Sunday, September 1, 2013

Listening to 57 Chevy Radio and Making Babies

Hello, Dear Ones!
I'm so thrilled to tell you my June Cleaverish Tilda doll 
was one of the top viewed at
I'm just so thrilled!!

I've been sewing my tiny head off making babies!
Well, one little baby anyway.
Do y'all know about 57 Chevy Radio?
When I'm upstairs sewing, I take my computer and tune in to 57 Chevy Radio and rock out with the golden oldies. I just think this oldies music helps me sew better! 
I really do!

Here's what I've made for my little granddaughter, Carter.
 Since Carter is going to have a new baby brother or sister next month, 
I thought I would make her her own special baby.
 I used this Simplicity pattern.
 I don't know if I recommend this pattern or not.
Maybe if you go by the directions it would work out just fine. 
I'm so smug. "I" know how to make a doll! "I" know how to put the pieces together. "I" did my own thing while attaching the legs and had to take them off '4' times!
 I'm tellin' ya!
Wasn't the "I" word Lucifer's downfall? Just sayin'.
 I'm just stubborn enough to keep on going and finally I had a little baby doll made and the legs weren't on backwards! :)
 It took me a while to warm up to her since I was so mad at myself for not following the pattern instructions!
She just sat and giggled at me! :)
 I got over it and made her a diaper.
Then I made her a little top and bloomers.
I made a couple of stuffies for her too.
There wasn't a pattern for a dress so I just made the top pattern and lengthened it.
I used a little bit of Velcro to fasten her clothes.
You know how talented I am when I not being smug! :)
 Then I made her a little bunting/sleeper and a bonnet.
 I thought the little bonnet was so cute.
 Well, I don't have the sense God gave me to stop...I just had to keep on going.
I was looking at dolls and accessories on Pinterest and saw some little baby doll bassinets and carriers and knew the new baby doll needed one.
Here I go being smug again. I did my own thing and just made it up as I went along and this time it turned out fine. I added handles so Carter could carry her dolly around.
Baby doll also got a receiving blankie and pillow.
I have quite a stash of fabrics so I didn't have to buy anything but the pattern and a bag of stuffing.
 Oh, I think baby doll is ready for a nap, don't you? She is all tucked in with her stuffies.
 Wait a minute. 
Is she already asleep or is she just puttin' on, as my little mother would say.
I think she's just puttin' on!
 Any way, we'll just let her rest for awhile.
 I finally was happy with my sewing. Being smug doesn't help at all.
I walked in Marshalls and saw some little tiny baby socks and they fit baby doll perfectly!
Talented! :)
Well, y'all it's all for my little Carter! Can you tell she has a super little personality? 
She's just like her grandmother, if you know what I mean! :)
Here she is showing off her new hair cut!

I haven't forgotten little Sweet Pea our little grand who will enter the world next month.
I've been making generic things because we don't know the sex of the baby.
So...I've got my head in the sewing machine sewing, sewing, sewing and I'll be showing you more of what I'm doing in some posts later on.
Just because I love you and want to stay honest, 
I wanted you to know I asked God to help me to not be so smug anymore. 

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song  ~

Oh, You Beautiful Doll

Oh, you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll.
Let me put my arms about you, I don't want to live without you.
Oh,you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll.
If you ever leave me, how my heart would ache.
I want to hug you, but I fear you'd break.
Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, you beautiful doll......Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, you beautiful doll.
~ sung by me! :)


  1. What a sweet, little doll! She is so special because you made her! I may get that pattern and make dollies for the two littlest grandgirls in my life for Christmas. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Happy Labor Day Weekend! Oh that Carter is a doll; love her hair! Your baby is precious and I love that bonnet. I know Carter will always treasure it. She will be a wonderful sister to the new baby sweet pea!

  3. Too stinkn' cute. All of it. Carter is a doll in her own right. Let's hope she doesn't put her new baby sister/brother in the carrier :-)

  4. Oh, Sheila! I LOVE the little doll! Carter is sure to love it!

  5. We're ALL giggling now...with happiness! How cute is THAT! And you know I'm going to want to try to make one now! I have sewed a lot of things but never a little dollie this cute. You've thought of everything! Carter will be so happy. I am so impressed with your talents! Well done! Sweet hugs!

  6. Summer Blessings to you, Shelia.
    Your baby doll is a real sweetie. Love the daisy on her diaper.

  7. Shelia
    Carter is going to love both of her new babies!
    I think we must be related-I seem to think I know better than
    any pattern or instructions.
    Sadly, it's never true!
    Your music is right up my alley...

  8. Oh Shelia, you are the best grandmother. What a sweet little dolly. I liked her bloomer outfit the best! Have a nice holiday. xo

  9. Oh Shelia, I love the dollie and so will Carter. All her pretty little outfits and carrying case too.
    Carter is such a beautiful little girl, takes after grandma.
    Happy sewing.....

  10. Wow! You are so sweet and talented to make the doll, clothes and stuffies and even the bed and bedding all for Carter. She is going to love it and love you even more. It's just adorable. My late mother-in-law made dolls and clothes for our daughter when she was a toddler. All to perfection and made up from her own head. She was so clever. Just like you. :) Not me. I don't sew as I don't have the patience. You are a dear grandmother Shelia. Carter and your impending grandchild are certainly blessed to have you in their lives. Hugs. Pam

  11. How sweet, Sheila! Your precious little doll and all her outfits and accessories brings back so many memories of my Grandmother and how she loved to make dolls. Sweet memories. I can definitely see how Carter takes after you. You both have such beautiful smiles!

  12. Hi Sheila, Thanks for stopping by :)
    Carter is adorable - wonderful with little girls and big personalities :D
    Have a lovely week! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  13. Shelia you are so cute! I love this doll you made for Carter! Adorable and I know she will enjoy it and her new sibling when he/she arrives! You are a talented lady for sure.

  14. Shelia you are an absolute scream. I giggle all through most of your posts. You are just so good at making these dollies. Carter is going to have some very special memories as she grows up. Love your little collection so much. Happy sewing.
    I have just bought more little floral fabrics to make more little smocked dresses,as I've used up my stash. Can't wait to cut into them. I haven't had new fabrics for so long as I had so much already. xx

  15. You have wonderful doll making skills I bet any girl would love to have a hand made doll from you. I think you need to start an etsy shop.

  16. Your baby is precious! I know Carter will have so much fun playing with her & all the darling clothes. Can't wait to see your sewing projects for sweet pea!


  17. Carter is one lucky little girl to have you for a grandmother. These new playthings are adorable, just like Miss C. She is going to have fun with her new baby!

  18. Your doll turned out adorable Sheila! I love the clothes and carrier too! I'll be she's thrilled with such a fun gift:@)

  19. I'm not sure if she will love them more than you seem to enjoy making them! Super cute!

  20. Oh how sweet Shelia! Your doll turned out just adorable. I just might borrow your wee pattern....

  21. May I please be one of your granddaughters? Because I would love to have you sew for me and make sweet little adorable things. No? Well, okay. haha I love your doll and her clothing and toys and bassinet, simply delightful, and the bonnet is my favorite. Can't wait to see all the other things you've been sewing. Carter is the cutest thing, yes she's exactly like her grandmother!!!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  22. Yeah, I think baby doll is puttin' on! AND she looks just like carter! She is going to be thrilled! ♥

  23. I love your sweet dolly and you should be smug...that bassinet is genius. I know the babies will love all their new pretties. Hugs, Ginger

  24. Shelia, you did a wonderful job. You and Carter are quite a pair.

  25. So, so adorable!! And, Miss Carter is darling!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  26. Oh my, Carter is so lucky to have a sweet grandma like you! She's adorable with her new haircut! What a pose! Love the little dolly -- I'm sure her new mama will love her to pieces :)

  27. Shelia, I'd love to be your granddaughter!

    Carter is precious with her new haircut.

    Thanks for joining in to celebrate Blue Monday’s 5th Blogiversary!

  28. I just can't believe your granddaughter is so big! I remember the day she was born! Cute dolls. (I never could follow a pattern.)

  29. Adorable!! I have the pattern, but have never even pulled it out of the package. Now that I've seen it 'in person' , maybe I need to try it. ( I don't even have a granddaughter!)

  30. Shelia,
    I adore your charming little doll baby for Little Carter!!!
    She's going to LOVE this!!!
    I totally understand, dear one, about the problems with the pattern. . .
    another reason I don't sew!!! Who writes those directions anyway???
    Like you, I can usually figure out what I want to make,
    but nothing this complex!!!
    You just keep on sewing, dear friend!!!
    God loves you. . .and so do I!!!

  31. I think little Carter looks like her Gramma! She's a lucky little girl, getting her own new baby!! Cute doll and accessories!

  32. Hi Shelia, Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Just awful busy. Not sewing but I wish I had time to sew. I can't tell you how many times I started sewing a pattern without reading the instructions. A bad idea. HA! "I" have ripped out a good bit in my years of sewing. Not fun.
    Your baby doll for Carter with her own little bed is so adorable Almost as cute as Carter. Her expressions are so darned cute. I do think she has her grandma's personality. That is a good thing.

    Love you and I am missing you my dear friend.

  33. This is all just the cutest! I love seeing the dolly, clothes, carrier, etc. I hope we'll see pictures of little Carter playing with this! I know she will love it! She's adorable too!

    I also like the other dolls you made!


  34. Wow...the doll and "her friends" are just adorable..and the outfits are just the are very talented...Carter, like grandmother, like two are the cutest!

  35. Shelia, Carter is so cute with her new haircut and you must be the one of the most talented grandmas ever! I think giving a child a new baby to take care of when a sibling is on the way is a wonderful idea and this dolly should capture Carter's heart right away! Wishing everyone the best with the new baby! Linda

  36. These are so sweet! As a matter of fact I think I have that pattern in my shed somewhere! I'm gonna have to go searching for it now!

    Bethany @

  37. How precious! Carter is a lucky girl!

  38. Soooo incredibly cute Mommy! Carter is going to just luv her new baby doll!! Thank you so much. Don't I have the most talented Mommy ever? I do & I luv you so much. Can't wait to see you :) Luv you!!

  39. Just adore your babies! What sweet, lovely smiles!

  40. That precious sweet pea Carter has the nicest, most talented grandmother's on the planet. I bet you can't wait for the new baby too. :) Have a blessed day dear friend.

  41. How precious! I was so impressed with your Tilda doll that I am actually thinking about making some for the grandgirls. But now i see this one and I think...I might make her! Mercy...that is always my problem in life...I want to do it all. How sweet and what a lovely gift for your grandgirl. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  42. These are all so precious and Carter is just the cutest. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  43. Carter will be so happy with all of her little goodies.
    I have a question. Years ago you posted some beautiful sculptures made from tree trunks after the storm. Now that I want them, I can not find them. Could you please send me an e-mail telling me how to find them.
    Jean from Memphis, no blog

  44. I just love the baby doll and accessories! Carter is going to be one happy girl! :)

  45. Shelia, you are the sweetest! Just love your baby, her clothes, the carrier...adorable!!! Carter will be thrilled!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday, such a pleasure having YOU!

  46. Shelia, I love the little doll and all of her outfits! So cute! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features today at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  47. That is adorable, Shelia! I love it and all the things you made for it. The carrier is a great idea. The only doll I've made for my granddaughter was a panel doll and kitten I found at Salvation Army. Do you remember those? I remember seeing a lot of those panel fabrics like 20 years ago when my daughter was little. Luckily, my granddaughter is 3 so she was impressed to see it on the fabric one day, I cut it out and sewed it another day, and then she watched me stuff it so it was huggable. : )

  48. I saw you were featured on Make it Pretty Monday so since I missed the post, I had to come over and see! Little Carter is a lucky girl to have this sweetheart of a doll to play with! All those wonderful accessories! Even following the pattern carefully I might have to redo something four different times!

  49. How cute!!! Love the doll and all the accessories to go with! Your granddaughter is one lucky girl!

  50. Love it, she adorable and so is Carter!


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