Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello, Dear Ones!

You may remember the tureens that I poked flowers and Bunny Foo Foos in for Easter. 
If you missed them you can go HERE and HERE to see them.

 If you know me, I'm gonna milk a good thing for as long as I can and that is just what I did here.

 I took out the Foos Foos. Then I took out all of the flowers from one of my tureens and commenced to poke them into this tureen till it was about to explode. 
I just love this stuff.
 It's always the right time for a Bunny Foo Foo so here's one...
 And here's the other one!

So there you have my recycled centerpiece!
Hope you like it.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Do It Again

Its automatic when I
Talk with old friends
The conversation turns to
Girls we knew when their
Hair was soft and long and the
Beach was the place to go

Suntanned bodies and
Waves of sunshine the
California girls and a
Beautiful coastline
Warmed up weather
Lets get together and
Do it again

With a girl the lonely sea looks good
Makes your night times warm and out of sight

Been so long
(hey now hey now hey now hey now hey now)
(hey now hey now hey now hey now hey now)

Well Ive been thinking bout
All the places we've surfed and danced and
All the faces we've missed so lets get
Back together and do it again
~ sung by The Beach Boys


  1. Love the full, lush display of spring posies!!! And the bunny foo foos too!!

  2. I love it and your little bunnies too. How fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. This is what I love: the cloth on which you started this centerpiece; the bunny foo foo looking back at the flowers (looks like he may get into mischief, I couldn't tell for sure); the other bunny behaving himself (or trying to make us think he is); and the colorful flowers so beautifully poked into the tureen. Have a great week, sweet Shelia!

  4. So pretty, Shelia. Love that tureen. xo

  5. Hello my sweet friend, I'm BACK. Yay! my feet have finally touched ground again. Our anniversary celebration was wonderful. My company after the party are gone and it is just 'us two' once again. I have missed you. You have been busy Shelia. I scrolled down to the posts I have missed and now I am all caught up again. I love your multi flowers spring flower arrangement with the bunnies. Your new look for your mantel is lovely and the yard birds are making me drool. Seriously, I love them. What makes you happy, makes me happy too. Smiling here. I can't forget Edra. I love the transformation. I just don't have the nerve to paint my hutch but I know it would look great. Sigh.

    Have a happy day and dream something up to share soon. I am still laughing at your dead pig in the sunshine quote...Really! HA!
    Love you much,

  6. I love that centerpiece in the lovely tureen, flanked by the two adorable bunnies dear Shellia. Have a wonderful week, sweetie.

  7. What a wonderful touch of spring!

  8. You, the bunny foo foos and the faux's make for a lovely spring centerpiece!

  9. Little bunny-foo-foo's are as cute as can be Shelia. Love that lush bouquet ...

  10. Hi Shelia,
    Everything that you foo foo always turns out so lovely. The centerpiece with the bunnies makes me want to do a big spring bouquet. Love how you put it....stuffed until it's ready to explode...I like that look.


  11. There you are! I was getting concerned about you and am hoping that all is well with your mom. Been thinking about you lots.

    Love this arrangement... pretty flowers, pretty tureen, pretty bunnies... a good thing!



  12. An exploding tureen is quite a vision, but one that looks like this is just amazing. Beautiful arrangement, Shelia!

  13. It looks beautiful. I just finished redoing my own center piece. It's not as fancy as yours ,but I like it.

  14. I like it a lot! I took a photo of a real bun bun in the backyard last night. They sure are sweet! Hugs!

  15. WOW your center piece looks wonderful. The bunnies are so cute. I left one out and packed the rest for next Easter.
    Have a wonderful week.

  16. So Sweet Shelia! Love your centerpiece and bunnies!!!

  17. Shelia, it looks just like Spring. You make everything pretty and fun. And, you make us all happy.

  18. I think you did an amazing job of transforming. Spring is definitely in and your centerpiece is lovely.

  19. Love the arrangement! You can't go wrong with pretty tulips and sweet rabbits! :)

  20. those flowers look GREAT in the big white tureen (is that what you call it)
    I just say big bowl....that is about how sophisticated I get (tee,hee)

  21. Shelia,
    I a d o r e how lush and full your centerpiece has become, dear friend!!!
    The Foo Foo with the sage green ribbon is tugging at my heart today!!!
    This week we have our first live "wild" bunny here On Crooked creek.
    "Mr. Ed" and I have been watching her from inside the patio doors
    as to not scare her/ him away!!!
    Have a marvelous week!!!

  22. Absolutely love it. Foo Foos are always a welcome sight. Have a blessed week, Ginger


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