Thursday, April 18, 2013


My heart is breaking and my prayers have gone out to the folks in Boston and West.
God, cover us with Your protection.

Hello, Dear Ones!
for featuring my home tour! Your comments just blessed my heart!
If you missed the tour of my home and would like to see it, just click HERE.
If you don't know Cindy, please pop in to see her as her home is gorgeous and she's as pretty as a picture and just as sweet!

Okie dokie!
Some of you mentioned you liked seeing Edra so I thought I'd give you a closer look at her.
What? You don't name your furniture? :)
This is just one of my many talents...naming my furniture!
You know I'm teasing but I really do give certain pieces names.

This is Ms. Edra who lives at the top of my stairs.
She is affectionately named after my mother whose middle name is 'Edra'.
I think it's a pretty name.

This is how Edra looked in all of her glory after I had purchased her from Craigslist.
My little Mother went with me and she talked the lady who was selling her to come down on the price quite a bit! So naturally I had to honor my little Mother with a namesake! :)

After I had painted her red, she stood in my entry for about a year!
I had fun changing her dress out for each season.
See her cute little shelves on each side?
This was also before we changed the flooring to granite tiles.

She's a different looking little piece don't you think?
Kind of a cross between a secretary and a hutch.
And just look at her shapely legs.
 ♪ She's got legs, she knows how to use them... ♪ ♪

The first Christmas I had Edra, she had to be moved from the entry so we could set up the Christmas tree there where it always goes.
Well, she's been at the top of the stairs ever since.

I usually keep dishes in her and right now she's sporting these olden ones.
A closer peep at my olden dishes, Homer Laughlin China ~ Brittany Majestic pattern.
The bowl in front is something I found at Marshalls years ago.

Just in case you were wondering, this little white box is one of Mr. Precious' play toys.
He has security cameras up around our home and he had the audacity to set one on top of Edra!
Well, Edra doesn't seem to mind. She thinks she's a hotty and the camera just adds to her mystique.

I certainly hope you've enjoyed viewing Edra today.
She has really enjoyed all of the attention! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


She's got legs, she knows how to use them.
She never begs, she knows how to choose them.
She's holdin' leg wonderin' how to feel them.
Would you get behind them if you could only find them?
She's my baby, she's my baby,
Yeah, it's alright.
~ sung by ZZ Top


  1. I've never seen Edra before!! What a sweet hutch, and love her in red.......yea, she's got great legs!!! The china is so pretty in there, what a great piece of furniture to play with!!

  2. I know I've seen Edra before the other day but it had slipped my mind. Don't you know she's so happy to be painted red? She is a unique piece of furniture. I'm glad you and your mom found her.

  3. What a beautiful piece, and OH MY.....that fabulous china!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. I just love Edra and I thank you for doing a post on her so we could see her before and after. I love the red paint. I thinks she's a great piece and must have been for a kitchen at one time or a dining room. She sure looks pretty with her fancy china on her shelves. Hugs, Pamela

  5. How pretty she is. What a difference that red paint made. You did a wonderful job on the transformation. Love the name, too.

  6. Such a sweet piece and name! Love that she's red, the perfect color for her and compliments your dishes! You are so sweet Shelia, very welcome! It was a pleasure featuring your beautiful home!

  7. Just beautiful Sheila - and I can't imagine her any other color after seeing her like this -
    And I have to smile at the lyrics - I'm constantly posting lyrics on my site ( and getting in trouble for it from my followers LMHO )

  8. Edra is a very beautiful piece of furniture. The red color looks just brilliant!! I've seen pieces I think I want to attempt but have never done so.

  9. She is lovely. I think she would look great any where.

  10. What a darling "redo" Edra got and lovely dishes inside. That Homer Laughlin pattern is loved by many! So pleased you linked to "Open House"!

  11. I always enjoy my visit with Edra -- and she really is a hottie!! Sally

  12. Dare I say it? Edra is sexy sporting that red paint. The paint made all the difference Shelia and I do not think I would of had that vision. xo, Olive

  13. She is a beauty, Shelia. I love the red paint on her-she looks like a totally different piece. What a lovely name. I have never heard it before. Kind of like Edna with an R in place of the N? You HAVE to tell us her middle name now- xo Diana

  14. Shelia, Edra is so pretty and I love all the pretty dishes in her. Edra is a beautiful name and I'm so glad you named after your sweet mother.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Edra is fantastic. What a super piece, I love her and she really is so different, great lines and curves. Hugs, Marty

  16. Shelia dear, this is one of the most charming pieces of furniture I have ever seen! The color is what tops it off! As big as your home is..I have never failed to admire the coziness of it! It reflects YOU.

  17. Wow! Edra is so gorgeous!! I'm off to look at more of your blog!

  18. Wow ! What a pretty cabinet ! Love the red color... so cute to name it after your mom :)

  19. I just ADORE that you name your furniture. And that red is brilliant -- looks just fabulous! Gorgeou Edra!

  20. Perfect color for that piece. Love it now. It is amazing what paint can do.

  21. I really love the way this piece of furniture turned out, red is so so hard to do and to get this perfect color is hard, your paint is perfect, and you are so right the legs are so important and these are beauties...

  22. Ms. Edra is truly gorgeous, I love that red you dressed her in!

  23. A very unusual piece, and I love it! So pretty in red...

  24. Edra is beautiful. I have never seen her, and I visit all the time. I am so glad you showcased her. And I rather like the name Edra. I name my furniture too. . .You have some beautiful things, and I just love seeing your home. Thanks for sharing, Hugs to you, Karie

  25. I absolutely love this hutch hun; I've never seen one like it. If you ever want to get rid of her and happen to be making a trip to Colorado, let me

    Hugs, Shar

  26. Sheila, I will be dragging my husband to the computer yet again to see how you fearlessly have painted a piece of wooden furniture. He is absolutely against this, and I have a piece that begs me on a daily basis for a coat of paint.
    I so enjoyed your home tour. Such love fills every thoughtful detail. Thank you also for you kindness of words to me. I am always caught off guard by the outpouring of support that is available to each of us in this community when we have the courage to ask. Elizabeth

  27. How pretty Edra is and her name sounds so victorian don't you think? Love her modern camera on the top shelf too:)

  28. I can tell everyone that Edra is even more fantastic in person! I love her and she is the perfect color!

  29. Your Edra is a very unique little piece, I have a feeling that she is not from these parts, perhaps from across the ocean? She is really beautiful in her coat of red and filled with the lovely antique dishes. Seeing her makes me want to paint something red, it is such a delicious looking colour for furniture!
    Have a wonderful evening, and you really are the sweetie.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  30. Edra ;) is amazing. LOVE that red. it completely changed her. So so pretty!

  31. I love your Edra! I love red too so it really grabs me! It has the cutest shape! It looks perfect with the dishes.

  32. Oh My Goodness, What a difference paint makes & I love the color....
    Edra is one beautiful Lady~

  33. i've always loved this piece. just precious.
    love to you...

  34. Edra ia beauty! I like her red coat. I think she likes being at the top of the stairs. There, she can look down upon all her and Mr. Precious.
    xo Ginger

  35. Beautiful piece....and I love the red!

  36. Shelia, I'm one that wanted to see more of Edra. The red has really brought out her personality. Being brown, she was kind of a shy thing, and was afraid of her own shadow, but being red has transformed her into a diva. She couldn't get much prettier. And I'm sure the name helped!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  37. I love your Edra, Shelia. She is beautiful - just like you.

    I haven't named furniture, but I have named figures.

  38. How unusual! And what a beautiful piece. Love the red!

  39. Edra is such a unique piece of furniture - I would have grabbed that in a heartbeat! Your mom sounds like she is a good haggler - one who I would like to go antiquing with!

  40. What a beautiful piece of furniture Edra is, Shelia. I love her in red, so much more attractive. I love the dishes inside her too....Christine

  41. Shelia,
    OMG!!!!!!! Now you know that I would just LOVE this red beauty, didn't you????

    She is stunning beyond belief and RED!!!!


  42. loving the hutch, the color is the perfect lipstick to balance those legs :-) Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  43. Edra is quite unique and just as lovely Shelia, but who did the initial makeover on her after you acquired her - you? or Mr Precious? It's a lovely job anyhow! If she'd come by my place she'd have got the shabby-chic treatment before she could turn around on those lovely legs!! ;)

  44. Edra is exquisite... and she has a second life being painted that beautiful red!!! LOVE how you have decorated her. The dishes are like jewelry!

  45. Edra is gorgeous! That is a very unusual piece of furniture. Love the legs and those little shelves on the side. Love the red. She looks like a lot of fun to decorate and redo.


  46. Shelia,
    I adore Edra at the top of your stairs!
    She would make me smile each time I went up or down!!!
    I love, love, love how you painted her red after Craig's List!
    She has amazing personality!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  47. I am in love with Edra. And she is a real hottie in red!! xo Debbie


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