Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Reason We Celebrate

Hello, Dear Ones!
 First of all I want to say how much I appreciate you all who silenced your blogs in respect for all those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut.
Our prayers continue.

I love Christmas, don't you?
I love all of the Santa Clauses, the snowmen, the Christmas trees...all that.
But most of all I love what Christmas is all about ~
the birth of Jesus Christ!
I didn't use all of my Nativities this year but wanted to share the few I put out in the living room.

 This is my oldest and most favorite Nativity!

 Sweet little baby Jesus.
I've told this story before, but if you're new here I'll tell it again.
When our children were growing up, each morning during the Christmas season little baby Jesus would not be in the manger. He would be on top of the stable or in the cow stall.
You just never knew.
It became a game...Mr. Precious would take baby Jesus out of His manger and place Him around the Nativity and the children would look for Him each morning.
Our kids are grown and married now,
but even now sometimes I look at my Nativity and baby Jesus is gone!
Mr. Precious still loves to play this game with me.
He's such a sticker! :)

 I placed this Nativity on my piano.
 Many years ago I gave this Nativity to my Mother and Daddy. 
When Mother downsized she gave it back to me.
I love it too!

This Nativity usually sets on my coffee table and I placed it right here again this year.

No matter how busy we get, we must never forget why we celebrate Christmas,
this most wonderful time of the year!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Mary's Song  
(please read the words to this song it will so touch your heart. This is a song I heard on Christian radio many years ago in the late 1970s, taped it and wrote the words and chords down and sang it in church so many times through the years. I was going to sing it for you, but I can't get through it without my heart breaking and crying)

Oh, my little baby boy
My own little son, let me hold you near 
And keep you warm
You're a beauty and a wonder to behold
Hush now, don't cry and I'll sing to you a lullaby
Sleep now my little Jesus boy

I wish I understood all te things the angel said
When he came to say I'd be your mother
Your name shall be Jesus, You shall be great
You're the son of the Highest
You'll sit on David's throne 
And of Your kingdom there shall be no end
You're the Son of God
But You're my baby boy

The shepherds said the angels told
That You are Christ the Lord
The Savior who is born this day for them
But the Glory of the Lord has shown
And angels from above God's throne
Sing, "Rejoice, peace on earth, good will toward me."

What does all this mean?
As I'm rocking You, I wonder
You're the Son of God
But You're my baby boy

I look up and I see You hanging there upon the cross
The nails piercing through Your feet and hands
And in agony I watch You die with every dyeing breath
My God, My Son, I do not understand
Was is for this that You were born
For this, I gave You birth
You're the Son of God but You're still my baby boy

Oh, my little baby boy
My own little son, let me hold you near 
And keep you warm
You're a beauty and a wonder to behold
Hush now, don't cry and I'll sing to you a lullaby
Sleep now my little Jesus boy 


  1. Beautiful nativity sets , Sheila !
    Merry Christmas !

  2. Beautiful Shelia! Thanks for sharing and a reminder of the real reason for the season!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Dear Sweet Sheila, thank you again for lifting my spirits by your lovely post. I can't tell how many mornings you make me smile...have a wonderful Christmas with your dear little grandaughter.

  4. A beautiful post, Shelia.

    There was more than one day of silence in the land of blog. Another official day was Monday. I chose to remain silent Friday and Saturday, in respect for the victims and families in CT, at the Back Porch.

    I am also taking a few days from posting new posts.


  5. your sets are all so lovely and serene. I stayed quiet most of the day and then realized I needed to do something so as a random act of kindness, I gave things away. Often giving even in a small way helps me smile.

  6. I love your nativities. I have two more to put out and then I'll show them to you. One is very worn - handmade by me many years ago for my toddler son who is now a daddy of four.

  7. Your Nativities are beautiful! I love the memory you & Mr. Precious made with your kids with the baby Jesus.


  8. I love your nativity sets! They're so pretty. And I love that song...

    Jan ♥

  9. They are all so beautiful....thanks for sharing....

  10. Shelia, your nativities are so pretty! That is such a cute story of Baby Jesus being moved from the, those are memories! I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Shelia,
    Guess I didn't understand the "Day of Silence"...but the prayers are continuing for those in CT!!!
    Your nativities are so beautiful...I couldn't choose a favorite! I have a special post coming up with Candlelight for it!!!

  12. I love Nativities, Shelia, yours are very beautiful. I love this post, and I love your blog! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy 2013. xo (I was happy to be 'silent' as well, for me it was a sign of respect)

  13. Hi Shelia,

    This is a beautiful post, and well said. I love your nativities! We have three at our house, and I still have to get the third one put out.

    Your story is sooo cute! When our son was little, he called it the 'Tivity. He had a shortened version of everything. :)

    Christmas Blessings to you.


  14. Your nativities are just beautiful, Shelia! My oldest son used to daily rearrange one of my nativities; the 'characters' were never in the same place twice! Thanks for sharing today!

  15. Hi, Shelia

    You nativities are lovely. I have one and it's very special to me. They just add to your Christmas decor. Merry Christmas and pray you have a great time with your family.



  16. Oh your Nativity's are so pretty and I so agree we should never forget why we celebrate Christmas. The greatest gift of all!!

  17. Beautiful Nativity's, each must be very special. We've had to move a special Nativity at my daughter's house because some precious little hands just couldn't leave it alone. Better safe than sorry. Merry Christmas, Sheila.

  18. Sheila Sheila Sheila!!! :)
    Not sure if you remember me....Haha ;) But i remember you!
    Long time no talk. Hehe ;) I havent been on my blog for quite some time, but getting back into it! Good to see your still here. Hehe ;) I have missed your sweet comments! Hope you are doing well. And i LOVE all of you Nativity Scenes. I want to get one! I do not own one. :)
    Melissa (Melissa Janes Little Lane)


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