Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Little Spot of Tea

Hello, Dear Ones.
I'm taking a break today from sewing and
would like to invite you into the den for a spot of tea with me!

 I've set a tray for us.
 You know tea tastes so much better when there are some pretty flowers to look at.
So I've poked some hydrangeas (faux) into a little white pitcher.
A little birdie on a little pink stand gives us something else to smile about.
 I'm using a little tea set Mr. Precious gave me years ago for Christmas.
 He knows I love tea sets. This set came from the shop Teavana in the mall. You know the one where some one is standing outside and gives you little sips of the different flavors of tea.

 One lump or two? Would you like some cream in your tea?
Well, you just make yourself comfy, sit back and glance through my book
while I get us some cookies
and we'll have a nice little chat and a little spot of tea!

I'm joining Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for Tea in the Garden

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Have a Cuppa Tea

 Granny's always ravin' and rantin'
And she's always puffin' and pantin',
And she's always screaming and shouting,
And she's always brewing up tea.

Grandpappy's never late for his dinner,
Cos he loves his leg of beef
And he washes it down with a brandy,
And a fresh made cup of tea.

Have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
Halleluja, halleluja, halleluja, Rosie Lea
Halleluja, halleluja, halleluja Rosie Lea.

If you feel a bit under the weather,
If you feel a little bit peeved,
Take granny's stand-by potion
For any old cough or wheeze.
It's a cure for hepatitis it's a cure for chronic insomnia,
It's a cure for tonsilitis and for water on the knee.

Tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea at supper
You get tea when it's raining, tea when it's snowing.
Tea when the weather's fine,
You get tea as a mid-day stimulant
You get tea with your afternoon tea
For any old ailment or disease
For Christ sake have a cuppa tea.

Whatever the situation whatever the race or creed,
Tea knows no segregation, no class nor pedigree
It knows no motivations, no sect or organisation,
It knows no one religion,
Nor political belief
~ sung by The Kinks


  1. Good Morning! What a sweet little tea set and the flowers match just perfectly! Wishing you a delightful day.

  2. What a lovely tea set! Yes, tea does taste better with lovely flowers to look at!

  3. What a wonderful post. I am grinning ear to ear being invited to your lovely home for a tea respite with such pretty china, flowers and FRIEND! Thank you for this invitation to take tea with you today!!

    Big hugs and love,


  4. What a beautiful little tea set, Shelia. I would love to join you for a sip or two! I hope it is cooler there than it is here! xo Diana

  5. I enjoyed tea with you so very much! Such a cozy setting and beautiful teaset! Thanks for the invite!

  6. Oh girl, I melted when the first picture appeared - this is what I call gorgeousness!!! Love those soft pinks and pretty birds. Ooooooh, love it all! And yes I'll take my "spot of" with sugar please.

    Hugs ~ Mary


  7. soft and lovely tones on beautiful pieces of china..

    well done Miss Sheila, well done indeed.

    just a slight sqeeze of lemon for me thanks:)

  8. Shelia, what a lovely setting for tea...I would love to join you! Your tea set is just beautiful!

  9. Lovely! I'll be right over! Hee Hee!


  10. I'd love to share tea with you, Shelia, in your pretty spot with you darling tea set. xo

  11. I think I'd like to join your tea party too! The tea set is so pretty, and the bird fits right in. As usual, I enjoy the words to the songs!

  12. We all want to have tea with you! This is so pretty. I hope you will link to my Tea In The Garden today!

  13. That is a pretty tea set, Shelia. I would love to join you and I take my tea black please. :) We have a Teavana shop in our mall now but I haven't purchased any yet. Enjoy your afternoon.

  14. What a beautiful tea set! I wish I could join you!

  15. Beautiful setting and gorgeous tea set and yes, I'll have some tea with milk, though...thank you! Wish it were true, sweet friend. Big hugs,

  16. I would love too, only I just now had three cookies and a diet Dr. Pepper.

  17. Your tea set is absolutely gorgeous, and having tea in the den reminds me of the day of old when tea was served on a tray in a formal room, not the kitchen table. I'd love to pop in for some...it was 97 degrees here today and I was living on Diet Pepsi with tons of ice!!


  18. Hold everything........I'm on my way! Beautiful tea set!

  19. What a lovely tea set. Cookies are always great with tea. It doesn't hurt that I have a sweet tooth. LOL

  20. Such a beautiful and cozy tea! We had rain all day and it puts me in the mood. You're the sweetie!

  21. Thank you Shelia. I believe I will sit a spell. Just a little lemon for me. Your tea set is so lovely. I love the pink flowers and the little birdie is just perfect. Thank you for inviting me over. xoGinger

  22. Lovely tea set - it's so pretty. Would love to come and sit with you and have tea and chat.
    Have a great week Shelia.

  23. Good morning Shelia, I would love to have a cup of tea with you. Your tea set is so pretty. Your husband is a keeper for sure. Tea is my favorite drink next to water.

    I also visited your Tilda family post. You are amazing really. Your story and dolls are stunning.Perfectly charming dolls and a precious family. Maybe the new baby will come on my birthday in Oct. Smile.

    I'm sorry I have been missing my sweet friend. I have spent a week of Dr. visits with my baby sister and we are afraid she has Ovarian cancer. She will have surgery on Sept. 19. We (the sisters) are so worried, we are beside ourselves. Please pray for her Shelia.

    Love, Jeanne

  24. The only things that would have been better Sheila would have been I could have joined you for this wonderful tea! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. I would love to sit and chat and share tea and cookies with you. Wouldn't it be wonderful? I love your little tea set. Very delicate, pretty and pink.♥

  26. SUCH a pretty tea set, Shelia! I love the sweet little bird on the pink pedestal. I hope you have a great day!



  27. I am joining you right this minute! The tea tastes so very tasty in this lovely set and oh how I love the bird too, it seems that I hear her singing a beautiful melody!
    What a happy place to be today!
    Warm Hugs,

  28. Such a pretty setting for a little cup and maybe some reading, Sheila!

  29. Your Mr Precious has great taste as the tea set is gorgeous...!!

  30. Hi Sheila,

    What a lovely tea set! I could use some peppermint tea right now. Love the pink crochet doily everything is sitting on.

  31. That is just a beautiful set Sheila!
    I would love to come for tea.
    My only tea party's lately have been little plastic ones with Disney princess's on the outside.
    Hugs friend,

  32. Hi Sheila,

    Such a pretty tea set, dainty and elegant! Just looking at it makes me feel calm and peaceful. How lovely that you are serving cookies, too! A nice chat sounds perfect...


  33. Ha ha - The Kinks! I didn't know I had such an alternative music savvy Mummy!! I luv it! I'll have a cuppa from your pretty tea set.


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