Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now What?

Hello, Dear Ones.
Yep, that's what I'm saying...
now what?

I've poked in a picture of Chloe Dawn looking out the window to lure you in today.

What I have to show you is not a pretty picture.
Yep, I've got the Christmasing down and almost put away
but now my house is nekked.
Just look at my mantel!
Nekked as the day it was born.
Shame shame.
I just don't know what to do 
don't have the time to even think about it.
Mr. Precious and I have been busy working 
on the Southern Heritage Ball 
that will be held on Saturday night.
So I'm pooped deChristmasing and
Balling (that doesn't sound right, does it?).

Anyway, I'll be thinking about how to get back to decorating soon.
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Busy Busy

Archibald (Mayor): I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You've no idea what I have to do.
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you.
Larry: Oh, I see.

Archibald and Doctor: We're busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You've no idea what we have to do.
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you.

'Cause we're busy, busy, frightfully busy
More than a bumblebee, more than an ant.
Busy, busy, horribly busy
We'd love to help, but we can't!

Archibald: Ta ta! 
~ sung by the Veggie Tales


  1. Oh my goodness a nekkid mantel!! LOL!! An idea will come to you when you least expect it and it will be lovely!!

  2. Oh, oh...I guess I should keep my eyes closed - nekked mantel?!

    When you're NOT so busy and able to get to decorating, anything you come up with will be gorgeous, I know!!

  3. You crack me up! You will figure it out...take a nap by the fireplace and maybe you will dream how to do it!!

  4. It won't be nekked for long, no sirree, you will have it decked out in all its finery, once you get home from the Ball! xo

  5. Oh no! Well a nekked mantel is ok for a little while! Enjoy your ball :)!!!! hugs, Linda

  6. What a great space to decorate! Your beautiful fireplace will just have to be nekked until you get back from the ball.

  7. You will be the bell of the ball. Have fun.

  8. Hello Sheila, What a lucky day for me that I should find a comment from you on my blog Creative Breathing. I have had such fun looking through your posts at your beautiful home and many creative decorating ideas. I am definitely going to bring my husband to the computer to see my identical hutch painted green in your home. I have been begging him to let me paint it, I think you are the inspiration needed. So happy to have found you! Elizabeth

  9. Shelia,
    It's good to be busy, however I agree it's been NoN~Stop busy at Note Songs since Christmas arrived!!!
    Do hope you'll take a moment to catch your breath! Once you do, I'm sure that mantle decor will come to you!!!

  10. I know how you feel! I always struggle with decorating after Christmas bling is all gone. My mantel is still half bare. It needs something, but can't put my finger on it. Can't wait to see your finished mantel.


  11. You are too cute. I say nekkid too. I just poked Christmas into my everyday decor and then plucked it out. That made it easier for me this year.

  12. I always have a mental block after I take all the Christmas decorations down LOL!! I know you'll come up with something beautiful Shelia! Have a great time at the ball:)

  13. Hi Shelia,
    I'm looking forward to hearing about the Ball.
    I'm sure your mantel will wait.


  14. I bet that after the ball is over, you'll be able to come up with something wonderful for your mantel. Take your time & enjoy the ball!

  15. Poke some of your roosters and chickens up there. They'll brighten up that spot.

  16. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    well...first things first I guess. Have fun planning and attending the ball...and I'm sure you'll have something sweet up there...Valentine's is coming so maybe...we'll see some reds...
    have a great evening...

  17. Have fun at the ball this weekend. The mantel inspiration will come. At least I hope it does because mine is rather bare as well. ;-)

  18. Chloe Dawn is just adorable. Well guess you could start decorating for Valentine Day. I collect hearts so they are always out during the year, therefore, don't have to decorate, I just love hearts. Have a wonderful week especially at the ball. Hugs, Lu

  19. Haha. Cute Veggie Tales song. :-) And yes, Chloe Dawn is darling, there next to the window. Sweet!

  20. You'll come up with something special for your mantle...sweet pup!!!

  21. You always have beautiful creative vignettes, Shelia. You will come up with something special. Meanwhile enjoy the Southern Heritage Ball.

  22. Love the photo of Chloe Dawn and looking forward to what you do with your mantlepiece.
    Enjoy the ball.

    blessings Diana

  23. I've been working on my mantel. I'm staring and deciding if I like it. You'll get your mojo on it next wee I'm sure! Have fun with the ball! Chloe Dawn is so cute!

  24. I agree Chloe Dawn is one cute canine! You are forgiven for your nekkid mantel, you have been one busy lady, BUT, great expectation in the not too distant future!
    My Aussie imagination runs riot imagining this 'southern ball"!! There will be some pics? Yes? Oh my, are we talking like gorgeous ball gowns???

  25. I'm sure you will find something wonderful to put on your nekkid mantel. Chloe Dawn looks like my Waldo when he is looking out the window. Pretty dog.

    Have a super time at the ball and looking forward to pictures.

  26. Shelia, it takes a while to gte things back to normal after the Holidays. Have fun at the Southern Heritage Ball. Take some pictures!

  27. I've been in the same boat! Christmas is finally down and I'm trying to pretty things up again.

  28. When I de-Christmas-ized, I looked to Pinterest for Inspiration. I have a board just for fireplace mantels, they can be very hard. But you are a fabulous decorator, you will have it looking great as soon as you have time for it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. Hi Sheila, I'm pleased to say that I'm now following your blog. I too have a miniature schnauzer - 10 wks old - Josey Rose - photo on my sidebar.
    My mantel isn't nekked but it still looks a tad Christmasy - not that I want it to - guess the faux poinsettia needs replaced with something else!
    Have a nice wknd!

  30. Hi Shelia, There was an article in one of our papers this week--either the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal, talking about the fact that the word "naked" is so "in" now, as used with food and other things to indicate just pure plain goodness! I don't think the writers knew about your "nekked" mantel or they would have been sure to mention it. Hehe--I'm sure you will come up with something fabulous as usual! Linda

  31. Chloe Dawn made my day! Have a great time at the ball!

  32. Shelia, my mantel is saying "now what" too. lol Love Miss Chloe Dawn...what a cutie!

  33. I so know the feeling. After taking down all the glory of Christmas, it's hard to get it all going again.

    You so should link this to Seasonal Sunday. I think it captures how many are feeling.

    - The Tablescaper

  34. Well before you know it, it will be Spring, so I would just go right into that mantel Sheila:)

  35. I should know by now that you have a song for everything! :0) I've been taking a decorating break too! Phew! Good luck with your Ball!


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