Monday, June 18, 2012

Leave The Light On

Hello, Dear Ones.
Well, I've been fiddling in the den again.

You may have seen this big ole basket poked full of flowers that is sitting on my mantel.

Do you see some shiny sparkly lights? 
Well, I just happened to find a little string of precious summer time lights at GW for $2, regularly priced at $15 from Garden Ridge!
So I grabbed up the little never before opened box and came home with it and didn't even care if the light bulbs burned because of the cheap price.
They worked!
Every single one!
Yay me!

Here's a close up ~ little butterflies.
Isn't this the cutest?

Darling darling darling!

They were just screaming to be part of my mantel arrangement!
And...being the most wonderful one that I am, I obliged them!
Come on over to see me and I'll keep the lights on for you.
Butterfly lights! :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Leave A Light On

Take my hand

Tell me what you're feeling
This is just the beginning
Although I have to go
It makes me feel like crying
I don't know when I'll see you again


I'll be there before you close the door
To give you all the love that you need
'cause when the world takes me away
You are still the air that I breathe

I can't explain I just don't know

Just how far I have to go
But darling I'll keep the key
Just leave a light on for me

Yes I know

What I'm asking is crazy
You could go
Just get tired of waiting
But if I lose your love
Torn out by my desire
That would be the one regret of my life

Just like a spark lights up the dark
Baby that's your heart

~ sung by Belinda Carlisle


  1. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    How SWEET and simply darling are those? That is a great idea and they look perfect there. I had those little lights on top of my kitchen cupboards wrapped around some faux ivy and it looked so pretty too.
    Love to fool around with those kinds of pretties.
    I think you are with Jeanne right now....*s*..have fun!

  2. Adorable! Love the added touch to your mantel.

  3. Oh those are sweet!
    My husband always would tell the kids...We will leave the light on for ya...he said he remembered it from a motel commercial!

  4. Butterfly lights - so perfect for your summertime mantel. Great price, too - GW is such great retail therapy, isn't it?! Thanks for sharing. Hugs ~ Mary

  5. Muy lindas esas luces Sheila, le dan vida al arreglo.

  6. Oh, that really is sweet. I love little white lights all year long and have some in the yard.

  7. I so love the light sin your florals, Shelia. I do that often, also. Adds a perfect romantic touch.
    Have a lovely day ~

  8. They are darling on the mantle. I had some like that until the dog ate them-he is fine he really chewed on the end and it was unplugged, thankfully.

  9. You do like to rearrange, and fun.
    I wish I had more spaces in my house where I could rearrange, and be more creative.
    It's fun seeing what you do.

  10. Hi Shelia,
    That's so darn cute on your mantle. Love, love those little butterfly lights. Glad you rescued them.


  11. Oh my, think I'm loving the new look, truly brilliant!!!

  12. Hi Shelia. What a cute arrangement. Those lights are just darling and perfect with the flowers. I love it..Happy Monday..Judy

  13. Yay! Butterfly lights, I love it Shelia. It perfectly fits the flower arrangement.

  14. I absolutely LOVE your flower arrangement! I've had my eye on a long narrow basket on may have pushed me over the edge! It would be perfect for a lighted arrangement! Sweet hugs for always sharing your wonderful ideas!

  15. Lovin those butterfly lights! CUTE!!! XO, Pinky

  16. HUH???...I do NOT KNOW, how to do the Google Friend followere thingy you are talking about???

  17. Those are just the cutest butterfly lights!!! They are the perfect addition for your pretty arrangement!

    And I don't know if I left a comment, think I was on my droid and didn't, but your Father's Day tree ornaments were absolutely precious!!!! You are so very talented! :)

  18. I love this arrangement Shelia. I didn't notice the charming lights. Your home is as lovely as you are. Beautiful in every way. Your gifts are so appreciated and the dessert was as good as "death by chocolate." Mmmmmmmm, delicious.

    Thank you for the most wonderful visit today. We loved every minute we shared with you and Mr. Precious. He fits that name perfectly. Smile. Especially for the lovely lunch and showing us around Galveston. We found the Ferry just fine and we enjoyed the experience as well. No charge, which surprised us very much. We are safe at our lovely motel and ready for a good nights rest. Then...'there's no place like home' tomorrow.

    More news when we arrive home.
    Love to you both.
    Jeanne and Bill

  19. Those are just adorable Sheila, great find there!

  20. Awwwww, those are sweet and so are you!

    This is the start of my 4th day without much pain! YAY!

    Jan ♥

  21. Those little lights are really cute and a great deal! They really add to your flower arrangement - like a night light. Blessings, Pamela

  22. Those lights are adorable and look so perfect with your basket full of flowers. I just love your arrangement!

  23. Shelia,

    Your lights are so cute! Love the butterflies. What a great find.

  24. Shelia,
    What a wonderful addition to your sweet mantle! Butterflies, yes!!! But similar to fireflies at night! Do you remember chasing the fireflies at night...some called them lightening bugs??? One of my favorite times of childhood Summer on the Prairie!

  25. I wouldn't have thought to put these lights in an indoor arrangement. Their glow must look so pretty at night. I have a short string of lights enclosed by little squares that a friend gave me for my birthday. I didn't know what to do with them but now may try using them in an arrangement like you did.

  26. Oh! the lights are soooo cute and what a great idea! GW is one of my favorites places, gotten some nice things there. I usually vsit every other week to find goodies, but after seeing your Butterfly lights I 'll have to get my most tiny (I wish), brown buns over there more often! LOL! Have a great day!

  27. Shelia those butterfly lights are too cute!! Great idea!

  28. Oh how pretty!!! Love that butterfly light!

  29. love those little lights! I always want lights in places but just can't hide the cords right! Our trailer does not have friendly plug locations pfft! Cute mantle, very appropriate for this time of year.

  30. Shelia, the addition of the lights just makes the whole basket of flowers perfect. That little butterfly light is adorable!

  31. What sweet, little lights - and such a bargain! I just bought little lights for the awning of my sweet vintage trailer we are getting ready to redo. They are little wicker birdcages. She doesn't even have an awning yet!

  32. Just look at you sparkling over there. I always knew you were a bright and shining star.♥

  33. I just love your house!
    How is that little granddaughter of yours?

  34. Hi Shelia,
    I love the butterflies all lit up, a great idea and so full of whimsy.Last summer we purchased glow bug lights to be put into the bushes in the back yard. I am still waiting for dear husband to help me with them...LOL
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  35. What a clever idea!! Your arrangement looks great, Shelia!!

  36. I saw my first firefly when I was 41 years old. I look at your arrangement and think "Beautiful summertime fireflies!"

    Well done my friend!

  37. What a wonderful idea, Shelia ... your butterfly lights are so fun and add such a lovely glow to your beautiful arrangement!


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