Friday, March 1, 2013

Woe Is Me!

Hello, Dear Ones!
I'm very sad now.
My laptop is completely falling apart!
That's why I haven't been visiting much.
I was having trouble with my "S" key. I would have to really poke it hard to get it to work. got stuck so I got on line and read how to fix it.
I held my laptop upside down and spanked it's bottom like a new born baby!
Didn't help.
Then I vacuumed in between the keys. Nope, didn't help.
I even took a tiny little watercolor paint brush and swept under and as far inbetween and around that ole "S" key! Nope, still didn't help.

Well, I continued to try and type with that nasty "S" key and then the key itself just popped off!
I'm stubborn and don't give up easily.
I got a fingernail file and would poke it in the center of the little plastic thingy to type the "S".
Do you realize how often you use the "S" key when you type?
A bunch! A whole lot!

This looks so nasty, I know!
Well, Mr. Precious and I took a little three day road trip and now we're back home.
I turned on my puter and now it's going crazy and I think it's dyeing!
So...I'm on Mr. Precious' lap top at the moment but can't use it much because he uses it alot.
I don't think I've even told you, but after he was retired about a year, he became a Realtor.
He just has fun with it but his laptop is a busy one.
So, I just wanted you to know why I won't be getting to visit as I would like.
I'll be sad because you know how much I love you all and you're all such a big big part of my life.
So Mr. Precious is gotta get busy and sell a house so he can buy me a new puter! :)
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)
I'll pass on leaving you a Note Song because I don't feel like singing this morning. :(


  1. So aggravating when that happens, hope you can get it fixed...

  2. How sad! - No song? - Even sadder!! I understand though - it's hard to type Sally or Salmagundi without an SSSSSSSSSS. See you soon when you get a new computer. Sally

  3. Oh Gracious! I wondered where you'd gone. Poor sweetie - not able to visit...awwwwww. And you must really be sad - no song even. I hope you'll be singing again real soon!

    Love & Hugs,
    Jan ♥

  4. Shelia,
    Thinking of you!
    The pains of when a computer goes ca....putt is the pits.
    May you be back on here soon, singin'
    'cauz life's a song!!!

    God bless,
    d from kansas and wishing it were spring

  5. I'm sorry, Sheila! We so depend upon our computers, and when everything's going smoothly we take it for granted...when it's not, it's a royal pain! Good luck! Hope DH sells a house soon!

  6. Oh no! Hope you get a new puter soon! Times like these it would be so fun to be rich- then I'd buy you one! Hope you can stay busy decorating and crafting.

  7. Don't you just hate it what that happens? I also have a sticky key on my laptop, thankfully not one of the letters! SSSSSSSSSSSS is not a good one to lose. Wishing hubby good luck with the house selling ~~ we can't be without Picklepoo for too long!

  8. Oh Shelia I hate that!! I'm here in Texas so we will need to plan our meeting before I leave on March 26th! I hope you get a new puter soon!!!!
    big hugs,

  9. Oh, I hate when computers die....we are totally lost....hope you get one soon!!

  10. Awwww, I was wondering why I didn't see you....hope you get a new one as quick as you can. It's amazing how we become so dependent on them! xo

  11. So sorry Sheila.....comp problems are the pits!!! Miss you.....

  12. Oh dear Shelia, that is too bad about your computer. My hubby keeps saying I'm wearing out the keys on my laptop because I use it so much. I hope not as I'll never have another one! lol I hope you can get something soon. I miss you!! Blessings, Pamela

  13. Hi Sheila, Sorry about you computer, aren't they such a pain at times??? No what you mean about the hubby needing to use the laptop, my husband is also a realtor after retirement. I am just glad that we live in a place where now we don't have to use "dial up" Oh my, talk about being on the computer a longgggg time to accomplish anything!! Ye-s-, S is a very important letter, hoping for better days ahead for all of you. Blessings, Linda

  14. I know how frustrating that is Shelia!! Hope you get a new one soon!

  15. I'm so sorry that you don't feel like singing, I love your songs. And I'm terribly sorry about your lacking a lap top. I hope it improves very soon, dear lady, I love your visits. Hugs, Cindy

  16. I miss you already

  17. Shelia,
    I am so~o~o sorry about your computer problems, dear friend!!!
    Amazing how much JOY or frustration they can bring into our lives, isn't it???
    Since I am your "Northern Neighbor" (by our State locations),
    I want to leave you with this saying on Friendship. . .

    A Friend hears the Song in your heart
    and Sings it back to you when you've forgotten it.
    Pick any key and I'll hum along!!! :)

  18. Mi__ing you! Look Ma! No "S"! LOL!



  19. It's a SAD day if you don't feel like SINGING! Boohoo! I hope you get a new computer Soon! Sweet hugS!!!

  20. Hope a new computer is in front of you soon. Miss you!

  21. Oh no,we are like chooks without heads without our putors Shelia. Hope you get one soon. x

  22. Oh no...I can relate to computer issues. Hopefully my woes are gone for now.

  23. Nothing like computer problems to put me in a MOOD! Hope you get a new one soon!

  24. OH NO Shelia, this is a disaster of the greatest magnitude. Do not let Mr Precious out of his (office) until he has made the appropriate amount of profit for a state of the art laptop suitable for a blogger of your sweet and tremendous standing!!! In this instance dear girl - nothing but the best will do! You could get a PINK one like mine!? With a PINK muse..... and a PINK pad er and pen and........mug, and........

  25. Ooh that's no fun! I had this happen with my laptop and it was the hard drive. I hope you can get a new one soon!

  26. Well shoot, that sounds like my world. I hope you're up and running again soon. hugs ~lynne ~

  27. Oh, isn't it a bother with your laptop/computer doesn't work? Agggggh! Our old desk top died a couple of months ago and now my laptop battery is on it's last legs and I have to plug it in all the time. I refuse to buy a new battery! I'll say a prayer and cross my fingers :) that your husband sells a house so you can get a new laptop. Hugs and have a great weekend,

  28. Hi Shelia, I was sure you were not home when I didn't hear from you. You are always so faithful with your visits. I am so sorry about your laptop. It does look pitiful. I only use my laptop and I would feel really bad if something happened to it. I have a mac and I love everything about it. I hope you get a new one soon.
    Love, Jeanne

  29. I can totally identify with your dismay! My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago - and I was L.O.S.T.!!! New computer and it's just not the same. Be thankful you know before your computer dies completely. You can salvage your information for the new one when you get it. It will be nice to hear from you whenever you can get on your hubby's laptop. Any time with you will be wonderful!

  30. Hi lovely lady.
    My computer die on me Jan 12/2013! I purchased a new one Jan 16/2013 at Best Buy HP Pavilion g7 windows 8 I hate IT totally lost with it.!!! I hope you can get a windows 7 ~~ The Geek Squad did put all my photos on my new one for me. I hope you get up and running .
    XXOO Diane


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