Sunday, July 8, 2012

Diggin' In The Dirt

Hello, Dear Ones!
I've been digging in the dirt and trying to get my backyard back in shape.

I used to always work in my yard but when the West Nile mosquitos came on the scene,
Mr. Precious said, "No, no, Nannette!"
I'm very allergic to bee stings ( I know those mosquitos are not bees) just saying.

My big ole elephant ears came up year after year.

I have lots and lots of snaps to show you, so sit back and relax.

This is my shady side ~ it does get the morning sun as you can see.
I've just planted the coleus. Aren't those pretty?

My little snap dragons are still blooming.
I believe they're self seeding too.

I've planted a pot filled with pink caladiums. Love 'em

Keep on the sunny shady side. 
Bunny Foo Foo is always on watch. :)

Here's a hibiscus bloom just about to open.
I'm so thrilled about this bush because we thought it was gone after a rare winter freeze a few years ago. 

I had just watered, so that's why you see some shiny on the leaves. 
This is another 'come back from the freeze' plant.
It blooms little trumpet like red flowers.

This is the huge North Fork Pine
I planted it here in the middle of my back yard when it was 4 little twigs.
We cut one off.

Now it's taller than our two story house.

I know, this is sad. I plan on putting a border around this area, filling it with dirt so I can plant something. 
The roots of the tree are 'BIG',
So, I've poked down little cuties to fill in the gap in the mean time. 
I'm so talented like that you know! :)

Here's looking back at the back of our house.
I don't show this very often because it always needs work.
But I'm showing you where the rooms are off the deck which you have seen.

Peeping at my big tree and the sunny shady side.

This is the very back of the yard and I'm in the process now of cleaning it up.
I don't like that ole ground cover. It's invaded from the house behind us.
We don't have alleys in our neighborhood and the houses just back up to each other's yards.

Now please don't laugh at this side.
You all have such beautiful gardens and mine is not there yet. 
This side is really under construction.

Here's a few little cuties I've poked down to encourage the new plants I've planted.

Well, this little monkey grass has been here for years. 
It's tough and stays about the same size and it's blooming for me right now! 
I love that!

Here's looking to the back on this under construction side.

Looking from the back to the sun porch.

Here's some of my flowers I've planted.
Cone flowers, Pintas and I think this is lantana. I'm not sure.

Fresh water for the birdies.

Oh, and my lemon tree! 
I know there's somekind of yuck on some of the leaves but it doesn't seem to be hurting my lemons as my little tree is filled with little 'green' lemons.
They don't turn yellow until late November.

Frogs! :)

Again, don't laugh, feel sorry for me.
Not really! I dug up some of the elephant ears from the sunny shady side and transplanted them over here. They're taking off just fine and have grown in a week since I took these snaps!
There's that frog again.

I always have company in the garden. 
Chloe Dawn is always at my side or rolling around in the grass.
My little fuzzy face will be 12 years old in September and she is just a little hoot!
You know how I love hoots.

As the sun sets in the west and on the sunny sunny side of my garden,
the stars begin to twinkle ~ just for you! :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Keep On The Sunny Side of Life

There's a dark and a troubled side of life
There's a bright and a sunny side, too
Tho' we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view
Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way
If we'll keep on the sunny side of life
Tho' the storm in its fury broke today,
Crushing hopes that we cherished so dear;
Storm and cloud will in time pass away
The sun again will shine bright and clear.
Let us greet with a song of hope each day
Tho' the moments be cloudy or fair
Let us trust in our Saviour alway
Who keepeth everyone in His care.
~ sung by June Carter-Cash