Friday, August 23, 2013

Just One Look

Hello, Dear Ones!
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting on my posts. I've not been around Blogland for a few days and if you haven't heard from me, there's a reason.  I really do my best to comment back but I started looking for things on Pinterest to make for my little granddaughter, Carter, and shoot! I got sidetracked! She loves Lalaloopsy and I was looking at dolls and thought I would find a pattern and make one for her.

And then it happened...
I saw a Tilda doll!
 Tall doll, with a tiny little head, long legs and long arms and a big behind! :)
I fell completely in love!
 I think 'Tilda' is actually a brand ~ fabrics, dolls and stuffies.
 So if you are on Pinterest you may have seen what I've been pinning!
Gazillions of Tilda dolls!
 I found a few patterns and saved them, copied them and decided to make a Tilda doll for myself.
I found out there are kits you can order with everything in them you need to make a doll and her outfit, but heck! I thought, I can do this all by my tiny self. Hope I'm not breaking any laws!
 I found some clothes patterns but they were all different sizes.
So I just winged the clothes.
I grabbed fabrics, threads, stuffing, turned on the sewing machine and plugged up the iron and went to town making me a Tilda doll.
I think she turned out adorable! 
Pat, pat myself on the back.
 But I had such FUN. FUN. FUN!
 Look at her hair! That is cording ~ curly cording that I cut up in little strips and sewed them down.
Have I ever told you how talented I am?
You know I'm teasing, sort of! :)
Ain't she purdy?
So I've been busy Tildaing. I did make a little stuffie for Carter and will show you later!
I get so sidetracked sometimes!
Do you ever do that? :)
Is someone as old as I am supposed to have this much fun? :)

I'm joining Debbie & Ann for Pinterest Blitz at Debbiedoos

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Just One Look

Just one look
I felt so I, I, I'm in love
With you
I found out
How good it feels
To have your love
Say you will
Will be mine
Forever and always
Just one look and I knew
That you were my only one

I thought I was dreaming
But I was wrong, yeah yeah yeah
Oh, but I'm gonna keep on scheming
Til I can make you
Make you my own

Can't you see
That I really care
Without you
I'm nothin'
Just one look
And I knew
I'll get you some day

Just one look, that's all it took
Just one look
~ sung by The Hollies


  1. But you are so talented Shelia. You are really very modest but you shouldn't be. Tilda is beautiful.

  2. I was on Pinterest the other day and saw you had pinned like 5 billion Tildas, and I said to myself, "Sweet Shelia is going to getting her sewing on soon!" And you did, and your Tilda is beyond gorgeous. I can't imagine making that beautiful doll without a pattern of any sort, I could never do it. And so yes, you do have very talented little hands for sure!


  3. You ARE talented and the Tilda doll will be a forever treasure for your grand daughter.

  4. WOW!!!! Just look at that doll - golly ma'am, aren't you talented!

    She is wonderful! Good going, love her!

    A fabulous weekend to your sweet self!


  5. How darling, you did a wonderful job. Your granddaughter will fall in love with it. You made the perfect choice for fabric too and the detail on the dress is beautiful.

  6. How cute!! I'm so out of the loop, I've never heard of Tilda. Carter will love it, and grow up knowing her grandma is someone special!! Sally

  7. She is sweet as can be! You are talented and creative. The curly hair is the best!

  8. I do love Tilda, you are right she is all over Pinterest and looks like so much fun, I love the detail in her shoes, clothes and some of them have a purse or a bucket or flowers or little books, so darned cute, even looking for her accessories would be lots of fun..You did such a great job and her hair is out of this world...Phyllis

  9. Oh my goodness. How adorable. I just love her Sheila. You are so talented. Pinterest is addicting for sure.
    Thanks for visiting Sheila and leaving me such kind words. xoxo Linda

  10. Those tiny little hands of yours are just too talented my dear! : )

    1. Hi Bridge and thank you so much. Hope you're doing well.

  11. Your Tilda is beautiful! You did a wonderful job! I know you'll be making a bunch of friends for her.


  12. awwwww gee, your Tilda is so pretty!

  13. Loving your doll...and YES someone our age is supposed to have this much fun!..
    Love, Mona

  14. Wow, you are very talented, Miss Shirley. Your granddaughter is going to love that. Don't ever apologize for not commenting. We all are busy and just can't do it all the time.

  15. She is adorable! And yes, you are so very talented! How special is a doll to have that was made by your grandma?!
    You rock!!!!

  16. She is SO cute! What fun to make her for yourself!

  17. Love your Tilda doll. She is so darn cute and her hair..... You really did a wonderful job making her and her outfit. Such a talented lady you are. Your granddaughter is going to love hers. Wish my granddaughter was little, but she is out of the doll stage.
    Have a great weekend.
    PS Yes, I do get side tracked also.

  18. She is SO SO purdy! As much as I love dolls, I'm always intimidated about making them! But she really is special and I like this style doll. Look at those curls! Have fun!

  19. SO cute!! You have quite a talent there my friend.

  20. Oh my goodness, she's a doll.

  21. Now that is just the cutes doll! How fun and how smart you are to make your own design. She's adorable!

  22. She is adorable! I have a fondness for handmade cloth dolls, so this post was really fun for me. Great job, Shelia!

  23. Super cute! You did a great job on her- love the hair! Her dress came out so nice- you are a talent!

  24. YES....You are always supposed to have that much fun!!! The doll is adorable!! I have a pattern very similar of a prim doll, she has the same legs, used to make them years ago, and oh, they were such fun!!!

  25. Miss Shelia she is ADORABLE!! Carter is going to love her!

  26. Your Tilda is awesome! Girl, you can do anything and her dress is so lovely. Kudos for our Shelia, Ginger

  27. Tilda is a work of art. Blessed little granddaughter. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  28. Oh! She's so pretty... and yes! you're very talented Shelia:)

  29. Oh she is so darling and yes you are talented Sheila!
    You made me giggle with your cute post.
    Hugs friend,

  30. You're always supposed to have fun. That hair is phenomenally cute! I have some Tilda books. I can't follow a pattern worth a darn, but I can look and copy. I haven't made any yet. But years ago I made some similar that I just made up. But I can't find them! I'm sure she'll love this doll. I do!

  31. So sweet! She turned out great! Popping over from the Pinterest Blitzen. Pinning!
    - Claire @

  32. Shelia
    I do love the Tilda dolls too.
    I think yours turned out so cute!
    I hope to make a Christmas Tilda.
    Surely I can get it done in time..

  33. What a doll face she is Shiela! Thanks for sharing, never heard of this doll.

  34. Shelia,
    YOU, dear friend, are very talented, indeed!!!
    I L O V E your doll!!!
    Reminds me of a neighbor I had on the other side of the Prairie.
    She would look at a fashionable dress in the Kansas City Star newspaper,
    go home and cut it out, stitch it up and it was exactly like the photo!!!
    Little Carter is going to LOVE her new doll. ..
    that is, if she can get it away from G'Ma!!! (wink!)

  35. Shelia - what a darling doll you created! Are you going to be able to give her away or are you keeping her? She is darling.


  36. Hi Shelia, Thanks for the big smile. Your ARE talented and I'm not kidding. Your Tilda doll is adorable. So is the very clever hair. I can just see you sitting at the sewing machine making a Tilda doll losing all track of time. No worries, I have no business complaining about visitors. Sometimes I am so busy with life I don't visit either. Enjoy the creative fun and visit when you can.

    Love you bunches,

  37. Oh - hey - you ARE talented! I love her hair! What treasures you are creating!

  38. I was seeing all of those pins, and I knew you were up to something delicious. Oh yes, I am in love with her. You should link her to Pink Saturday.

  39. Oh how adorable!! I absolutely love her. You are sooo talented! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  40. Hi Shelia
    How very sweet and adorable and you did such a great job. I didn't know about Tilda dolls before. Carter will love it! Lots of fun.
    Judi xo

  41. She's awfully cute -- I love her curly hair! And I didn't know about Tilda dolls either! She's charming!


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