Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hello, Dear Ones!
I'm so pleased to have introduced some of you to wall pockets from my last post. Now when you're out and about and see one ~ think of me! :)

Okay, today I'd love to show you a little something I found on our trip to Florida ...
 an olden scale! Isn't she pretty? Now I really don't believe she's very olden but she is just the cutest thing and when I saw her it was love at first sight! You know how it goes.
 Look at her cute face with all of the foods around the dial. I have thought about painting her yellow or red, but we'll see.
 She is practically just perfect. No rust or scratches. Do I care that she is not olden? Well, no no Nannette, I do not care. I really don't like those that are so so rusty.
 Okie was Mr. Precious and my anniversary last week ~ 41 years, and he bought me some beautiful roses. They were wilting their gorgeous little heads so fast and I went to check on the water level. Guess what? Mr. Precious had grabbed a vase and poked the long stemmed roses into it and didn't add any water!! That boy! So I got my scissors and started chopping off the steams and poked them into that gorgeous little Jadeite pitcher you're seeing here and added water! Don't you just love my little pitcher?
 So I began to set up this little vignette for my kitchen counters and grabbed this cute little pitcher for melted butter to pour over your pancakes. Yum, wish I had a couple of those little buttermilked rounds right now! :)
So there you have my little vignette in the kitchen for now. New Scale, fading roses, Jadeite pitcher, butter pitcher and a few ruby red strawberries tossed in for some yumminess.
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Love (Can Make You Happy)

Wake up in the morning with the sunshine in your eyes
And the smell of flowers blooming fills the air.
Your mind is filled with the thoughts of a certain someone - that you
Your life is filled with joy when she is there.

Love can make you happy if you fine someone who cares
To give a life time to you and who has a love to share.

If you think you've found someone you'll love forevermore,
Then it's worth the price you'll have to pay (pay).
To have, to hold's important when forever is the phrase
That means the love you've found is going to stay.

Love can make you happy if you find someone who cares
To give a life time to you and who has a love to share.

La-love, la-love
Love can make you happy.
Love can make you happy.
Love can make you happy.

~ sung by Mercy