Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Day in the Life of a Princess

Just an ordinary day in the kingdom of Princess Carter.
 The day starts off with a good breakfast outside in the fresh air.
A smile is very important on a Princess' face.

When you're a royal Princess, Paparazzi are always out snapping away.
A quick snap of the royal family.

 Princess Carter is always looking beautiful and on her best behavior 
because someone is always watching.
Those paparazzi again catching the royal grandparents with Princess Carter.

Then His royalness, Findley the dog is off for his daily walk.

A Princess has to be spiffed up and looking her most beautiful at all times.
A little touch of lip gloss for those little plump lips.
Now put your lips together to evenly distribute the lip gloss.
 This is the way a Princess stands in all of her roylness! :)
Well, shoot! There she goes!
Must be a royal crisis in the royal kingdom of Princess Carter.
Well, I hope you've enjoyed seeing how a day in the Life of a Princess goes.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Everyday Princess

Some stories start “once upon a time”
Like a dreamer’s dream, but theirs aren’t mine
I just worked hard
I wasn’t the kind for wishes
You can safely say I’m not your everyday princess
Now life isn’t always what it seems
If you mix a little magic in New Orleans
It’s a jumbalaya to stimulate your senses
Not your usual taste, not your everyday princess
Now life is what you make it
We can all be royalty
It’s a prize for you, so take it
You never know what you can be
It sure is great having breakfast in your bed
With a sparkly crown sittin’ on your head
But that’s not me, I wear mine cookin’ up new dishes
Because I’ll never be your everyday princess
Life is what you make it
We can all be royalty
It’s a prize for you, so take it
You never know what you can be
‘Cause you can have it all
Just look at me!
Makin’ my own dreams come true
Not your everyday princess, still a princess every day
Ooh ooh
~ sung by Anika Noni Rose


  1. I just love being in the presence of royalty--especially royalty as adorable as HRH Carter. Nice to see her loyal subjects too. And, I like royal labs a lot.


  2. Shelia,
    A D O R A B L E!!!
    Loved every photo of Princess Carter!!!
    Adore the coral outfit with the turquoise flip~flops!!!
    Lovely Royal families, too!!!
    You are such a dear friend to share your very own Princess with us!!!

  3. Hi Shelia, wow, Princess Carter is so adorable and lovely. She is a very very cute and pretty. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

    Have a lovely day. Regards.

  4. She is adorable and what a lovely royal family!

  5. I don't think Princess Carter could get any cuter if she tried! :)


  6. Princess Carter is adorable!! And I have to say the Royal Family isn't a bad looking bunch either Queen Mother Shelia!

  7. She is an absolutely perfect princess! Will and Kate will be able to do no better!

  8. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this cute royal story about Carter! She is a doll!!

  9. Adorable! I know you love spending time Royalty!

  10. She is such a little cutiepie, Shelia! I love her sweet smile and dimples. I know you have a lot of fun with her. Hugs, Pamela

  11. Es una guapa, y tiene una sonrisa lindísima.

  12. Oh my!! Isn't she just the cutest princess in the Note Song kingdom!! I love your 'storyline' today Sheila! Enjoy your little sweetie.

  13. Goodness what an adorable post and an adorable little princess!! Great shots, great story -- made my day :)

  14. Ah Shelia, the truth at last! This is what really goes on in the life of a 'true' Princess! This is - how would you say? - the real scoop!
    God love her, she's adorable.

  15. Your little princess is SO adorable!

  16. She is a doll. Love the shots of her putting on lip gloss. She has the sweetest dimples and a dazzling Princess smile! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  17. What a beauty, she is, Shelia. I'd be bowing to her highness also ... with lots of love & snuggles as do you. How could you not?!! What a lovely visit you are having.
    TTFN ~

  18. What a cutie! Princess Carter looks like a real treat to have around!

  19. Shelia, Princess Carter is beautiful! Sounds like you really had a ROYAL Birthday with her. Enjoy her as they grow up so fast.

  20. I think little Princess Carter looks a lot like her Grandmother!! She is adorable!!!

    God Bless~

  21. Everyone would benefit from being in the presence of a princess. And, you have the prettiest and sweetest princess of all.

  22. Her Royal Highness is absolutely darling! She's a winner!

  23. Hi Sheila, Carter is every bit a princess and she looks like her grandma. Lucky little girl. Smile. Loved the pics so much. She is full of personality. I know you both cannot resist her charms.
    Love, Jeanne


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