Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Glitter (less) Houses

Hello, Dear Ones!
Guess what?
I was walking through my dining room and looked at the china cabinet and realized I still had these little glitter (less) houses sitting on the shelves.
Well, POOP! I said.
Poop has been on my mind lately because poor little Chloe Dawn has had diarrhea and I've been been cleaning up...well, you get the picture.
Now back to my glitter (less) houses.

 I grabbed a handful of glitter (less) houses and poked them on this empty tray and thought...
hum, this is kinda cute!

 So, I'm showing you a tray filled with little glitter (less) houses that I made back last summer.

I'm sure this has just made your day, hasn't it? :)
Lie and tell me it has! :)
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ ( I couldn't help myself with this song)

Cow Patty

He'd cut you just for standing
And shoot ya if ya tried to run
He was big as a tree and did as he pleased
And everything he did was bad
And they said if you was to kill him
It'd only make him mad

From the good lands came the cowgirl
Patty was her name
She was hot on the trail of that killer
On a moped she called Flame
Coz the killer had killed her daddy
For spittin' in the road
You only had to kill her daddy once
To get that girl P.O.'d

Yippie eye eh Cow Patty
Yippie eye eh Cow Patty 
She rode into town to find the man that killed her daddy
Yippie eye eh Cow Patty

The killer hit town at daybreak
Ate the door of the local saloon
He started to drink you could tell
He was thinking there'll be a showdown soon

Patty hit town in a cloud of dust
Ol' Flame was buzzin' like a saw
And the whole town got quiet as a church
When the killer stepped out for the draw
Forty shots rang out
Forty people fell
Patti and the killer missed each other
But they shot that town to hell

The killer took a step towards Patty 
Said it's time I gunned you down
But he slipped in something that was layin' in the street
And was shot before he hit the ground
Yes, the killer slipped and it cost him his life
And Patyi said as she roared out of town
You gotta watch your step
When you know the chips are down
~ sung by Jim Stafford


  1. If you get any funnier I'm not sure I can handle it! I love your glitter(less) houses, and I feel sorry for poor Chloe Dawn with the ... stomach distress ;) Wishing you luck, and I'm not lying, the houses look awesome just as they are, on the tray. Where do you get those adorable houses? Will you wait til next Christmas to glittery-fy them? You are just so talented!!!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Hi Shelia, the glitter (less) houses do look real cute on that tray. You could almost turn them into a valentines 'thingy' with those red and white ones on the left side.
    I hope wee Chloe Dawn is feeling better soon and you can keep out of the poop.


  3. Dear One,
    I like your houses!!! They are cute.

  4. I actually thing they make the best tablescape.
    They are adorable.

  5. Poor Chloe & you! I like your little houses. The possibilities are endless!


  6. Hope Chloe is better soon. Not a pretty picture. '-)
    Your little houses are darling. I should learn to make these to add to the snow houses my friend gave me.

  7. I think your little houses are cute, especially the red ones. Hope your little one is feeling better. I can't think of a more appropriate song to share on this post than Cow Patty, so funny!

  8. Shelia, your litte houses are adorable and cute. I am so surprised that you got them made last summer, well before the Christmas chaos. Hope Chloe Dawn is feeling much better. These stomach bugs are really ugly around here too. It is frustrating when we find something else that we missed and all the boxes and tubs are already neatly put away, though. I am still finding stuff too. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  9. Shelia- This just made my day-BWHAHAHAHAHA! Okay-Now for the lie(less) part- I love them and think they look cute! xo Diana

  10. You are very talented Shelia..I love you little houses!! Hope your sweet Cloe-Dawn starts feeling better soon...for your sake!!!! and hers too. ")
    Happy Sunday,

  11. They actually look cute all gathered on that beautiful silver tray. Like a little village. Enjoy the day! Blessings, Pamela

  12. Darling houses, I must have missed them before. Are they made from paper? I think they look great all crowed on the platter. Just like a city scene. Great idea!

  13. the little houses are so cute.

    get well quick ms chloe. its so sad when they are sick..

    my buffy girl had the same issues 2 weeks ago. she had only baked potato for a
    couple days and that fixed it.

  14. Thank you for the laugh this morning!!! Love the houses on the tray, you made me smile!!

    Hope that Chloe Dawn feels better soon!!

  15. Those are so cute and I love the tray you have them on!

  16. These are so cute Shelia and I love them all gathered up on a tray!
    hugs, Linda

  17. Your little houses are cute, Sheila. :D I also love your header. So romantic!

  18. I love your little glitter(less) neighborhood! Hope Chloe Dawn is perky soon. My boys seem to respond well to some chicken broth with a little rice for a day or so.

  19. These are darling and so are you, so yes, you've made my day! :)


  20. Shelia,
    LOVE all those little houses that you made!! So cute!!


  21. Poop and a cow patty song...Sheila you are hilarious! Laughed, and laughed. Yes, I loved this post, you did make my night!
    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
    (loved your sweet little houses too, so cute on your tray!)

  22. Shelia, Your little houses ARE cute...REALLY cute! There's something about little houses that always make me smile. Hope Chloe Dawn gets better soon, for both your sakes.

  23. That's the perfect song for your theme here, and I love your adorable little houses. I should make some.
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Your little house are so cute - hope Chloe Dawn gets better soon - be sure she drinks a lot of water.

  25. Poor Chloe Dawn! I hope she is feeling better. Your glitter(less) houses are darling. I love the papers you chose and the simple, little designs. I've been looking at glitter houses online lately and hope to try making a few one of these days.

  26. I love your adorable little houses. I Love your blog!!!


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