Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hanging Pictures

Hello, Dear Ones!
I decided after a year to work a little more in my tiny little sitting room.

I hung pictures! Clap clap for me!

Now if you're a new follower, you may not have seen what this room used to look like.
Trust me, this picture looks better than it actually was in person.
We had a 1970s disco baby groovy hot tub in here and wallpaper to beat the band!
If you'd like to see the post on the redoing of this room you can go HERE.

I've been lazy and haven't done anything much in here for a year.
Now my snaps from here on are kinda boring because I was working with wax paper. 
So I went to PicMonkey and played with some frames so they would look a little bit spiffier!
Okie Dokie now then!
I saw this on Pinterest, last year, how to hang a wall full of pictures and knew I had to try it.
I picked nine of my favorite snaps from our Mediterranean cruise, last year,
printed them out, last year, and bought $5 frames on sale at Michaels, last year.
You see, I'm been planning this for some time. Since last year.
A year is long enough, wouldn't you say? :)

I pulled out long strips of wax paper that would be a little bit larger than my nine frames
and taped them together, last week! :)
Things are looking up for me!

I laid out all of my framed snaps the way I wanted them and spaced them out evenly using my ruler. 
Then I flipped them over and I had an epiphany!
Why didn't I just flip them over in the first place and then space them out! 
Me a dummy, last week! :(

Then I laid down my taped together strips of wax paper over the turned up epiphanied moment frames.

Just so you'll know, this isn't a blurry snap, you're just looking through wax paper! :)
I took a little felt marker and put a little dot at the hanger location where every nail would go.
It would have helped a whole lot if I were taller.
I had a hard time reaching some of the hanger spots and almost plopped down on top of all my frames,
more than one time!
Next step was to hang my felt marked wax paper template on the wall.
Sounds easy enough doesn't it?
Well, poop! It wasn't. 
Mr. Precious was not at home to help me.
The ceiling fan was going because it's so hot here 
and that wax paper was blowing like a kite in the March wind.
Lord have mercy!
Well, I turned off the fan and as sweat was pouring off my most gorgeous forehead,
I carried on and got this puppy taped up to the wall.
Yep, I had to climb the ladder too.

Whew! Now it was time to put in the little nails. 
I could have used picture hangers but these frames are really light so I'm safe!
So I poked a nail over each black dot and just ripped the wax paper off the wall.

Ta Dah!!
Here's my picture wall.
I would love to tell you this method worked perfectly but I just can't tell a lie.
No no Nannette!
I do think it was easier than just eyeballing it like I usually would have done.
I had to adjust about three frames but I think it's because I'm so short!
Yep, when I was making my little marks 
I think I wiggled some of the frames a bit trying to reach the hangers. 
So if you're taller than 5 feet, go for this, I'm sure it'll work well.

But for now I'm pleased with it. 
I think it was Pat from Backporch Musings who told me to hang black and white pictures here.
I do think that was a great idea because the colors would have competed with each other.
Do I need something under the pictures like a long table?
I could scoot Charlotte down (Charlotte is the little chest holding the TV) a little bit.

Well, a year's not too bad on tackling a few little things in my tiny little sitting room, is it?
I added Charlotte, the TV, a lamp and now the pictures.
Hope you liked my little demonstration today and I always love your comments.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~  I miss hearing Johnny Mathis  :,(

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Guess it's over, call it a day
Sorry that it had to end this way
No reason to pretend
We knew it had to end some day, this way

Guess it's over, the kicks are gone
What’s the use of trying to hang on
Somewhere we lost the key
So little left for you and me
And it's clear to see

Too much, too little, too late to lie again with you
Too much, too little, too late to try again with you
We're in the middle of ending something that we knew was over
Ooh it was over
Too much, too little, too late to ever try again
Too much, too little, too late, let’s end it being friend
Too much, too little, too late, we knew it had to end
And it's over, it’s over

Guess it's over, the chips are down
Pity all our bridges tumbled down
Whatever chance we try
Let's face it why deny it's over, it’s over

Too much, too little, too late to ever try again
Too much, too little, too late, let’s end it being friends
Too much, too little, too late, we knew it had to end
And it's over, it’
s over
~ sung by Johnny Mathis and Denice Williams


  1. Oh, Shelia, this is a terrific idea. I think you may have solved my problem. My husband hung three paintings in horizontal row, and they are off by just a fraction. I'm going to make a wax paper template today!
    Great idea to hang the favorite photos, too. You can remember that fabulous trip each time you are in this room.

  2. Shelia- how long have I been coming over to your place and I never have seen the before picture of this room I don't think! It is quite a transformation! Looks like such a cozy room to relax in! I do love the circular window!

    I have seen this picture hanging technique and need to use it one of these days. Have a wall in upstairs hallway that I want to hang our family pictures when I get it painted one of these days!

    bee blessed

  3. Well from one vertically challenged person to another....that does sound like a good idea...but I don't know, I think I would miss the "party" that my husband and I have..."should I put the nail here?" "no, a tinge to the left"...."I said a tinge, not a bit"....oh come one, I can't leave them crooked like that....HIM...."they look FINE to me!"
    How could I ever change and not hear those wonderful words again??? I am sure you understand!!

  4. The pictures look wonderful Shelia. You did a great job!

  5. Shelia,
    Magnificient, dear friend!!! ...and since, I'm 5' 2''...this is just the inspiration I needed to get those family photos off the bottom of the guest room closet floor and up on the East Wing hall!!! Your room looks amazing! Had you thought of putting the TV and stand at an angle in the corner (just a tad)? This look usually softens the corners and gives movement to the room. But, truly, it looks amazing as it is now!!!

  6. It looks are such a talented little lady. Cooking, sewing, hanging are amazing.;)

  7. I think you JUST SAVED a marriage, Shelia. What a fabulous idea. Love the pics but where are the mirrors? Yes, a table of sorts would be perfect beneath these gorgeous photos. Love the 'new' room.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Clearly you are scientific and brilliant. I would have eyeballed it or waited for two years. I love B&W images too.

  9. Wow, that was some transformation, Shelia! I was a young "married" in the 70's, & yes, we had a hot tub; but it was outside. Oh, and when we had one of our wild & crazy parties (yes, we had quite a few of those), there was considerable "hot tub"! Lord, we are so "tame" now or maybe just boring!

    I think your little sitting room is wonderful, & your framed photos look perfect. In a small room like that, I don't think you need to have anything under your photos; but if it feels unfinished to you, maybe all you need is a long narrow shelf to hold a few precious somethings.


  10. Good job!!! I like the idea of a long, narrow shelf under the arrangement to hold a few small things.....stay cool!!!

  11. They really do look nice and those are the type frames I love. I think I have a couple of them. Great's always hard to do something like this on your own! Enjoy your day! Turn the fan back on! heehee!

  12. Just what that wall needed Shelia! Hope your weekend is going well!

  13. Sheila... you always make me laugh.... Love your pictures, but really loved the commentary. :-)


  14. They look great Shelia! Love that last shot looking out the round window, so pretty!!

  15. Sweet Sheila,this looks fantastic,your step by step direction incredible,I'll never hang another crooked picture ever again.

  16. What a cool way to hang a wall of photos! Thanks for the demo and I think it looks great!! Hugs, Linda

  17. Great idea. I always just eyeball it. This is super cool. I think the pics look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  18. I'm telling you, Shelia, you always put a smile on my heart when I read your posts!! You have such a cute way with words. The pics look so pretty and thanks for the tutorial on how to hang them. I'm pretty short, myself. xo

  19. Oh dear will I try this no-fail instruction or, just continue to eyeball it!? The wall looks really great and that window is something else. Haha Shelia, just love the 70's room back then! :)

  20. Hi Sheila, Yea, I am one of those that just eye balls it...however, this sounds like a really good idea. Of course will need my step ladder cause I am only 5'2". I really like the round window. Have a happy week. Hugs, Lu

  21. Oh that looks so good! I'm working on a similar project right now...I've ordered my frames and am waiting on them. Have you been to Kelly's blog at She has lots of black and white pictures in her house and they are gorgeous. Very inspiring

  22. I smile as I read your words each and every time. You must be so much fun. Your grouping looks great. Thanks for being truthful. Nothing is easy I have decided. I admire you for attempting all this my yourself. It really looks great. I need to get busy just buying some frames and getting picutures enlarged so your project is very impressive.

  23. I love your picture wall and what a cool way to space them out. I never took you for a "hot tub" girl. LOL That is just too funny that your house had that.

  24. you did a fantastic job!I love your picture wall!

  25. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Oh I remember when you did some changes in your sitting room.
    I've never heard of angling and hanging pictures in that way. That is a great method and great tutorial Shelia! They look good. I guess the best thing is not to do it on a HOT day...when you have a fan around. *s*..

    have a wonderful week.

  26. Sheila, this post is the best; you had me laughing and giggling because I know what it's like to work with no air condition or ceiling fan :) Besides almost tumbling over your pictures, having a (late)epiphany and pouring sweat, your pictures turned out marvelous! I guess it was worth the one year wait!

  27. Shelia, only you could make hanging pictures on a wall sound so funny and interesting! I need to use your method because I have holes on top of holes in my wall from guessing where to put the nail. Not good! I like the way your gallery turned out. Thanks for the tutorial and the laugh! Have a fun week dear Shelia!!------------ Shannon

  28. Great job, Shelia! I used to be a picture hanging maniac but something (must have) happened to my brain because now it's really difficult for me to get it right! ♥

  29. I just love the way you told this story! So funny! I can just picture you (no pun intended) doing this project. I think you did a great job and I love how it looks! I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at those wonderful vacation pics. Black and white photo's in the simple white frames was a great choice and good suggestion by Pat. I have never seen that method to hang them before, but it sounds like a good one.

  30. Hi Shelia,
    Your photo wall looks great!!! I have been wanting to do one in my guest room. I just might try your wax paper idea.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  31. Sheilia I think you did a fabulous job! And what a great idea for using the wax paper. Thanks for sharing.

  32. This is a neat trick!!! I did a gallery wall up my stairwell, with collages of photos at the two landings! I actually measured every stinking one! ha! That was a job! I'll have to try your method next time! And I LOVE the black and white pictures from your vacation! Beautiful in your room! :)

  33. This is an awesome idea. I've been trying to come up with something for our bedroom wall and now I'm inspired. I was planning on buying artsy pictures, but personal prints in black and white looks beautiful and so original. Your very creative.


  34. Love how everything looks! What a great idea for hanging pictures. I'm afraid I would have a hard time, too, as I'm really short. I just found your blog and love it!! I'm following you and can't wait to come back and read through your posts more.

    God bless you - Julie

  35. HI!!!
    First I must ask...when and where di you go on your cruise last year???We did a Mediterranean cruise last started in was 7 days......
    How awesome we might have been on the same cruise!!!!!
    I love your picture wall..I will steal your hanging idea!!!!I love black and white pics....I need to print some of mine up!!!The trip was magnificent!!We stayed an extra 2 weeks...went to Germany and Austria!!
    hugs 2 U,

  36. Good morning Shelia, I have missed a few of your posts because my home has been very full of grands and three of my children. We had a week of laughter and fun. They left on Sunday and peace has returned to our mountain home. At Last. HA! I miss them all but a quiet cup of coffee is such a blessing today.

    Your pictures look wonderful. I held my breath while I read each instruction. I do not know how tiny you managed such a big project all by yourself. You did good. Smile! I love the black and white. One day you should show a closeup of the photos.

    Beverly's PS post was lovely. I did mine way in advance and forgot the yellow. Sigh. I am just a bit too busy. Did I sat a 'bit?' Ha! That is way under the real truth. Mega, is a better description. But now my life has made a turn towards quiet. A peaceful cup of coffee this am is lovely.

    Yes, you have gone over the top with your tiny houses but I am loving them. They are so pretty, just like you. I am going to make some soon.

    I am sorry you are having gum problems. Bill suffers with that and has had several treatments over the years. OUCH. I'm glad you are feeling better.

    It is raining and dark this morning. I'm not complaining though. So much drought in so many parts of the US is so sad. I'm glad you got some rain.

    Happy days are wished for you.
    Love, Jeanne

  37. I love your picture arrangement. It's perfect on your wall! This is a good idea. I'm getting ready to hang a grouping of pictures on the wall above my big TV. A good friend helped me hang a paper cut the size of each frame on my wall. We taped them to the wall where I want the pictures to hang, getting the spacing just right. If I decide to arrange them in a different configuration I can move the paper and find the way I want to hang the pictures - before putting nails in the wall. I hope mine looks as nice as yours when I'm finished. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!

  38. What a clever way to hang the pictures, Shelia, and the look great! laurie

  39. I wish we had a hot tub at home too. For the meantime, I could just imagine how relaxing it is to soak in the hot tub.

  40. Those look fabulous! Trust me, I would mess that up!


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