Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Love Those Meeces to Pieces

Hello, Dear Ones!
Do you remember the olden cartoon "Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinx"? Mr. Jinx (the cat) was always chasing the little mice, Pixie and Dixie. I think he actually said, "I hate those Meeces to pieces!"
 Well, I'm loving these Meeces to pieces!
I decided to make a pincushion and of course I went to Pinterest to take a look.
 I found this adorable and very easy pattern for a pincushion - a Meece! :)
For the life of me, I thought I had pinned it and was going to leave you the link but I believe I must have just printed out the pattern because I can't find it on my Pincushion board!
I hate that and I'm so sorry!
Nanna was so kind to give me the link to this pattern and HERE it is.
Thank you, Nanna

The pattern is from the blog Bustle and Sew and HERE is the PDF pattern.
I want to thank this lady for the darling pattern and being so gracious to share it with us.
 I started out making a polka dot Meece with special ears! I filled the bottom with dried beans to give it weight and then filled the rest with the polyester fluffy stuffy! I have my own language, I know!
Well, that little Meece was so cute, I had to make another one.
You know what happened then?
 Baby Meeces! Yep, three of them.
 This is Edward.
 Silly Suzy.
 And last but not least, Lantana.
Like I said, I love these little Meeces to pieces!
For the life of me I just can't bring myself to poke any pins into them!
They're just too cute!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Merry Mice

Five merry mice were born in May (Hold up five fingers.)
The first one said, In the Mud, let’s play (Grab thumb.)
The second one said, No way, Hosea (Grab index finger.)
The third one said, In the middle I must stay (Grab middle finger)
The fourth one said, I am mad today (Grab ring finger)
The fifth one said, Our Mom we must obey (Grab Last finger) 
~ sung in Pre-school


  1. you just amaze me.....those are adorable!

  2. They are adorable :) and would make great gifts for a sewing friend.

  3. Is there anything you can't sew? Those are the cutest things ever!!

  4. They are just precious and they do tend to multiply, don't they? I've made a few of these too and love them all. Now I think I need more pretty Spring colors! Enjoy your week...and your meese!

  5. They are just adorable, Shelia! Now I have to go find them and pin them to my sewing board. What a great little project for using smaller pieces of fabric.

  6. I DO remember that cartoon! How funny! Love your little meeces to pieces, too. They are just darling and Silly Susie is my favorite- xo Diana

  7. Is there any way you can post the pattern? I would love to make these.

  8. These are darling, Shelia! I think I love Edward the best! :)


  9. Oh how cute! My Favorite is Suzy...with the roses. ♥

  10. Shelia after commenting I went on pinterest and found them. Thanks anyway. I plan on making these tomorrow for my weekly pin it post. They are so cute.

  11. These are adorable! I made felt mice for my 2 daughter's cats for Christmas. I stuffed them with polyfil, a little bell, and a bit of catnip. They (the cats) loved them. I love the fabrics you chose.

  12. Oh, how cute are they!!! You find the most adorable cuties to sew!!!

  13. They really turned out cute Sheila:@)

  14. Shelia,
    I have been a bad blogger friend these recent months.... Too much on my plate and I neglected my bloggy friends but I am changing all that for 2014 and plan on visiting more!!
    I looked through all of oyur Christmas posts and I LOVED everything!!!
    I laughed my butt off at the Naked Cowboy in NYC!!! Too FUnny!!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!


  15. They are so cute !!! Seems they have their noses in the air, smelling for some cheese.. Hugs, Cristina

  16. Pixie and Dixie was one of my favorite cartoons growing up...those were the days when cartoons were sweet and innocent (mostly). Adorable little meeces...I just love them!

  17. I looove these and so would my girls…am going to have to make something like these! Great inspiration!

  18. Shelia!

    These are adorable!

    I remember Meeces well! And these are some of the cutest ever!



  19. They are so cute and you are the clever one to make them out of such beautiful fabric.

  20. I have that pinned too lol! here you go ! your mice are adorable !

  21. I love your sweet little mice pin cushions and can understand why you wouldn't want to poke them with pins. They are quite adorable.

  22. These are so darned cheery they just make me smile, inside and out! What sweet little critters to brighten up your day!

  23. Shelia these are soooo cute! You make the most adorable things! Love your meesces also!!

  24. They are so cute Sheila!! I can understand why you can't bear to stick pins in them!! Now you will have to make something else as an actual pin cushion so that you can just play with your meeces!! Lovely. xx

  25. Love your meeces -- they are so whimsical and fun. Funny how they have a way of multiplying. So darn cute! Joni

  26. Sheila, I love your little Meeces to pieces too! They are real showstoppers! Ahhh, that Edward!

  27. They are so cute! They are also the only kind of mouse I like. Adorable!

  28. Clearly you cannot stick pins into them..they are alive by now ( it's love that does it, right? :)

  29. Cute little meeces! I love all the sewing crafts you find to do!

  30. Simply adorable! You are loved to pieces!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  31. Shelia,
    Your Meeces are a d o r a b l e, dear friend!!!
    Seems the creative "bug" has struck here in Studio One, too!!!
    Have a marvelous time creating and designing in 2014!!!

  32. You amaze me. I simply luv them! I've got one super talented Mamma :)

    1. Thank you, my Darling!
      Love love kiss kiss

    2. You are too funny. Your little messes are adorable and I don't blame you for not sticking them.
      Hugs, Ginger

  33. Hi Shelia

    Your mice are adorable! So pleased you enjoyed making them. Love from all at Bustle & Sew. xxx

  34. They are too cute to poke a pin in! And how, pray tell, do you come up with the names? There's some serious creative juice running through that brain of yours!

  35. Adorable. I have to make some of those. Now that the holidays are over I am ready to do some projects.

  36. Oh lo, the Little mices are too adorable and you are so talented, I adore all you make, wow! Your 2014 is to a good start, I can see that! You look like Doris Day in your new picture and I always thought she was so all American you!

  37. Oh I love your blog, you make me laugh! You make them and then you can't stick pins into them. You probably had a bedroom full of sweet doll babies and stuff animals when you were a young girl. I love the little meeces though and I may make myself one, if I have time. They are just too cute!
    Hugs, Cindy

  38. Love them too! Wish I was as crafty as you are Sheila!

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