Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Favorite Room

Hello, Dear Ones!

Here at Note Songs cottage, I dearly love my little sun porch.

It's located right behind our den and one step down.

I've filled it with wicker furniture and a few smiles! :)
Smiles are always good.

I've also filled it with lots of pillows I've made.

This is an olden table I repainted years ago and I play with vignettes here.
This is also the only 'real' wall' on the sun porch.

Sometimes I move the table over to the window and play again.
You can see this is the home of my Rooster lamp.
He never wants to perch any where else.
Do Roosters even 'perch'?

This little wagon was gift from a my mother from not so many years ago.
I always wanted a wagon as a little girl, but she thought it was a boy's toy.
So when I'm old she gets me one and I've poked in a few memory toys.

These shutters were on all of our front facing windows when we bought our house 
but they didn't work well so I just took the suckers off! 
I'm talented like that, you know! :)
So I took one, poked in the corner here and hung a couple little metal tins on it!
You can see my little shy angel approves! :)
See my cords? I hate cords!
But, alas, there are no plugs in here so I have to use extension cords and plug up in the den.

I love my little sun porch all the time really,
but it's especially sweet at Christmas time when I poke a little tree upon my olden table.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my little sun porch and thanks to Alison for hosting her party!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Since I Fell For You

When you just give love and never get love
you'd better let love depart.

I know it's so, and yet I know,
I can't get you out of my heart.

You made me leave my happy home.
You took my love, and now you've gone,
since I fell for you ...

Love brings such misery and pain.
I guess I'll never be the same,
since I fell for you ...

Well it's too bad, and it's too sad,
but I'm in love with you ...

You love me, then you snub me.
But what can I do, I'm still in love with you.

Well, I guess I'll never see the light.
I get the blues most every night,
since I fell for you ...

Since I fell for you.
~ sung by Lenny Welch


  1. I can see why this is your favorite room Shelia! I love all the red toile with the white wicker furniture and that brick wall just adds to the beauty!

  2. Shelia, I love this room, too! The red is so vibrant against the white wicker, and just makes you want to come on in!! I love all of your sweet accents. Yep, this looks like a cozy place to spend some time!

  3. I have to agree with you, that's a favorite! Love the roos, the reds are gorgeous, your pillows are perfect and you're oh-so-talented! Love that wicker, too, and especially the table, oh and the wagon you finally got! Definitely a favorite! Hugs ~ Mary

  4. such a pretty room, Shelia! So cozy and I could see you wanting to spend a lot of time in here.

  5. What an inviting room and fun to decorate! We love our lania..or sun porch and that's where I am right now! We spend all of our time out here! Happy weekend!

  6. it's charming, and i can totally see why you love it all year round!

    smiles to you.


  7. Bright and cheerful and so inviting. Love the red work pillows.

  8. what a wonderful room Sheila.
    it looks like YOU. Bright, cheerful and welcoming with a little sense of whimsey included..

  9. Shelia,
    Oh, dear friend this favorite room of yours left a smile on my face today! I adore the color palette! Your pillows make one want to plop down and bask in the sunlight that radiates the room! I am quite smitten with your rose print above your sweet vignette table!!! How darling are those tin wall pockets on your shutter??? Amazingly darling! Thanks for adding a bit of cheer to another "HOT" day here on the Prairie!

  10. Your sun room is really beautiful. Love the red and white. I am sure you enjoy it, cuz it is a great room!!

  11. Shelia, I think your sunroom is my favorite, too!!! I really love all the red in there, and what are those red pretties on your shutters? They look fantastic!

    Linking from Alison's,
    Ricki Jill

  12. Your sun room is gorgeous! I love all the reds! Your furniture is like the wicker I have in my loft area!! I call it my girly room.

  13. Popping by to say hi! What a pretty room and setting:)
    I have had fun working on your journal this past week...

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!

    Kay Ellen

  14. That is a great room, and I agree, it has to be fabulous at Christmastime! I love your rooster lamp, such a cutie!

  15. Oh darling, I'd love it too, if I had a porch as sweet, lovely, pretty and inviting! I'd love to go visit you and sit there and have some tea and yeah, laugh and laugh. I adore it C'mas time too. Enjoy your weekend in it!

  16. Calling by from The Polohouse,
    What a pretty room you have shared. It looks very comfy and I love your wicker furniture and pillows. just beautiful.

  17. Hi Sheila, I absolutely love this romantic. I love the long rose picture above the table it is beautiful. I have a soft spot for teddy bears so I especially like your little wagon. You have such great taste in decorating..I always look forward to reading each new post...take care.

  18. I do love this sun porch,I can see why it's a favorite.LOVELY!!

  19. Shelia- I can see WHY that is your favorite room in the house- I don't think I would ever leave there- I think it looks warm and happy- just like you! It is a gorgeous, gorgeous room!!!! Blessings- xo Diana

  20. I adore your sunroom. I would love one of my own. We talked about making one but then just made a porch/deck instead. It's not as sweet as a sunroom though. Smiles, Susie

  21. Hi Shelia, I see why you love this room. It's bright and cheerful and I adore the toile, roos and gorgeous pink. I would love to have a space like this, the feel of being outside on a porch but still inside. If I had this room I wouldn't want to leave it!

    The French Hutch

  22. I can totally see why that room would be a favorite of yours. SO CHEERY. I'd like to snuggle up with those cute cushions and enjoy the sun while reading a book.

  23. Your sunroom is so pretty Shelia. I love all the wonderful color and the wicker.

  24. I loved seeing your sunporch-it is such a cheery room!


  25. I just love your adorable red and white sun room. So cute.

  26. I'd like to spend time in this work. Love the wicker furniture and all the red details. Beautiful room, Shelia.

  27. Sheila, I think your room is gorgeous! What a delightful spot to sit and relax and enjoy your beautiful music.

  28. Oops, forgot to leave my calling card :-)

    Jocelyn @

  29. I just love seeing your sun porch! It's so pretty. The red and white theme just look great! My sun room is one of my favorite rooms too. I love your rooster lamp.

    Hope your Labor Day weekend is wonderful!

  30. That's a beautiful & cheerful room, Shelia! I would love to spend a little time relaxing there.

  31. What a great room, I can see why it is your favorite

  32. OMG.....I am in love with this room!!! And why haven't I seen it before??? You've been hiding it from know I am now lusting after this room!!! Beautiful, cheerful, fun and so happy!!! Did you do the redwork too??? You are so talented!!! Red is my favorite and I am so happy I am not grown up, how about you??? hugs....cleo

  33. Hi Shelia, I do love your sun porch so much. Wicker always makes me smile. I would drink my coffee in there every morning if I had a lovely sun porch like yours. Sigh!!! Instead I drink my coffee on my lovely mountain deck, watching the day come alive and enjoying my five mountain range view. Poor me!!! Big smile here...we are both blessed in our lives to be able to enjoy our homes where laughter and love abound.

    Have a wonderful day my dear friend.
    Love, Jeanne

    PS. A bear came in the night and enjoyed our deck too. He ate the bird feeder. Yikes!!!

  34. Beautiful room I looks like a Susan Rios painting! I adore toile and especially red toile and white wicker! Your sun porch is a feast for my eyes and so very special. I am new to your blog and look forward to seeing more~ and I love songs!

  35. What a sweet and comfy room you've created, Shelia. I always enjoy seeing what you do in here. Red and white are a favorite color combination for me. Love all of your pillows.

  36. Oh Shelia! it would be my favorite room too! I love sun rooms!

  37. Shelia, I love your porch. It is wonderful and I love the toile. Cute, cute, cute. Hugs, Marty

  38. Shelia, I want to be there right now!!!

    What a gorgeous and charming sitting porch!
    That little orange teddy bear missing his nose
    just stole my heart away. Perfect in your little red
    wagon. LOVE the room.

    Thanks soooo much for sharing Shelia~

  39. I can see why this is your favorite room. It is wonderful! I love everything about it!

  40. It's clear why this is your favorite room. Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Looks like a perfect spot Shelia! Love the red stitched pillows you made!

  42. Sweet Shelia, Your favorite room is a room with a calling....very welcoming and comfortable! I can see why you love her so! Like the reds alot.

    May you have a delightful Autumn,

  43. I've fallen in love with your embroidered pillows:) Sigh!

  44. Shelia such a happy room! Love the colors and brightness! xo Linda

  45. Shelia, your sun porch is MY favorite room in YOUR house, too. I love the wicker, the fabrics, the rooster lamp, and all the femmine touches you added. -------- Shannon

  46. Great little sun room Sheila. It's so cozy I could just sit and smile for a while. Love your cushion fabric and the pillows you have made.

  47. Delightfully pretty and deliciously decorated Shelia. This is a room I could go to again and again, particularly if one's spirits needed lifting. Just lovely.

  48. Shelia dear, I am just about to have a heart attack here!! (Ohhhh...maybe I shouldn't say that..but it's TRUE!) That rooom is beyong adorable.. Just plain amazing. Has it always been like that or is it newly decorated? I can't stand it!!
    I WANT ONE JUST like it, which isn't possible. Swooning here...and I'm NOT kidding!
    *HEAVY sigh..*
    Hugs and love,

  49. p.s. My head always gets all puffed up when I see that you and I have the same precious Rooster lamp! :):)

  50. Such a lovely room, Sheila! It's good to be back online :D

  51. Shelia, I adore your sunroom. I could spend all day there. Love what you did with the shutter. I think I have an extra in the garage. Hmmm!
    Have a great holiday, Ginger

  52. "LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your beautiful room"! So Comfy Cozy!!! I too love your wicker furniture and every single detail. Hmmmm, When you mentioned NOT LIKING CORDS, I could NOT UNDERSTAND, "How can a Piano Lady hate CORDS"!!! hehe, I stared at that picture for a while before "DUHHHH", figuring it out! Okay you know we blank out ELECTRIC cords like we do POWERLINES!!!
    Have a Happy Labor Day,
    Big Hugs,

  53. I am so in love with that room Sheila! You have everything just perfect in there!
    From your pillows to your furniture, the room just glows!
    You talented gal you!

  54. This sunroom is utterly charming. Especially love the red toile mixed with the florals and roosters. I can see why this is your favorite room. Well done!

  55. Love your wicker furniture.
    Your sunroom is lovely,
    love your collection of little treasures in there.

  56. Oh how charming! If I had this, it would be my favorite room too....Christine

  57. That is such a pretty room. Love the colors and the way you put everything together.

  58. Sheila, your sun room has so much charm and it looks so comfortable. I can't believe you made those pillows, their adorable. Okay, and I giggled when you said your mother finally bought you your wagon...aren't mothers amazing! Take care.

  59. Oh my I would love this room now I need a sun room to go along with my new kitchen! I especially love all the red and Toile, two of my favorite things in life! You know what, my mother gave me a little red wagon when I moved into my 1st apartment right out of high school to haul my laundry to the little launderette in the complex...mothers are good that way!
    Thank you for stopping by and the nice comments about the really was a labor of love...7 months later!

  60. Just looking at pictures of this room makes me happy. I can only imagine what kind of spin it would put me into to be able to sit in this room. It's beautiful. laurie

  61. Your sun porch is a lovely and delightful room.


  62. Great to have you with me at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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