Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Hello, Dear Ones.
Well, we've decided to go ahead and wait two weeks to fly out and see our little new grandbaby.
We had already purchased our tickets way in advance and it costs so dog gone much to change them.
So, this will give little Camp a chance to learn how to nurse and Carter the time to settle down about having a baby brother.
At first I had a hard time about not going NOW but I've prayed and the Lord has given me such a peaceful calmness that I know it's the right thing to do.
My daughter and son-in-law's church are bringing a meal every day for two weeks!
God is so good!

Okay, on with the show...
I didn't want you to think I had left little Sweet Pea out 
when it came to handmade gifts.
No, siree!
 I crocheted Sweet Pea a little baby blanket.
Those are a pair of my little baby shoes from almost 62 years ago! 
Man, I'm getting old!

 Now don't get too impressed because the blanket is just a big big granny square and this is how I make all my baby blankets.
 I found this sweet fluffy almost spongy yarn to use.
 I didn't know what sex Sweet Pea was going to be when I made this but now I see it will be just fine.

I didn't measure but the blanket is quite large and I finished it off with a pretty shell border.
So, I'll be looking forward to wrapping up and telling little Sweet Pea 
how I made this blanket just for ?? him or her.
Now I know we have a little him! :)

Thank you all so much for your sweet wishes about our little grandbaby.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Baby I'm Yours

 Baby I'm yours
And I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky
Yours until the rivers all run dry
In other words, until I die
Baby I'm yours
And I'll be yours until the sun no longer shines
Yours until the poets run out of rhyme
In other words, until the end of time
I'm gonna stay right here by your side
Do my best to keep you satisfied
Nothing in this world can drive me away
'Cause every day you'll hear me say
Baby I'm yours
And I'll be yours until two and two is three
Yours until the mountain crumbles to the sea
In other words, until eternity
Baby I'm yours
Till the stars fall from the sky
Baby I'm yours
Till the rivers all run dry
Baby I'm yours
Till the poets run out of rhyme
Baby I'm yours

~ sung by Barbara Lewis


  1. Congratulations!!! Sweet little shoes and love the beautiful blanket!!!

  2. It's difficult to plan a visit when one isn't sure of baby's arrival so I understand your not changing your tickets. We had the same issue when our 2 grandsons were born but they worked out pretty good in that we arrived just 2 or 3 days after. My daughter made a very similar blanket for one of her babies. Same colours. I think they are gender neutral colours. Hugs, Pam

  3. I know how difficult it is not to be there at this point, and I also know that it costs a fortune to change those tickets! It will be an exciting time when you are able to go just the same!

    Beautiful blanket!


  4. Oh, I know you ache to be there holding both your grands. Sorry it didn't work out to change the tickets.
    Maybe you can keep busy with a new project for Carter and Camp. '-)

  5. Oh, those 2 weeks will be here before you know it! Darling blanket!!

  6. The baby blanket is just beautiful! Two weeks may seem like a long time but before you know it, your arms will be filled with lots of love!


  7. Oh Shelia, I know you are wanting to go so bad, but it will pass quickly. Champ will get into a schedule and mom,. dad and Carter will be able to bond.
    The blanket is just beautiful and I know every stitch is made
    with love.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. I know it is hard to be so far away. But you have done the right thing. By the time you get to the little family they should be settling into the new little addition. They will be so happy to see Grandma and Grandpa! You are very blessed. And the beautiful blanket you have made your little Champ will be most welcome. He will always cherish it knowing that his precious Grandma made it especially for him. Oh, and by the way a Congrats to the grandparents. What would our youngins' do without us? Just sayin. Hugs, Karie

  9. Good idea to wait the two weeks, gives everyone time to adjust and for you to get ready!!! Love the pic of the two itsy-bitsies.....very loving!!! The blanket looks like chenille yarn, the scalloped border is just perfect and sweet. Oh, you just love this gramma thing!!! Blessings to all of you!!!

  10. I think that makes sense to wait a couple of weeks, Shelia- as hard as that is to do. Can't wait to see pictures of that baby wrapped in that sweet blanket you made him- xo Diana

  11. Shelia the blanket is so sweet and looks so soft! Sweet Pea will love it and you. I know it's hard to wait, but it is soooo expensive to change tickets or get some at short notice. So i'm glad you have a peace about the will love the time you have with your new Grandson, Carter and your daughter! Big Hugs!

  12. She blanket is so pretty and it does look so soft. Just what a baby needs.

  13. What a cute blanket. You're right about the tickets and by waiting. Now you will just be even more organized when you leave! How sweet that their church is bringing them a daily meal like that. What a nice gesture.

  14. Congrats, grandma! He is adorable and I know Carter is loving her little brother.
    Like all your creations, the blanket is gorgeous. Enjoy your visit.

  15. Beautiful cozy blanket! He's going to treasure it! And as far as waiting a few weeks before seeing him, personally, I was glad to have a brief period alone with my baby and husband before everyone began descending upon us. When you finally arrive, everyone will be ready for visitors and an extra pair of hands. . . . Peace is a good thing and you are wise to ask for it, and wiser to accept it.

  16. What a dear blanket! I love the colors and I know it will be treasured forever!

  17. That's a darling little crocheted blanket and I'm sure it will always be special to your little sweet pea! You're one talented lady!

  18. Love the sweet blanket you made for your precious, little grandson! He will be blessed to snuggle close in your arms when you arrive!


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