Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Heart Is Breaking

 That's right, Dear Ones, my heart is breaking.
If you read my blog you've heard about the ordeal with my little Mother and her being in rehab.
She's been in the hospital a couple of times the past couple of months with UTIs and chest pains.
No stroke, no heart attack.
Praise God for that!
Well, in the morning she'll be moved to the nursing home floor.
She has been mentally confused and has lost all use of her legs.
She's so weak and they can not find out why.
The following snaps are from a few years ago.

 Mr. Precious and I have been praying about what we needed to do.
We've decided to pack up her things from the retirement home apartment and put them in storage. 
We had told her when she gets the strength of her legs back 
we would just move her things back into another apartment there.
We thought this would give her hope.

But today that hope was smashed.
They'll move her in the morning.
I won't be there as I have a doctor's appointment but will visit later in the day.

I feel numb, I've cried, I've prayed and then cried some more.
Mother will be 90 next month and I was going to throw her a big party at the retirement home.
I won't be able to do this now.
She has always had such pride in her appearance and now that is even gone.
We've been packing up her things for two days now.
Memories flooding in and out.
More tears.
More prayer.
I'm not saying she is dying, only God knows that,
but she has gone downhill so fast it's just astonished us.

Dear Ones, I'm exhausted mentally and physically and will be taking a break for a while.
I can't sleep or function very well in the day.

I love my Mother and she has always been my best friend.
I need your prayers too as I go about this.
I know God is in control and will give us the answers and the wisdom.
As much as I love my little Mother, God loves her more.

You are always a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :(

I'll pass on a Note Song today.