Monday, July 2, 2012

Circle Journal Time Again

Hello, Dear Ones.
It's Circle Journal time and I want to share my two pages I've done for Grace's journal.
Her theme was Marie Antoinette.

Oh, this was so much fun. 
Her journal is going to be so wonderful.
You should have seen what the other gals have created.

Anyways, here is my first page.
Of course I had to have Marie herself all decked out. 

Look at her pretty face. I used some glitter pins and lipsticked up her tiny lips and eyes. And you can see, she got blinged with glitter too! I always think of feathers and all on her head, so that's just what she got!

I was trying to be creative and do something different so I created her a fan skirt, trimmed in lace. Each fan was trimmed in glitter. I was really having fun playing in the glitter and was washing it off for days! :)

Just some little embellishments for Marie and I even gave her a cake.
You know what she thought of cake.
I don't think she really said 'let them eat cake' but it will always be attached to her memory.

Then my second page! I made a little tag book 'The Many Faces of Marie Antoinette'.

I added this little butterfly and think now it was probably mistake.
I don't think this little winged creature is going to make it through the journey.
Oh, well, if she falls off or rips it'll be okay.
I'm so forgiving like that you know! :)

Now I know there were no digital cameras in Maries day but found these paintings on the web supposedly being Marie. So, I started with the one who looked the youngest to me and finished with the oldest looking Marie. Notice the clock behind the last Marie. Sniff sniff...her time was ticking by. : (
All the Maries got glittered and glitter penned! :)
I'm so amazing like that, you know! :)

Grace had these darling little Marie profile tags we were to use to put our info on. I made a little swing tag adding Frenchy things. I know, I know the Eiffel Tower wasn't there when Marie was, but I just had to include it. I doodled a bit on it too.

Oh, I see another gorgeous Marie popped out of my tag book. 
Look at her gorgeous gown, wig and head dress.
Um, does she look a little bit familiar to you?

Hmm, I just know I've seen her before! :)

Oh, I am so enjoying being part of this Circle Journal group.
I have been so challenged seeing all of the beautiful creativeness my CJers have done.
If you ever get the change to take part in a Circle Journal group - go for it!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Marie Antoinett

Marie Antoinette
your name's a legend
in this land
treasure for your pleasure
bestowed on favoured gentleman
the people are in arms
marching on the town
they rise -
changing revolution!
"Vive la Nation!"

Marie Antoinette
your shadow's falling
along the land
anger born of hunger
poisons the hearts of your loyal men
fire in their eyes
steel in their hands
they rise -
changing revolution!
"Vive la Nation!"

Clamouring in the square
the rabble have gone insane
they're over the balustrades
defying the cannon fire
they're into the garrison
they murder the noble man
Marie - Antoinette
Marie - Antoinette

We are the people of France
We demand
that the elegant blue-blooded
leeches that bleed us
are taught what it means
to grow fat and not feed us
we are the people of France
you must heed us

Already at the Bastille
the prisoners all run free
they're hammering on the door
Marie Antoinette
they've taken the guillotine
they're coming to take the Queen
Marie Antoinette
the King and the guards
have fled...

Marie Antoinette
your shadow's falling
along the land
anger born of hunger
poisoned your men
they rise -
changing revolution!
"Vive la Nation!" 
~ sung by Curved Air