more vulnerable when left alone.
We have, well we did have,  long windows that almost reach the ground in the front and lots of glass and french doors in the back that are just easy to break into. Not that we're paranoid or anything! :)
So this was the reason Mr. Precious installed those darned cameras so he could check on the house while we're away.
 We have lived in our house for 18 years, longer than I've ever lived anywhere before.
I believe Mr. Precious' real estate partner, the photographer, enhanced the colors just a bit. No, no Nannette, it wasn't me!
This is the other side of my sun porch that is separated with the folding scenes. I haven't shown it much because it's usually a mess. Kinda messy even in this picture. It was filled with boxes and bubble wrap for the last few months.
I have loved living here and it really has been home. But I'm ready to do other things too.
Mr. Precious' office really was a working office and it always stayed a bit messy. See his tiny weights to the left side of his desk on the floor? :)
I never did hang anything on the wall between the mirrors in the master bath. Oh, well.
Are your most gorgeous peepers tired yet of looking at all of the snaps? :) I know you've seen these snaps of my house many times through the almost 8 years that I have been blogging but I thought you might want to say good bye with me.

So now you know why I needed to take a little break to get everything done. We've been decluttering and getting rid of junk since January! That's why I wasn't really able to sew or craft because I needed to keep the house 'ready'. Then we'd pack up some things, then try to keep everything clean and neat for the lookers, then pack some more things. Then we got an offer the first week we put our house on the market. We were so excited! Then the next day they came back and said the kitchen was just TOO small and they didn't want the house! Oh, well, it just wasn't meant to be. So back to packing up some more little things and then we got another offer. This time is was a cash offer! Yea! So the inspection came next and we had a few little things to take care of. The biggest and scariest was that our electrical panel box was so old. They called it a 'fire box'. The inspector said if something had happened nothing would have shut down, the house would just have burned to the ground! I don't know the technical lingo, but Dear Ones, that's scarey! So a few thousand dollars later, we have a new electrical box that won't burn the house down!

I've been cutting my strings to my obligations, well, God has been helping me do this. Seems every time we've moved He has backed me away from the things I was involved in and then we would find out we were moving.

We're excited about our next chapter in life. We aren't totally leaving Galveston at the moment. We own a couple of condos here, one is on the ground level and the other is right above it. Mother lived in the ground level one for 10 years until hurricane Ike hit us. After she went to the retirement home we started renting her unit. We've been renting the one upstairs too. So...we've kicked out our renter in the upstairs unit who had been there for 8 years! :) and we'll be moving over there for a home base. It's small...really really small and we'll be putting most of our stuff in storage. But this will be a safe and handy place to call 'home' until we get tired of traveling. Do you think this is a bold move? Some of my relatives think we're crazy. It probably is but heck, we're adventurous! I am looking forward to this and I'll be showing you our little condo, which we call The Little House, where we'll be moving to soon.

Are we crazy? No no, Nannette! Life is just too short not to 'go for it'!And guess what? After we're tired of traveling for a bit...are you ready...get ready to jump up and down with me...are you ready now...we're going to buy a house in New York by our grandbabies! Oh, I'm so excited about that and want to get this show on the road! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Our House

I'll light the fire, you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today.
Staring at the fire for hours and hours while I listen to you
Play your love songs all night long for me, only for me.

Come to me now and rest your head for just five minutes, everything is done.
Such a cozy room, the windows are illuminated by the
Evening sunshine through them, fiery gems for you, only for you.

Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard,
Now everything is easy cause of you, and now, la, la, la...

Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard,
Now everything is easy cause of you, and now

I'll light the fire, while you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today.
~ sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young