Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Mantel

Hello, Dear Ones.
Well, one thing leads to another, doesn't it?
I hesitated a bit even posting about my mantel as so many of you are already getting your Fall on.
But I decided I would because it won't stay this way long! :)
I'm still here in the den.
After painting the backs of my builtins green, I started to change things around and that meant my mantel needed a change too!

Not quite summer and not quite fall...yet!
I must tell you, I've been milking that white pitcher with hydrangeas in it since spring.
So here she sits again.

I popped down a sweet platter I love.

This little bird landed here and I just didn't have the heart to tell her get down.

 A few faux hydrangeas poked down.
Makes me smile.

I tossed up this artichokey thingy to balance this side.

Now this is where I really show my talentedness! :)
I found those little butterfly lights months ago in a thrift shop for $2.00.
I had used them in a flower arrangement right here on my mantel.

I had to use them just once more before fall hit the scene.
So I grabbed my wreath with the shabby roses I made a few years ago and twirled my butterfly lights around it, plugged it in and now I'm  happy! 

I poked up some books and added my star fish who is always on my mantel in one place or the other.

So there's my mantel for August.
I feel a little chill in the air reminding me that pumpkins will be popping up soon.
Until then I'll continue to milk all the pieces to my mantel I can.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


  1. A perfect in-between summer and fall mantel. As usual, your poking things in results in a beautiful vignette. Question: how do you hide your electric cord from the mantel, I have electric cord hiding issues ;) Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Sheila, that looks great. Love the wreath and the stack of books. We are kind of between summer and fall aren't we. I have been in a major fluffing or nesting mode so I know fall will be here soon. There are even acorns already falling here.

  3. the mantel is beautifulthe weather's kinda crazy here, Fall seems to be a far off lol!but I could put up the tress & not look back lol!

  4. Shelia...this is just perfect for that transition from summer to fall! You make me want to play with my mantel, too! I LOVE the wreath! And your artichokey thing!! Everything balance so nicely! Great job! :)


  5. Beautiful Mantel!! Glad I found you through Tabletop Tuesday. Your new follower,


  6. It looks so pretty!!! A perfect mantel for this time of year! It will be lovely for you to gaze at that mantel until fall arrives!!

    Feeling that coolness in the morning air here as well!!

  7. How absolutely gorgeous, Shelia! I always love what you do as the seasons pass - well with everything, actually! :)

    I don't do seasonal decorating...only time I do "special" decorating is Christmas (usually).

    Thanks for the visit and comment on my newest Video - I'm feeling soooooo much better and I'm finally getting my energy back. That's just in time, cuz during my BP down time, I've added another 5 things to my TO DO LIST!! LOL!! Isn't that always how things go? I haven't even finished with my previous to do list - and now it's even BIGGER!!

    Jan ♥

  8. I love how you added the lights to the wreath, it adds just the right amount of sparkle to your mantle.

  9. Hi Sheila...your mantel is really pretty. I love those butterfly lights on the roses. I know what you mean, I was trying to decide what flag to put up outside yesterday...a little early yet to have falling leaves or pumpkins but summer is coming to a close....have a great day my friend!

  10. Just perfect for in between!!! Love the starfish. We have had 3 days now of cooler weather and very cool at night, perfect for sleeping with the windows open. So, yeah, I'm getting in the mood for Falling......

  11. BEAUTIFUL Shelia! Love the white pitcher filled with hydrangeas and the pretty plate that's next to it too! The stack of books and finial look fabulous on the other side too!

  12. Gorgeous dear Shelia, I love all the fall elements in your mantel, it is lovely and I'm very inspired too! I'm gonna start "falling" once I get back home in the weekend, I'm still in the grandgirls' home. Have a wonderful week darling.

  13. Shelia,
    Oh~h~h...I'm loving your muted Autumnal hued mantle decor! Those golden and rose shades are exactly what is popping up all over my home right now, too, dear friend! Love, love, love it!!! I'll be back to see the arrival of the Pumpkins!!!

  14. Your mantel looks lovely, Shelia! It really suits the scene for transitioning from summer to fall. Love that wreath with the lights!

  15. Sweet, sweet mantle Shelia. I love that artichoke thingie.

  16. Love your mantle sister! SO SWEET~ I have that same adorable little birdie! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Your mantel is just the right look for summer into fall. Love the lights.

  18. Your mantel looks wonderful dressed in it's late summer finery!

  19. Shelia,
    I love your August mantel! I have the same little bird and I adore those butterfly lights!! How delightful!!


  20. I believe you could keep those hydrangeas through the Fall since they have Fall colors in them. Your little butterfly lights are so cute! That was a creative idea to put them on your wreath like that. I don't really start Fall decorating until October. Since it stays so hot here, I just can't get in the mood until then.

  21. Hi Shelia: Looks so pretty. You are almost there at Fall already. It could go either way. I think faux hydrangeas are the most realistic of the silks so always appropriate. Love the green behind your shelves..Very pretty..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  22. Shiela, you've definitely proved us your talentedness...not just on the butterfly lights (I love those a lot) but able to coordinate everyone together, so beautifully up on the mantel..it is indeed talentedness!
    Looking at your lovely home, I'm also inspired to keep mine in good order:)

  23. Beautiful transitioning, Shelia, not too much, just right. xo

  24. Hi Sheila,

    Oooh that pitcher with the hydrangeas, my favorite flowers, is gorgeous! Love the platter next to it as well. I am ready for Fall!


  25. Love it Shelia!
    Very nice mix! I'm holding out on fall decorating...I don't understand the rush??
    Anyway..This is a great late summer look which is perfect!

  26. Shelia- That looks absolutely beautiful!!! I am not quite ready to let go of summer yet either- I am kind of waiting for Labor Day to bring on Fall. Your mantle is gorgeous- a mix of summer with just a hint of fall in the color of the flowers- xo Diana

  27. It looks lovely. I love the wreath with the butterfly lights. What a great idea.

  28. Hi Shelia, what a lovely look for your mantel. I really like it. And those butterfly lights are wonderful! What a great find!
    I'm enjoying your mantel the way you decorate and fix it up. Looks so nice.
    Have a great week.

  29. That is very pretty...love the subtle color.

  30. I'd keep enjoying this a bit longer too! ;-)
    Now, tell me, where did you find the butterfly lights? I need to get some of these for a friend.
    ~ Sarah

  31. Shelia, this is so pretty. I love the lights too. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  32. Your mantel is wonderful....love your lighted arrangement.

  33. Lookin' good, here, Shelia...love those butterflies. I just love little lights like that.
    xoxo bj

  34. "Artichoky" - love it! You have a great eye!

  35. Shelia!!! What a beautiful mantel! I LOVE that the mirror just has the beveled edge...so mid-century/contemporary. Love the butterfly light idea...might have to try and copy that with something. Thank you so much for stopping by:-) You are always so sweet and a ray of sunshine!!

  36. Oh Shelia! it looks so pretty and I love the little magical glow the lights give. What a super $2 find. It really make the whole thing so special :)

  37. Hi Sheila - such a pretty mantel! I like the addition of the butterfly lights, I bet it's very charming at night especially! Thanks for stopping in by my blog and for the kind words. Jane@Bluebird1959

  38. Oh miz Shelia,I'm crazy bout this arrangement,and I have fell madly in love with these butterflies.

  39. Oh it looks so pretty Miss Sheila!

  40. Keep on milking those hydrangeas - you can't go wrong! And I love that your starfish always makes a mantel appearance.

  41. Totalleeeee LOVE YOUR HOME! Makes my heart SING!


  42. Love seeing all these Autumn colours, especially when we now go towards warmer months here down under :) ~Pernilla

  43. What a pretty mantle... I love the warm colors and those hydrangeas need to stay just were they are!

  44. HI SHELIA!!!
    For us it is SUMMER until Halloween and that's if we are LUCKY!!!
    But fall is my fav holiday to decorate for...I think because AZ at least the desert SW does NOT have fall leaves....we can drive up north...2-3 hours north of us to see fall leaves and we have done that a few times....when our daughters went to Northern Az Univ. we were up there every year...I MISS FALL. I love your Aug mantel...the lights and the white look fabulous....I have a question for my daughter's new place....if she wants shabby chic....would you use white...white mirror...white pic frames....distressed white things.....white candle holders....
    her Leather sectional is Brown...she wants to add Cream/white and some Light aqua......

  45. Your fireplace mantel looks very pretty, I LOVE the butterfly lights, I want some of those.
    Hugs, Cindy


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