Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Won! I Won!

Hello, Dear Ones!
I won a giveaway from Linda at A La Carte
it was just in time for Valentine's Day!
 Darling cookie cutters!
 A wonderful heart wall hanging!
 The cutest cup and saucer and honey, they're huge!
 Peep inside!
 Then, this lovely heart dish.
 Two wonderful smelly candles.
And, this adorable kitchen towel. 
See that Rooster? Linda knows me well.
Thank you so much, Linda.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Color My World

As time goes on, I realize
Just what you mean to me.
And now, now that you're near,
Promise your love that I've waited to share
And dreams of our moments together.
Color my world with hopes of loving you
~ sung by Chicago


  1. Lucky you :) Love that towel and the LOve hanging !

  2. Congratulations, you scored big and well!!! So happy for you!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  3. So glad you liked the Valentine goodies. I HAD to include something with a Rooster on it!

  4. What fabulous goodies! Happy Valentine's Day! xoox

  5. Shelia,
    Those red accessories are perfect for your sweet kitchen, dear friend!!!
    The rooster tea towel is a wonderful addition for your Roos collection!!!
    EnJOY your prizes!!!

  6. Wow, dear one, those are lovely prizes. The candles will smell delightful and you use your new heart cup and saucer for tea or coffee.

  7. Congrats Shelia on your wonderful that huge mug!
    Happy Valentine's

  8. Congratulations! Wow, what a wonderful collection of gifts! You will have fun using them.


  9. Congrats. it couldn't of gone to a nicer person. You will have a lot of fun with using your gifts.

  10. Looks like someone is ready for Valentine's Day. The rooster towel is so "you" too. Congrats on your win Shelia!

  11. Oh My! What wonderful Valentine's Day items you have won. Don't you just love that cup and saucer! I just know you will find the perfect spot for your new treasures! Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day! Elizabeth

  12. Congratulations! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your hubby! xo

  13. Oh, I know how thrilled you are! She is like a sister to me and I know what great gifts she gives! Isn't that little heart inside the cup adorable? Enjoy your sweet things! You are a sweetie! Hugs!

  14. Hurrah for you Shelia, what wonderful gifts. I love each gift so much. Linda's giveaway is very generous.

    Thanks for my one and only visitor on Blog Shop. Beverly is trying to develop this but it is slow coming. I did sell my handpainted duck plate and made a new friend. Nice! I will keep doing this for Beverly and I hope it takes off.

    I loved the photo of both of you on FB. You both look 'beautiful' Smile. What a wonderful honor for your hubs. He looks awesome in his tux and your dress is stunning, just like you.

    I will post mine on PS too. I am still missing three. I hope they arrive tomorrow or Friday in time to post them. I have loved doing these cards but after seeing you darling card and more I am inspired. However, if we do Easter, I will stick to card size. With my limited suplies, I am most comfortable doing card size.


  15. Congrats to you Shelia, it couldn't have went to a nicer lady! I adore the cup and saucer and the kitchen towel is neat too!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  16. I am so happy for you Shelia - the gifts are wonderful and you got a roos. Congratulations.

  17. Congrats. You're going to have such fun with all these wonderful goodies. Cherry Kay

  18. Well aren't you the lucky girl. Congrats on the cute things you won. Now a little catching up to do. . .I have missed you and wondered where you were. Sorry to hear of your Uncles passing. So glad you were able to take your Mom to his funeral. And yes, the Lord does watch over us and protect us. Glad you are back safe and sound. Also, your little glitterless houses are adorable. The cloche's look beautiful. You are such a talented lady. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I always love hearing from you. You are a sweetie. Have a wonderful Valentine Day with your hubby. Hugs, Karie

  19. Congratulations!!! Every item is just perfect! I love the cups!

  20. Hi Shelia, Strangest thing. This post just showed up in my email. Maybe the system is going to help me catch up. Anyhoo, I am so glad you won.
    xo Ginger


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