Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cloching with Marty

Hello, Dear Ones.
but wanted to come so badly so I cloched so fast!!

I grabbed a cloche and went to town.

Poked a couple of little olden sheep, maybe rams, underneath.

When I think of lambs/rams, I think of peace so I've used an olden page from a very olden hymn book ~ The Beautiful Garden of Prayer.
See the little shaped notes. You don't see those anymore.

What a lovely thought - a walk through a beautiful garden in prayer, lovely little lambs/rams and a song.

Then I've put together one more little cloche on the sun porch.

See these more precious little birds?
I feel so blessed to have received these as a gift from my most beautiful blogging friend, Debbie, from My Vintage Daydreams.
Thank you so much, Debbie, for thinking of me! :)
Pop on over to visit Debbie's lovely blog.

Oh, so sweet.

As you're walking through your beautiful gardens of prayer would you say a little prayer for me?
I've have some gum resorption and have been being treated by my dentist.
Needless to say, it's very painful and this is hurting my feelings all over.
I'm on some antibiotics and pain meds and hoping to feel better very soon!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

The Beautiful Garden of Prayer

There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting,
There’s a place that is wondrously fair,
For it glows with the light of His presence.
’Tis the beautiful garden of prayer.

Oh, the beautiful garden, the garden of prayer!

Oh, the beautiful garden of prayer!
There my Savior awaits, and He opens the gates
To the beautiful garden of prayer.

There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting,

And I go with my burden and care,
Just to learn from His lips words of comfort
In the beautiful garden of prayer.

There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting,

And He bids you to come, meet Him there;
Just to bow and receive a new blessing
In the beautiful garden of prayer.
~ sung by me


  1. Sheila, your cloches are delightful! I love those sweet little birdies; so adorable! Hope you will come see my cloches too. And do heal up quickly, m'lady! I will say a prayer for you.


  2. Cute cloche decor Shelia! Years back I was an oral surgery assistant and know what is involved in your treatment...sending comfort prayers!

  3. Shelia,
    So~o~o sorry to hear that you're not feeling well today...prayers are coming your way, dear friend! Your cloches are lovely...Beautiful!!!
    The cloche with birds reminds me of the hymn, His Eye Is On The Sparrow! Oh, those olden notes!!! They were and are hard to read!!! How well I remember! Take care of your sweet self...just for Mr. Precious and me!!!

  4. Love the wee rams Shelia. One day I must show you my old ram I have in the front yard. we think it is from a carousel. Rest up. Hugs, olive

  5. Awwww, Shelia, what a pretty post! You really didn't do all this QUICK, did you? It looks like it took a while!

    Jan ♥

  6. Hi Shelia!

    Love those little sheep and birdies... did I miss Marty's party again?! I'll hop right on over and at least see who's on the ball.

    So sorry to hear about your dental issues. I understand! Hoping you feel better real soon.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  7. I did the same method of cloching, too! I did not want to miss Marty's party so I did some super speed cloche decorating! LOL!

    Your vignettes are so pretty! I especially like the sheep with the sheet music.

    Bless your heart, I hope you start feeling better soon with your pain.

    Smiles & Hugs,

  8. Oh I am so glad you joined the party. Your little sheep are so precious and I love the sheet music. The birds are perfect on the porch. Hope you are feeling better soon. That sounds so painful. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love your gentle way of creating vignettes, Shelia, and of course you know how I feel about birdies :) I also have a little thing for rams (Aries). I have a friend who went through the gum process, wishing you a speedy recovery. xo

  10. Sending love and prayers for you my sweet blog friend.

    God is faithful.

    Love & smiles,


  11. Your sheep are cute in the cloche with the old hymn. I am no expert but I think they are rams since they have horns or whatever they're called. I prefer to think of them as sheep, though because I am drawn to them. I always look for sweet ones when out shopping. The little birds are cute, too. Now, you get well soon Sweet Shelia!! ---------Shannon

  12. You know, Sweetie, the awful thing about pain in your mouth (or head!) is that you cannot get away from it. It's up there, where you LIVE. You can prop up a broken ankle and feel removed from it ... but you cannot get away from pain so close to where all your thoughts live.

    I love sheep! Those rams are so delightfully old fashioned looking -- sweet.

    I still don't have a cloche, but I'm looking. Sometimes. :-)

    Take care ... and I hope your poor mouth feels better soon. so sorry!

  13. Oh, ouch! Shelia. Hope the gums heal quickly ... this is very painful for sure. Easier to give birth than have tooth/gum pain.

    You always pair your songs & themes for the day up so beautifully. I love the rams in cloches.

    Sorry I have been remiss in visiting, but summer has been swamped with both business & family this year. Stay with me, I'll be back more soon.
    TTFN ~

  14. Shelia, I love your sweet clochette (vignette under a cloche.) And how appropriate that it had music, too. :) Love the birdie one, too...perfect for your beautiful sun porch. ♥

  15. Hope you are better soon! Love the sheep and the sheet music cloche. The little birds are sweet too!

  16. I didn't get around to getting the party cloches done. Stuck in bed. Yours are pretty with the little lambs/rams. Hey, we're both on pain pills.

  17. Oh sweet lady, they are lovely and so very worth the wait! The cloches look so happy and cheerful with all the cute animals and birds. So glad you cloched!!

  18. Feel better soon! Your fast cloches are great! Love the little rams...

  19. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    I don't like your feelings to be hurt all over because of what that dentist did... :o( I hope the meds have kicked in and you start feeling better...just real soon!

    Cute cloche. That is a such a sweet one...

    Feel good tomorrow ok?.

  20. I hate to hear that you have had problems! I'm so sorry. Hope you will recover quickly. I guess we all have a love/hate relationship with our dentist. Noone likes to go, but couldn't live without them either! Your cloche pictures look great. I love the little lambs and your sweet birds.

  21. My favorite is the cloche with the sweet little lambs.

  22. Until I read this post...I did not even know what a "cloche" was. I've seen them, but didn't know that was what they were called.
    Loved the lambs and sheet music !!! The OLD NOTES are perfect. I don't know if I've ever told you, but I play the piano.....but havent for years.
    I gave my piano away to my son so his kids could take lessons. OH HOW I MISS my piano.
    Maybe someday I'll have another one.

  23. Shelia, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well after your dentist visit. That sounds very painful and uncomfortable. I have prayed for you! Your cloches are so sweet. I love the first one with the sheep and the old hymn page. God bless you with his healing. Hugs, Pamela

  24. Your cloches are so precious. I love that you added the sheet music. So appropriate for your display. Take care.

    Jocelyn @

  25. Pretty cloches but really love the little vintage lambs. Smiles, Lu

  26. Saying a prayer for you Shelia! I hope you feel better soon. Love your sweet cloches! I missed the party! Maybe I'll sneak a cloche in a post soon! Hugs, Linda

  27. Love the lambie pies......I missed the party, such a summer we are having......so sorry for your pain, dentistry is not my favorite thing....please recover soon......hugs....cleo

  28. Those are sweet lambs and birds. My mom loved to call us lambies.

  29. Oh how sweet Sheila!~ You do a great job decorating your cloches!!~

  30. Both of your cloches are just so sweet Shelia! They little lambs just brighten my heart!

  31. I love your little sheep. I've never seen that kind before. Very cute.

  32. Your cloches are really sweet. Love the little sheep...the birds are cute, too. Hope you are feeling better and the antibiotics and pain meds are working. Prayers said.

  33. The rams and the birds are so cute. Shelia I hope your feeling better soon! Take care.


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