Friday, August 23, 2013

Just One Look

Hello, Dear Ones!
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting on my posts. I've not been around Blogland for a few days and if you haven't heard from me, there's a reason.  I really do my best to comment back but I started looking for things on Pinterest to make for my little granddaughter, Carter, and shoot! I got sidetracked! She loves Lalaloopsy and I was looking at dolls and thought I would find a pattern and make one for her.

And then it happened...
I saw a Tilda doll!
 Tall doll, with a tiny little head, long legs and long arms and a big behind! :)
I fell completely in love!
 I think 'Tilda' is actually a brand ~ fabrics, dolls and stuffies.
 So if you are on Pinterest you may have seen what I've been pinning!
Gazillions of Tilda dolls!
 I found a few patterns and saved them, copied them and decided to make a Tilda doll for myself.
I found out there are kits you can order with everything in them you need to make a doll and her outfit, but heck! I thought, I can do this all by my tiny self. Hope I'm not breaking any laws!
 I found some clothes patterns but they were all different sizes.
So I just winged the clothes.
I grabbed fabrics, threads, stuffing, turned on the sewing machine and plugged up the iron and went to town making me a Tilda doll.
I think she turned out adorable! 
Pat, pat myself on the back.
 But I had such FUN. FUN. FUN!
 Look at her hair! That is cording ~ curly cording that I cut up in little strips and sewed them down.
Have I ever told you how talented I am?
You know I'm teasing, sort of! :)
Ain't she purdy?
So I've been busy Tildaing. I did make a little stuffie for Carter and will show you later!
I get so sidetracked sometimes!
Do you ever do that? :)
Is someone as old as I am supposed to have this much fun? :)

I'm joining Debbie & Ann for Pinterest Blitz at Debbiedoos

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Just One Look

Just one look
I felt so I, I, I'm in love
With you
I found out
How good it feels
To have your love
Say you will
Will be mine
Forever and always
Just one look and I knew
That you were my only one

I thought I was dreaming
But I was wrong, yeah yeah yeah
Oh, but I'm gonna keep on scheming
Til I can make you
Make you my own

Can't you see
That I really care
Without you
I'm nothin'
Just one look
And I knew
I'll get you some day

Just one look, that's all it took
Just one look
~ sung by The Hollies