Monday, August 27, 2012

One Thing Leads To Another

Hello, Dear Ones!
You all know the old saying "One Thing Leads To Another"?
Well, that's what seems to be going on in my den.

After painting the backs of my builtins green, I know you're tired of hearing about them, I thought it was time to rearrange the items in my TV cabinets.

Look at those wires! 
I hate that and have meant to try and do something about them but as you can see - I haven't!
Now some of you have the most gorgeous TV cabinets and I drool every time I see them.
Well, these puppies are olden, olden, olden, like 1979 olden.
There are actually three cabinets in the set but when we got the BIG screen TV, the third cabinet had to go to another room.
So...I just poked in a sofa table, poked the TV on it and called it done!

Okay, enough sentiment!
I did cover some core board with fabric to place in the backs of the cabinets a few years ago and I think that helped to lighten them up a bit.
See, I was being green way back then! :)

This is the top shelf of the cabinet to the left of the TV.
I found that pretty platter at Ross the other day and just new I needed to have it.
Poked down a few books and a plant and this shelf was done!

On to the second shelf...more books and little balls (I know they're called orbs, but I call them balls)!
I printed out a snap I took a few years ago in Maine and framed it.
You can't make it out very well, but it's a picture of a tree with lovely fallen colors all around.

Now on the the other cabinet which has three open shelves.

Again, I framed another one of my fallen snaps that you can't see because of glare, books and greens...

and one little Rooster!
Love these little guys.

More books, a vase, some greens, little birdy votives and another dish I found at Ross.
Probably got too much green going on here.
It'll change, I'm sure!

I'll bet you're so glad I'm down to the last shelf?
This is the working shelf that holds the cable box.
More books.
You're probably wondering why I have a line up of books at the back of the shelf.
There's an opening there for the cords to go through and it's not pretty.
So...a line up of books did the trick! :)
Works for me!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Everything I Own

You sheltered me from harm  
Kept me warm, kept me warm  
You gave my life to me  
Set me free, set me free
The finest years I ever knew  
Were all the years I had with you
And I would give anything I own 
And give up my life, my heart, my home  
I would give everything I own 
Just to have you back again
You taught me how to love  
What it's of, what it's of 
You never said too much but still you showed the way  
And I knew from watching you
Nobody else could ever know  
The part of me that can't let go
And I would give anything I own  
Would give up my life, my heart, my home  
I would give everything I own  
Just to have you back again
Is there someone you know?  
You're loving them so  
But taking them all for granted
You may lose them one day  
Someone takes them away 
And they don't hear the words you long to say
And I would give anything I own  
Will give up my life, my heart, my home  
I would give everything I own  
Just to have you back again  
Just to touch you once again
~ sung by Bread


  1. Shelia, you have done a wonderful job in arranging your bookshelves. That's the one thing that I miss in this house...having built-ins to decorate. The top of the armoire is as good as it gets! Great job!

  2. Your bookshelves look wonderful! I have such a difficult time arranging mine, but yours look great.

  3. What pretty arrangements you did on your bookshelves, Shelia. Thanks for sharing your decor with us!!

  4. Hi Shelia,
    You have a knack for decorating the shelves. I have a time with mine and I'm always fussing with them trying to get it right.
    Love the way yours looks.


  5. I agree with Sissie you certainly have the knack for putting pretty displays together Shelia! Your bookcases look great!

  6. Sheila, I like how you decorated your bookshelf. Who would have thought to hide some of the wires by lining up your books. Great thinking.

  7. Shelia,

    Your bookshelves give me inspiration to "poke mine". I love how you do what you do.



  8. Your bookshelves look great Shelia, and the height of them takes some of the focus away from the TV. The table looks like it was meant to go with the bookcases. You could just add a basket or some of your greenery to help disguise the wires.

  9. Hi Shelia,
    Everything looks so pretty. I adore how you accessorize, just beautiful, my friend! XO ~Liz

  10. Looking good! Cords drive me crazy and I wish we could become a cordless society. Love your fallen look in your cabinets. Mary

  11. I hate the cords too....have you thought about putting baskets in the two side cubicles....same baskets...and high enough to fill the space??? or what about green faux plants under there...again equally?? I don't know, just a thought!

  12. Consider me a member of the 'cord crazy' group! I hate cords!!!
    Your room is just soooo cozy; your cabinets look great!

  13. Love all your tweaks! The tortoise shell platter is wonderful!

  14. Your shelves are bee-u-t-ful!...I love the turtle shell platter.I thought at first glance you had one of those very expensive (real) turtle shells.

  15. Looks lovely Shelia, you really have the knack of "arranging". Wires!!!! oh yes, with technology comes wires, wires and more wires..... I have my big screen TV on a table similar to yours and have/had the wire problem and was able to hide them all with a fancy tall urn (but I had the spare space at the end to do it too) Unless you have a purpose built unit - its a problem (sigh)

  16. You certainly have a gift for creating beautiful displays/vignettes! Everything looks so pretty! And I love that platter! So unique! ~Rhonda :)

  17. I think your entertainment center (like that name?) looks great! That was a good idea to place a sofa table between the two cabinets. I thought it was all one unit. I like the green backings you added too.

  18. Dear Shelia: Your builtins look just beautiful and very classy. Love the Ross dishes and the green is not too much, seems to be just right to me. Really pretty..Happy Monday..Judy

  19. I think your cabinets are pretty? who cares 1979 if you make them look great!

  20. When you get finished at your house.....will you come and work on mine? Love all your pretties and fun decorating.

  21. I love the fabric in the back of the shelves. You've been on a roll getting everything all gussied up!

  22. Shelia, I love how you've backed your lovely, and it truly softens the look of the furniture. Pretty!!!

  23. Shelia, your shelves look great. I'm at work on rearranging some shelves here this week. Just finished all the shelves in one of the guest room. It feels good to get a new look. ;-)

  24. I think your bookshelves look wonderful Sheila! You do such a great job with vignettes.

    bee blessed

  25. Hi Shelia, One of my favorite things to do is examine the books on people's shelves to see what they read! Is that weird? I also am bothered by wires. I tie mine together and tape them to the back of the furniture to avoid seeing them. Now I'm humming that song. Bread was one of my favorite groups back in the day :) Your shelves look wonderful. Linda

  26. You seem to make everything in your home beautiful.

  27. It looks wonderful, Shelia! You would never know that the cabinets were that old- they are just kind of ageless, aren't they? Nice job re-dressing them. They look great and I love the books lined up in back- it adds just a little something! xo Diana

  28. Hi Sheila, you have such a way with arrangments. I would never have thought to put the sofa table in between for the TV. The bookcases are still beautiful...some pieces are just timeless. Hugs.

  29. You make beautiful vignettes, dear lady. I love the way you put them together.! Your room looks lovely!
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. Love this!!! The fabric on the back is such a good idea. Those wooden bookcases are so dark and nothing shows up, even though the wood is so pretty, just not helping out our knickknacks!!! Good idea on the sofa table, works for me!!! My TV is on an old kitchen work table, works for me too!! Now about those wires, we all have that same problem.....and my personal favorite is heat vents in the middle of the wall under a window so you can't have drapes that close......its all because MEN designs these houses!!! And why are toilets so low that you need help getting up??? Don't get me started!!!

  31. So pretty!! Love everything you've done. The whole room is just gorgeous and I love the colors. You'll find these same colors in my house. LOL :)

    Blessings - Julie

  32. Hi Sheila!
    I love that song, it brings back fond memories. Your cabinets look nice and the green wallpaper in the back is a very nice addition. Don't you just hate cords? Maybe in the future everything will be cordless. Wouldn't that be nice?
    Have a nice day.

  33. Love how you hid the cords with books! You did a great job with this project!

  34. Shelia, I really like the way you change these shelves for the seasons. This looks so pretty, and I love both of the pieces you bought from Ross, and what a good idea to print some Fall pictures to put in frames on the shelves. I'm going to have to try to find some of my Fall pictures, so I can copy this idea. Thanks for inspiring me. laurie

  35. I struggle with bookshelves. This is great inspiration for how to switch things up. Also...I'm showing my age but I adore that song by Bread. :o)

  36. I was wondering if you could place a stack of olden books in front of that area...or a pretty basket in darker hues or to perhaps match the new paint..sort of. My wires hang, believe it or not, over the back of my desk to the floor. All I could do it place a very large basket of faux greenery behind my computer with long tendrils to the floor..and then along the back edge of the desk placed a braided runner over them.
    I have to laugh because I thought that IF I got the wireless router that everything would be wireless. How's that for ignorance?? Learning...always learning. I love the way you created a entertainment center and a pretty place to display things you love. GREAT job!
    Hugs to you, Shelia.

  37. Wait! I got it! Cut a piece of plywood the size of the back of the credenza the TV is sitting on and cover it with the same paper you backed your bookcases with...then slide it down behind the credenza with all the wires placed behind it!!! :):):) lol Sorry, you just got my mind going. You know how it is. So? Good idea? Hmmmmmmm?

  38. You did such a great job arranging each detail. It all looks so nice. I love your chickens throughout...One of my favorite things to decorate with for a cozy, welcoming look.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend,

  39. Shelia, your shelves look wonderful. Everything was perfect, I love the new platter. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

  40. Love all the little details Sheila! Bookshelves are hard to decorate but you've done wonders! The best part, you can change on a whim!

  41. Details make all of the difference.

    - The Tablescaper

  42. I would have trouble watching TV, cause I would be looking at all the pretties.Richard from My Old Historic house

  43. You did a beautiful job decorating your bookcases! I'm still trying to tackle mine.

  44. Those bookcases may be olden, but they are lovely and you've done a beautiful job dressing them. Just wondering, could you add a bushy silk plant under you TV to hide those cords? I know how you feel about those doggone things. They drive me crazy, too!


  45. Oh your shelves are so pretty - they look wonderful! Also pulling at my heartstrings with "Everything I Own" - takes me back to 6th, 7th, & 8th grade CYO dances. :) Jane


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