Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Little Spot of Tea

Hello, Dear Ones.
I'm taking a break today from sewing and
would like to invite you into the den for a spot of tea with me!

 I've set a tray for us.
 You know tea tastes so much better when there are some pretty flowers to look at.
So I've poked some hydrangeas (faux) into a little white pitcher.
A little birdie on a little pink stand gives us something else to smile about.
 I'm using a little tea set Mr. Precious gave me years ago for Christmas.
 He knows I love tea sets. This set came from the shop Teavana in the mall. You know the one where some one is standing outside and gives you little sips of the different flavors of tea.

 One lump or two? Would you like some cream in your tea?
Well, you just make yourself comfy, sit back and glance through my book
while I get us some cookies
and we'll have a nice little chat and a little spot of tea!

I'm joining Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for Tea in the Garden

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Have a Cuppa Tea

 Granny's always ravin' and rantin'
And she's always puffin' and pantin',
And she's always screaming and shouting,
And she's always brewing up tea.

Grandpappy's never late for his dinner,
Cos he loves his leg of beef
And he washes it down with a brandy,
And a fresh made cup of tea.

Have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
Halleluja, halleluja, halleluja, Rosie Lea
Halleluja, halleluja, halleluja Rosie Lea.

If you feel a bit under the weather,
If you feel a little bit peeved,
Take granny's stand-by potion
For any old cough or wheeze.
It's a cure for hepatitis it's a cure for chronic insomnia,
It's a cure for tonsilitis and for water on the knee.

Tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea at supper
You get tea when it's raining, tea when it's snowing.
Tea when the weather's fine,
You get tea as a mid-day stimulant
You get tea with your afternoon tea
For any old ailment or disease
For Christ sake have a cuppa tea.

Whatever the situation whatever the race or creed,
Tea knows no segregation, no class nor pedigree
It knows no motivations, no sect or organisation,
It knows no one religion,
Nor political belief
~ sung by The Kinks