Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Howdy Doo!

Hello, Dear Ones! 
 Oh, I've missed you all so much but have been popping in to check on you when I could. Needless to say, we had a ball with our little granddaughter, Carter.
We returned home Monday night and you know the routine ~
exhausted, tired, clothes to wash and put away, no groceries in the house.

And, Tuesday we went to pick up our little teeny weeny RV!
If you'd like to see it you can look HERE.
We named her Kiki because that is Carter's word when she was being silly.
I'd say, "I love you, Carter." Then she would say, "I love you, Kiki!"
So, what else where we to name our new little teeny weeny RV?
It's in our driveway right now and we're raring to go somewhere in her but we have so much to learn about it. The guy at the dealership did take us through a run down of everything but never rving before, we feel sooooooooo NEWBIE.
Well, I guess we are.
So give me a few days and I'll have a post up about our adventures and I have some Bathroom Divas to introduce too!

You are all are a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

To Love Somebody

There's a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to be lived with you
Lived with you
There's a way everybody say
To do each and every little thing
But what does it bring
If I aint got you, aint got ?
You don't know what it's like, baby
You don't know what it's like

To love somebody
To love somebody
To love somebody
The way I love you

In my brain
I see your face again
I know my frame of mind
You aint got to be so blind
And Im blind, so very blind
Im a man, can't you see
What I am
I live and breathe for you
But what good does it do
If I aint got you, aint got?
~ sung by the Bee Gees


  1. Oh, the proud grands! Who wouldn't be with that adorable Kiki, she's just too cute and I imagine you guys are tired, with the wash and NO FOOD in the house! That happened to me when we came from Florida almost two weeks ago...and flying is very tiering too! Wish you have a wonderful Fourth this weekend coming, sweet friend... even if it's just resting!

  2. So happy you had a great visit with Carter! She is such a cutie! It's always good to get home of course. I love that you named the tiny RV Kiki!! Happy 4th of July~

  3. So glad you've had this time with Carter...such a cutie-pie! LOVE your "little" RV, it's WONDERFUL!!!! You are gonna have a ball!!!

  4. Oh I am so happy for you....we haven't found one yet!

  5. You have much to be thankful for.

    Carter is a doll - and so are YOU! Funny you have a Carter and we have a Reagan. : - ) She's 9, my youngest niece.

    I am lovin your KIKI - the adventures are going to be awesome.

    Hubs and I actually discussed the possibility - we love to road trip and he is a fabulous driver and I sleep well when he's driving, haha.

    Can't wait to learn more - and to read about Bathroom Divas - but that kinda worries me too, haha, if you get it, haha. Queens of the Water Closets? LOL.

  6. Great picture! Glad you enjoyed your trip!!

  7. Glad for your good time with family!!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures on the road with Kiki!!!

  8. I'm so glad you had a good time with Carter and your family. And I'm excited over the moon about your sweet, little RV. I can't wait to see what adventures await!

  9. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Nothing like them grands! Your sweet Kiki is adorable! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Glad you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to your Kiki adventures! When I was growing up, my parents owned a campground and we spent Memorial Day thru Labor day living at the camp ground taking care of our guests.

  11. I know you had a BLAST with beautiful little Carter! What a sweetheart she is. You are so blessed. I know it must be HARD to not see her in so long. XO, Pinky

  12. Que bueno están en casa otra vez, Carter es hermosa y tiene una sonrisa preciosa también. Saludos desde C.R.

  13. Carter is SO cute! And you're hair has gotten SO long!

  14. I know you had fun and now you're ready for an adventure! You'll love it! Where will you go first? We'll just have to sing along and wait and see! Sweet hugs!

  15. Shelia,
    I am so~o~o thrilled that you and "Mr. Precious" were able to visit with Little Carter and your daughter!!!
    I'll be back to see those Bathroom Diva photos soon, dear friend!!!

  16. What a wonderful picture! Carter is just darling!

  17. What a nice photo of you three. Grand baby's are wonderful. I do agree you couldn't have named the RV anything else.

  18. What a very sweet picture! Do you have a new hair do? You look fabulous! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

    Have a Happy 4th!


  19. Carter is growing up so fast it seems. She's so cute. I love her name for you. Have fun with your new RV. Happy Independence Day to you! Hugs, Pamela

  20. ....just stopping in to say HAPPY 4th...
    ask Carter if she can see me waving back at her.....:))

  21. Glad you had such a great time. Carter gets cuter each day!
    Happy 4th of July!

  22. Stopping by to wish you a happy 4th of July. Looks like you are enjoying summer! ~ Sarah

  23. Carter is so flippin' *cute* What a sweetie! Happy Fourth!!!


  24. Hi Sheila, lovely photo. Love to see your little Carter, she is so cute.
    Enjoy your RV, we looking forward to see your beautiful pictures. :)

    Warm regards.


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