Thursday, August 23, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

Hello, Dear Ones!

In honor of my olden Royal Sealy Heritage Blue Onion canisters I just had to set up my little breakfast hutch with them.

This is really a minimal display for me.
I'm a more is more kinda gal! :)

I'm still so much in love with these canisters.
I haven't decided yet if I'm going to actually use them.
We'll see! :)

I poked some blue and white napkins in the little napkin holder and popped down some salt and peppers.

Don't you just love the cookie jar?
Alas, Mr. Precious has eaten every cookie in the house so it's absolutely empty.

Here's the second shelf.

I just had to show you again this handsome Rooster given to me by my sweet friend Jeanne from Backyard Neighbor.

Sitting center stage on the top shelf is the little tea pot!

More little Roosters.
These little Rooster salt and peppers came from
Susan at Between Naps on the Porch when she had a little Etsy shop.

For now my new/olden canister set will be here sitting in my little hutch.
Well, they'll be here for a day or two anyway! :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old Is New Again
When trumpets were mellow
And every gal only had one fellow
No need to remember when
'Cause everything old is new again

Dancin' at church, Long Island jazzy parties

Waiter bring us some more Baccardi
We'll order now what they ordered then
'Cause everything old is new agian

Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails

Let's go backwards when forward fails
And movie stars you thought were alone then
Now are framed beside your bed

Don't throw the pa-ast away

You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again

Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails

Put it on backwards when forward fails
Better leave Greta Garbo alone
Be a movie star on your own

And do-on't throw the past away

You might need it some other rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again
When everything old i-is new-ew a-again

I might fa-all in love wi-ith you again
~ sung by Peter Allen


  1. I like it on there Shelia. They are very pretty...I also love that girl planter...very Holland-ish!!

  2. I agree with CeeKay.. it all looks very Hoolandish and I like that. My g'grandma was an antique fanatic and we'd travel all over nc and into the va hills to obscure shops to find such items. I always looked forward to coming to NC for the summer and going on those shopping trips.. I never touched ANYTHING, being of course the Best lil kid in the whole wide world- my Papa said:)

  3. I just love blue and yellow paired together. It looks SO fresh and new!

  4. I do love those too! Your hutch looks wonderful!
    Love the rooster from Backyard Neighbor too!

  5. Your collection is wonderful and the way you displayed it with the roosters and hens in so charming. This display is going to bring you many hours of enjoyment. Beautiful job!
    Come on over and see what I've made from recycled candle-holders and small lamps. Are you curious?
    Have a great day, Connie :)

  6. Shelia, thanks for the nice comment on our laundry room. I like your canisters in the hutch with all the roosters. Everything shows up nicely in front of the pretty red background. I have two of the milk glass hens just like yours and like them very much. Your hutch is a great piece of furniture to display pretty things. It is interesting to see how you change it each time. I was in my favorite antique shop this week and saw a figurine very similar to your girl carrying the baskets and thought of you. I remembered that I thought yours was very cute. I had reached my spending limit that day so I didn't bring her home but maybe she will still be there when I go next time. Take care--------- Shannon

  7. I love it pretty. The colors really go nicely on your hutch and I'm a rooster a few of them in my kitchen!

  8. So lovely, Shelia! I love the color combo...

  9. Oh, I just love it all so much. Now go fill that cookie jar and Enjoy with some tea.

  10. Your new canisters look gorgeous in your breakfast room! I pinned it, it looks so perfectly delightful! I love the song, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Displaying your collection in the hutch is a great way to see it everyday. I can't think of a better way to use it!

  12. Shelia,
    What beautiful canisters! I adore the tea pot and the cookie jar!!! "Mr.Precious"and "Mr. Ed" will keep us in the kitchen baking and cooking filling up those cookie jars, for sure! Ha! Oh, dear friend, I, too have been changing out the built~in china cabinet today! It just seemed the right thing to do...and it was!!!

  13. Those are very cute canisters. Great styling.

  14. Minimal is tough isn't it? I love the graphics on these canisters and they have a fabulous blue color my friend. My Joe was remarking just yesterday that he loves how you sign off on your comments. Hugs, Olive

  15. Hi Shelia, thanks for stopping by. I am so happy that you like my hat stands. Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  16. Very pretty Sheila, the canisters look right at home-enjoy:@)

  17. I love those canisters, Shelia! They look beautiful on your hutch and the roo is a cutie! :)


  18. Hello Shelia, my friend is back home in CA and it is good to be on my computer again. I love your Blue Onion treasures and it was so sweet of you to put the rooster I gave you in such a sweet space. I often change my hutch to make myself happy with a change. Bill is a cookie hound too. I only like homemade cookies.

    The weather here is fall like already. Low 80's in the day and 50's at night. Some leaves are changing on the burning bush. I think I will be 'Falling' soon. Smile!

    Happy days to you both,
    Love, Jeanne

  19. Just so lovely Sheila! Love your roos too!

  20. Sheila- Those are such great pieces- I still say WHAT a find! I love your roosters, too. Your display looks wonderful! xo Diana

  21. You must smile every time you walk past there. I love the rooster Jeanne gave you.

  22. Wow,now that's something to crow about,love your hutch with your new treasures on the back of your hutch fabric?'s gorgeous!!

  23. I want that hutch Sheila! I need that hutch for all my displays. Love your roo:) So fun to change things out and make them new again.

  24. Lovely display Shelia! They look so good in the hutch~ hugs, Linda

  25. What a beautiful blue onion collection you have! My mom has a few pieces of this. Like Mr. Precious, I'm partial to the cookie jar. lol

    I am now following you. I thought I had been following all along, but somehow I guess I wasn't.

  26. There you are with that hutch again!!! Love the new pieces in it....looks too cute!!!

  27. Gorgeous dishes! That little teapot pot is precious.

  28. Sheila,your hutch and cannisters are lovely. My kinda display. xx

  29. I love the hutch and the collection!

  30. So pretty, Shelia! I love the canisters ... and, I have a "Roo" very similar to yours. You always style your hutch so beautifully!

  31. Shelia, it looks terrific. Your canisters are wonderful, and of course all your roosters make me smile.

  32. Your canister set should be out that center stage! They are wonderful pieces. All of your hutch looks wonderful. I so know what you mean about trying to stop when adding our precious treasures. Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a fun day!

  33. This canister set is really amazing and I love how you've used them in that great hutch! I'll be featuring this post on VIF tomorrow. Thanks for being such a sweet friend, Shelia, I appreciate your comments and joining in for the party!

  34. Shelia,
    They are really pretty! I went to our local antique shop this weekend and they had a small set of these. They didn't have as many pieces as you have, but it made me think of you when I saw them.:)
    Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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