Friday, September 20, 2013

My Mantel Has Fallen

Hello, Dear Ones.
I've been falling around some at the house and wanted to show you my mantel.
 I just love the bright colors of Fall, don't you?
I love the bright oranges, golds, yellows and greens of the season ~
even though it 87' degrees outside and a zillion percent humidity.
 Well, just never mind that because I've cranked the air conditioning down to a cool 73' and I'm loving it! ;)
 I found these two little bakety thingys a while back at a thrift shop. I didn't like the way they looked ~ dark brown and rusty looking. So I grabbed some spray paint and went to town. 
I like them much better now. Can you see the little birds on the top tiers?
 I hung a Fallen wreath over the mirror, poked down some pumpkins and garlands and my mantel was done.
 Maybe I should have lit the fireplace for you. 
With the air conditioning cranked down it would be just fine. :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Autumn Song

Leaves of brown they fall to the ground
And it's here, over there leaves around
Shut the door, dim the lights and relax
What is more, your desire or the facts

Pitter patter the rain falling down
Little glamor sun coming round
Take a walk when autumn comes to town

Little stroll past the house on the hill
Some more coal on the fire will do well
And in a week or two it'll be Halloween
Set the page and the stage for the scene

Little game the children will play
And as we watch them while time away
Look at me and take my breath away yeah

You'll be smiling eyes beguilding
And the song on the breeze
Will call my name out and your dream

Chestnuts roasting outside as you walk
With your love by your side
The old accordion man plays mellow and bright
And you go home in the crispness of the night

Little later friends will be along
And if you feel like joining the throng
Just might feel like singing Autumn song
Just may feel like singing Autumn song

You'll be smiling
Eyes beguilding
And the song on the breeze
Calls my name out in your dream

Chestnuts roasting outside
As you walk with your love by your side
And the old accordion plays mellow and bright
And you go home in the crispness of the night 
~ sung by Van Morrison


  1. I am coming over to steal your mantel and decor. You have decorating beautifully.

  2. very pretty Miss... fall is so much fun. enjoy every minute of it.


  3. Pretty....have you seen the commercials of the person fighting the home owner who wants to lower the air conditioning? My husband is like that commercial. He would have a cardiac over 73degrees!

  4. Those little basket things are so cute! Love the birds on them. Your fall mantel looks great! Thanks for linking to TTF this week.

  5. Oh so pretty. I love your pretty fall leaf garland and the wreath is perfect. Gorgeous. Hugs, marty

  6. It all looks so gorgeous - and yes I can see the little birds :)
    Beautiful job!

  7. Your mantle looks beautiful, Sheila! I love those tiered pieces too! I posted my mantle too, hope you'll come on over:):)

  8. Your mantel looks great Sheila! Lovin' the pumpkins-enjoy:@)

  9. I love your fall leaves and pumpkins on your fireplace mantel. Very pretty. It was only about 60 here today and I would like to have had the heat on!!

  10. I love your Fallen Mantel!!! I would love to see some pics of Chloe Dawn!~!! My Miss Bella would like it too...she would tell tell you her self if she could type!!! But, it is a good thing she can't...I would have no secrets left!!!!! Oh...and Miss Bella has a Schnauzer Stubborn Streak also...but around here we call it a Schnauzer Bullheaded Streak!!! Ta Ta!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! Ha! That Chloe Dawn. I do need to take a few snaps of her as she's just been to the beauty shop. These little dogs are dears but little boogers at the same time! ;)
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelai ;)

    2. I would be lost without my Miss Bella...she is the love of my children for Schnauzers have been special all my life....we walk a half an hour every morning...and she goes to my work every day. She has traveled all Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!!!!!!! She thinks the car is her home!!!!! lol.....have a great day!!!!!!!!

  11. Love the fall colors! Looks very inviting and festive for autumn.

  12. So pretty, I love fall. You need to come my way we are in the low 60's here.

  13. Your fallen mantle looks terrific. Very festive for autumn.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Looks like you are keeping yourself busy while you are waiting to go visit the grands. It all looks like fall around your house. Nothing here yet, but soon.
    It's been raining all day here. I suspect for you too. It's wonderful!

  15. Yes, I did enjoy your Fall mantle Shelia. Beautiful! I love the colors of Fall too.
    Have a great weekend,

  16. Oh Shelia, I love your fall mantel. This baskets are adorable and 40 notches up the adorable scale are the little birdies. Hugs, Ginger

  17. Oh Sheila the mantle is so pretty, love all the touches of the wreath on the mirror, and I love all those pumpkins....Phyllis

  18. Shelia, I love your Fallen Mantel, with all its' pretties! I also LOVE your Fallen Header!! Have a wonderful weekend!! ♥

  19. just adorable... love the reflectedlight from the mirror and the symmetry....gorgeous

  20. Shelia, I love your fall mantel! You are ready for fall in style! Beautiful! ♥ your header/banner, too! :)

  21. Shelia, I love your fall mantel! You are ready for fall in style! Beautiful! ♥ your header/banner, too! :)

  22. Your fall decorated fireplace mantel is lovely! You are so funny, crank up the air conditioning and turn on the fireplace! I'm glad I'm not the only wee bit crazy lady around. I'm so glad I've met you, virtually that is!
    Hugs, cindy

  23. Your mantel turned out pretty ! Love your 2 thrift shop finds !

  24. Looks great, Shelia. Puts me in the spirit of Autumn.

  25. Oh dear Sheila you made me laugh! I have to crank up the A/C here too. Your mantle is fabulous. I adore the transformed bakery tiers. The birds are the perfect tough.

    Have a week as beautiful as you!

  26. Love love love!! Your Fall mantel looks fabulous Shelia!

  27. Very pretty fall mantel, Sheila.
    Have a wonderful week...

  28. The pumpkin trio and fall leaves are lovely.

  29. It looks beautiful Shelia! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  30. Absolutely love you mantel! It is so perfectly decked out for Autumn! thanks again for sharing at TTF last week!


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