Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Little Newness of Kitchen

Hello, Dear Ones!
I showed you a nasty snap a few posts back and told you we were doing some things to our little kitchen.
You may want to grab a cup of tea cuz I got a looooooooooong post here.

It probably doesn't look much different to you who visit me often
but there are a few little changes.

This is how the kitchen looked a little over a year ago when we got granite countertops and a beadboard backsplash.

This is a bad snap, but this is how the kitchen looked after we moved in over 16 years ago.
A dirty cream color on the cabinets and on the walls. 
Formica, the real shabang, on the counters.
Now I was so smart and stenciled the little plate border. 
Did you know I was a rockin' stenciler? Well, I am! :)

Then a few years down the road I got all smarty pants like and painted all my walls and in the adjoining breakfast room - blood red! 
Except the wainscoting, kept it white.
Loved it to death. Blood red/Death  
(how do you like my pun? I'm so creative like this you know)  :)
Well, for six years I loved it! 
Those red walls just screamed "REDRUM! REDRUM"
Tired of the blood red, I went to a sweet soft creamy yellow! 
Took two coats of primer and three coats of yellow! Whew!
Then Mr. Precious and I painted the cabinets a nice bright white a couple of years ago.

Pop on up to today. Our home is not a new home. It's olden and was built in 1970.
We decided to have new doors made for our olden cabinets and the interior of the cabinets all painted up nicely with oil based paint.
I'm loving them.

There was just a teeny little trim on our olden doors. Some of the doors where hung a tad crooked. Some wouldn't close all the way. Olden! Kinda like me! :)
So new doors were made with a wider outline. I don't know what you call it - border, rim?
Anyway, you can see the difference here.

Here's a last year snap of the corner cabinets. 
The bottom cabinet contains a lazy Susan so not an inch of space is wasted. I love that!

But look now! SQUEAL!!
I got a glass front door for the top cabinet! 
And it has little lights on the sides to light up my life! :)

I do realize this is not much of a big deal to most of you, 
but hey, don't take much to please me and I'm tellin' ya ~ 
I'm in kitchen cabinet glass door heaven! :)

I think I probably went overboard poking stuff in here.
This was the cabinet where I used to keep tea and doggie biscuits for Chloe and lots of glasses.
These shelves are pie slice shaped and are about two feet or more wide and that deep.
So I just kept poking and poking and poking dishes in here.

Oh, boy! Oh, joy! 
I'm loving my little over stuffed pie shaped glass front cabinet door!
Can you love all that? 
Well you bet your I didn't break that glass on the floor! Just sayin'!

Moving on...
This is my little pretend island. 
She really wants to be an island but she's just a peninsula.
I just keep telling her - no cabinet is an island! :)
She's painted a soft green and I love that. 
Her doors are so much prettier with the wider borders around them too.
I've got all kinds of stuff poked behind these doors too. 
Although I have to maneuver around the Jenn Air's innards.
Was that TMI? 

Got new hardware too that matches the faucet - 
kinda black with a little coppery color showing through.

One more time ~ SQUEALL!!
See what I found? 
I found a Jadite bowl! 
I've been looking for one ever since Christmas when I saw Debbie's from Debbie Dabble. 
Her Jadite bowl was filled with cookie cutters.
I drooled for weeks! I really did.
Felt plumb sorry for myself that I didn't have a Jadite bowl. :(

This spot above the ovens looks so much better too.
The cabinet door at the top had just been sliced off for the ovens to fit. 
Our cabinet guy made a real door for this space.
Now she is a 'real' cabinet!
See that little wooden squirrel? Do you know what that's used for?
You grab it's little tail and use his little front feet or the space behind his little ears to grab and pull out a hot oven rack and you will not burn your most precious dainty fingers.
It's cheesy. I know. 
But a sweet little friend made it for me many years ago and now he's home with Jesus.
So I'll always keep it.

Cabinet guy tried to talk me out of my little fronts here with the wooden pieces I added and painted green with my most talented fingers. He wanted to put in those drop downs so I could poke wet sponges and things in them. I didn't want that! I wanted my little olden fronts.
Got my way. See? They're old and a little bumped up, I don't care. So, he being the cabinet guy with his cabinet guy mind decided to make things flow better, he would make all of my top drawer fronts plain so my little fronts with the wooden green thingys could shine. I like how it turned out!

Then...are you ready for more? 
I went right out and bought four tiny little bitty corbels and had them put up under the cabinets. 
I am taking care of these myself and need to sand again and put the final coat on, but I couldn't wait to show you! A little bitty SQUEAL!!!

This is a very special cabinet too!
Guess what's behind those new doors...

See? Cookie sheets and trays and baking pans and such! 
Mr. Precious helped and cut some liner down as to not scratch the new paint! :)
Okay, I'll shut up now and let you look.

Well, shoot! That didn't last long, did it? :)
I took down my little valance over the sink and am liking all of the light coming in.
I just may not put it back up!
I would like to use the wooden blinds like I have on the windows on the front of the house, 
but they won't fit because of the raised faucet.
Okay, I'll shut up now. :)

Love my girls. I know...shhh.

Y'all come back, ya hear? :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

You Light Up My Life

So many nights I sit by my window 
Waiting for someone to sing me his song
So many dreams I kept deep inside me
Alone in the dark but now
You've come along
You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
and fill my nights with song
Rollin' at sea, adrift on the water
Could it be finally I'm turning for home?
Finally, a chance to say hey,
I love You
Never again to be all alone
You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
and fill my nights with song
You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
and fill my nights with song
It can't be wrong
When it feels so right
'Cause You
You light up my life
~ sung by Debbie Boone


  1. Sheila your kitchen is just so cheerful and pretty! I of course love all your roosters and your pretty decor touches. Really it is just a fabulous and happy space.

  2. Your kitchen is just like you Sheila incredibly sweet. I love that little squirrel, the green bowl and your little dodads on the front of the cabinets. Be glad you didn't get those sponge drop-downs. I hate mine.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  3. Shelia, your new door fronts are fabulous. I love the style you picked out and you have everything so organized and so pretty. Beautiful vignettes too. Looks wonderful. Thanks tons for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh Shelia, It looks fantastic! EVERY DETAIL, AND I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your little glass front cabinet too. Just think how much fun you'll have a CHRISTMAS, MAYBE changing THOSE GORGEOUS dishes with Christmas ones. Oh My you are SO GOOD at details. I agree TOTALLY with your NOT putting those little drop down wet sponge drawers and keeping YOUR cabinet plain with "YOUR fancy work". LOVE your new JADITE BOWL! Funny thing "IS" I was out ON THE LOOKOUT today "DREAMING of your little PINK PYREX dishes AND "WANTING THEM SO BADLY"! So I know how YOU were feeling AND you know how "I'M feeling now, hehe"!!!
    Thank you for showing off your WONDERFUL KITCHEN! Every detail is perfect!
    Big Hugs to you,

  5. You've made so many wonderful changes. I LOVE the glass front on the cabinet! You'll enjoy changing things up in the space. The Jadite bowl is amazing, too! Your kitchen is so light and bright...nice to spend time in! Enjoy!

  6. Love your kitchen redo ! ( and of course your roosters !)

  7. Those cabinets are rocking it now! It is a wonderful change....

  8. Oh Sheila, your kitchen just says HOME to me, I love everything about it. All of YOUR special touches make it shine! Love the glass front cabinet and am SOOOO looking forward to having some in my new house!!! The jadite bowl is wonderful, I don't have any:( Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen. I wish I could come over and sit with you. XO, Pinky

  9. Hi Shelia,
    I love all the changes you've made to your already very pretty kitchen. That pie shaped glass front cabinet is perfect and I love all your lovely dishes showing off.


  10. I love your kitchen! It is sooo warm and welcoming I'm glad you stuck to your guns abt the sink doors I had those flip ones and honestly hated them - not big enough to hold anything and just a pain So when we remodeled I opted for glued in fronts. I think your squirrel (esp where he is located is adorable !) thanks for sharing your kitchen w us

  11. Shelia your new door fronts look fabulous!! Love the glass shelves in your window too! Your kitchen always looks so bright and pretty!!

  12. Your kitchen looks so beautiful. I love your accessories and vignettes. I am partial to jadite. I love the red and white cupboard and the hen canisters. I love it all! xo

  13. Well done, Miss Sheila!! Those of us with olden (but not antique) houses always have fun updating our abodes! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Sally

  14. Love your updates, especially the glass front cabinets. I know you are loving having more display space. You must feel like you have an all new kitchen!

  15. Scream, Squeal, shut my mouth, girl this is totally awesome!!! Love, love, love all your beautiful changes. You have so much more storage, what a happy room to be in.. Now onto the paint.. girl my kitchen is red has been for awhile, was thinking of painting in... now after reading you had to use 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, I'm rethinking my game plan... lol hugs ~lynne~

  16. Sheila, it's rooster heaven at your place. I really want to do new knobs on my cupboards too since we replaced the countertop last year. Yours look nice and make me want to still talk hubby in to it. I like the glass front cupboard.

  17. Sheila, how nice to get new doors. We did the same thing several years ago. I know you are loving the glass cabinet door to show off all your pretties. Such a cheery kitchen.

  18. Hi Shelia

    Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love it!
    Hugs, Ann

  19. Nicely done, Shelia! I love the corbels you added ~ a little touch but they make a nice difference. I can't imagine that anyone has the original kitchen they've started out with, after being in a house a lot of years. With styles and tastes changing, it's only natural that you are going to make changes. I did like your red though!

  20. I'm loving your new kitchen cabinets and everything!! Bright and cheery!!

  21. It looks wonderful! You made great use of every space. Your kitchen looks like you never cook, so perfect!

  22. It's always fun to have a glass cabinet to show off our little goodies and favorite pieces and I'm glad you have one now! Your little changes all add up to a brand new feeling for you and I do love your little squirrel! I know exactly how he works! I have one of those drop down fronts and it gets a little messy in there, and I've pinched my fingers a few times, so I think you made the right choice. Now, do you cook in here? I use my kitchen to unpack take-out containers. :) Linda

  23. Forgot to say your new glass door looks great with that beautiful china peeking out!

  24. What a bright happy kitchen! I love all the fun dishes in your glass fronted cabinet.

  25. Oh my! Your kitchen is so bright and cheery! What a great place to cook and socialize in too!

  26. That little glass cabinet caught my eye immediatly....very nice!!! And I love it with the lights and piled high with pretty things!! The new doors look wonderful and so does the new hardware....good for you, enjoy!!! hugs...cleo

  27. Well! Darn near brought tears to my eyes. I did a kitchen makeover once and lost it when my husband passed away and I had to move back home. A lot of what you have done reminded me of my kitchen. It's just gorgeous, Shelia! Light, airy and wondeful! My sink fixtures were the brushed nickle though. I dearly would love new counters, a new sink and white cabinets. The white cabinets..will happen one day..but no time soon. I had to laugh at you wanting that jadite bowl.. :)
    What a difference a few changes make. The whitness of your appliance ..all of it..gorgeous!!
    The cookie sheet cabinet! HOW I would love that too!
    Great post, Shelia.

  28. WOW! What a transformation! I love it all....I can't decide what I like best! The counters in your kitchen are to die for! Everything is so beautiful. You have so many dishes and knick-knacks to decorate with too! Love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. Fabulous Shelia!! Your kitchen is gorgeous... and what a great toy, the glass door cabinet! Your dishes look sooo great in it! and I want your tray cabinet. Speaking of envy, I mean admiration, I WANT those pink bowls you found!!! How cool are they and the price... I feel faint.

    Big ole hugs, Sherry

  30. I noticed it right away Sheila! First I was like, I bet she got new doors. No, it's new, it's new knobs and new doors...Wow! It really does come across as a more modern and updated look. I love it when the smallest changes do so much. I love your glass door in the corner there too, that's perfect. Your kitchen is so pretty!

  31. Shelia, your kitchen looks beautiful. It's all spiffed and fancy. Believe me, I know just how much you are loving it all. I was so thrilled when we spiffed our kitchen, too. In fact, I have two appliques on order to put on the cabinet doors that are atop our microwave. I can hardly wait for them to arrive.

    Have fun playing in your new kitchen.♥

  32. Shelia,
    I love your kitchen! You know it is my colors. Now I did love your blood red too as you know that is route I took in my kitchen last year.
    So many ideas that I may have to borrow if you don't mind.
    I am so glad that you found a jadite bowl!! And thanks so much for giving my Christmas blog a shout out!!
    In my next post, I will do the same for you for mentioning me!!


  33. You have lots of nice details in your pretty kitchen. It makes mine seem like a camp fire in comparison! That red was pretty dramatic. REDRUM made me laugh pretty good.

  34. Sheila, The whole kitchen is so light and bright now. All of the accessories, including that fabulous new jadite bowl just pop against the white background.

  35. Even the smallest changes can make a big impact. Your kitchen is looking beautiful with all the wonderful touches you added.

  36. Looks beautiful! Look the glass cabinet door.It is a wow ! Thanks for sharing Joann

  37. beautiful post! Love it all.

  38. Everything looks great Sheila, love that corner cabinet!

  39. Oh Shelia, I love your kitchen!!! It is so very pretty, I loved everything! Loving the jadite bowl too!!!

  40. You will most defiantly love your new glass front cabinet and all the things that you can poke in them for each season . Your kitchen is so nice I love all the roosters you have decorated with and the new corbels are just prefect. You have great taste!

  41. Your new kitchen is fabulous Shelia! I love it all!

    I also want to tell you, I had the pink pyrex you featured in the previous post, on their first go 'round many a long year ago.:-)

  42. Se ve muy bien tu cocina Sheila, me gustan todos tus adornos, son fabulosos, un gran cambio a pesar de ser algo pequeño.

  43. Sheila, your kitchen is just great. Your new doors look perfect and such fabulous touches you have added with your decor especially that squirrel. Seriously, I do really like your kitchen.

  44. Hi Shelia! Your kitchen is so pretty and cheerful. I love a bright sunny kitchen and yours is perfect!

  45. Sheila, you have such a lovely cheerful kitchen, with lots of space for everything!

  46. Oh I sure can tell pretty lady! I'm the one that can see the little changes and those are the ones that make me happy the most too! Your kitchen is gorgeous, so happy and you!I love your new door fronts and the glass cupboard is adorable..all you have in it too. Loving all your vignette elements too. Have a blessed week.

  47. Your kitchen is so fresh and cheerful! You have so many cute details too!

  48. Love all the details. Really great job. Thanks for sharing.

  49. HI Shelia,
    Oh yes I love your glass doors too! I think they really brighten up the kitchen, I also love your white cabinets so very pretty! They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and I heart your kitchen!..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  50. All of your little changes have really transformed your kitchen, Shelia. It's so much brighter and fresh! I've been contemplating a lighter kitchen- maybe it will happen one of these days... Love your new jadite bowl. It's always fun to get inspiration from others. I bet you're inspiring a lot of people yourself. :-)

  51. I loved this tour of your wonderful kitchen! It's fabulous, it's happy, it's bright, all the things one would want in a kitchen.
    The glass door revealing some of your pretty dishes is the perfect eye catching touch.



  52. You're so cute, Sheila! I love your kitchen and the attention to detail is fabulous. I'd love new doors one day and a glass door or two too! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful updates!

  53. Thanks for the very nice tour. I got to see everything.
    I wish I still had my Mom's green bowl. I think we gave it away before I cared about such things. Your kitchen is charming as a kitchen should be.

  54. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Oh I would squeal too if I had nice glass work like that in my kitchen cupboard. I love it. I love how you've placed everything in it also...and what you've got in there. I think one glass cupboard is just perfect!

    I love your new bowl..and I wondered right away how come your kitchen looked sosooo nice and bright. It really is so sweet and you have all your precious collections in there. so nice....I bet you just can't stay out of there.*s*.
    have a good evening.
    p.s. I've been good Shelia..busy good. :o)

  55. You are just the cutest and so is your adorable kitchen! That was a fun tour. I love peeking at pieces houses. What a cheery, fun place you have to work in, Shelia!!

  56. Your kitchen is so beautiful! It's bright & cheerful...kinda like you!

  57. I love it. So pretty and I love all the chicken doo-dads.

  58. AWESOME!!!!

    I am squealing with joy right with ya, ma'am!

    Your kitchen looks awesome - all the changes are GREAT!!!!

    I *esp* love your glass cupboard. I love how you put all that in there 'featuring" it.

    WELL DONE!!!!!

  59. Oh, I just love all your before and after pictures. Your kitchen is amazing and you have done a wonderful job!

    I love all your pretty dishes that you have displayed...

    Thank You for sharing and have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  60. I just love you cute kitchen! That glass door is to die for and the RED stuff in there too! Now I want a kitchen like yours!


  61. I know you must enjoy being in your pretty "new" kitchen, Shelia. It probably makes cooking more fun. Love the accessories including the Jadite bowl. Thanks for sharing at Your Cozy Home Party.------ Shannon

  62. Beautiful! How nice to wake up to a that bright sunny kitchen every morning..Enjoy!

  63. I am still laughing at your MURDER spelled backwards. Love the glass cabinet. I am feeling the need to just rip all my cabinets off the wall-that will be murder.

  64. The first best thing I noticed was the valance gone and how much it changed the feeling of the kitchen. I would leave it down, too.

    I love what you've done. You know, I don't understand the cabinet guy. Even with the fronts you used, you could have drop down holders for stuff. I decided to modify mine myself.

    I love what you've done so far - can't wait to see more of your blog!

  65. Your kitchen is lovely and so fresh looking! I love all your roosters :) When we remodeled our kitchen I had glass doors put in in my corner too and I love them! Makes you happy I know! The new molding really adds so much to the doors. I know you are glad to have it completed!

  66. Shelia, I'm loving everything I see! I'm in major envy over your glass cabinet doors. You did some terrific planning. Thanks for sharing every tiny detail. Love it. Helen

  67. Beautiful decor of your kitchen!
    Every detail makes all the difference!
    Happy week!

  68. Hi Shelia,

    I really enjoyed this post because guess what? I'm getting new cabinet doors and drawers for my kitchen, too, including a cabinet with glass doors. Squeal! :-D Our kitchen is about three weeks away from being complete. Hubby and I are really looking forward to the finished product. Our house is older, too; it was built in 1972.

    All your details are so pretty. I love your corbels, the shelves at your window, your new glass door, your peninsula, and all your roosters. Such a pretty and cheerful kitchen! I'm sure you're enjoying the new cabinet doors.

    Hope you have a great week!


  69. Shelia, when I look at your kitchen, I feel cheerful and happy, it looks delightful, and I smell all sorts of wonderful aromas. I also see you in the most prettiest of aprons?

  70. It all looks so pretty, Shelia. I LOVE SEE-THRU CUPBOARDS so much. You made this one looks so sweet and cheery. You will have so much fun changing that up all the time. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen. Hugs, Deb

  71. Oh girlfriend, I can see that your new kitchen surly lights up your life for sure!!! It's beautiful sweetie!!!

    Kinda makes a girl wanna sing doesn't it? Heeehehehehe!

    Thanks so much for the kitchen tour. I sooo need one of those corner cabinet thingies to put my cookie sheets and such in...I crawl into the corner of fear to retrieve mine!!!

    Have a blessed and beautiful day my friend!!! :o)

  72. It's always so fun to go back and take a look at what we've changed over the years. Your kitchen is so bright and cheery! Just like you! :)

  73. Really cute and great updates to your already beautiful kitchen ~ Loved it all... especially the squirrel♥

  74. Hi Shelia!

    What a pretty kitchen... you did a wonderful job of restyling it. That faucet is to die for!

    I also noticed that cute little chicken vase I coveted on a recent post... it make a great utensil holder.

    Btw... I loved those Mod Podge plates (that you shared at my party last week) so much, that I featured them at this week's party!

    xoxo Bunny jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  75. I appreciate the kindness of the visit!
    Always be very welcome to my corner!
    A good rest!

    "Walking around things and people really enjoy this love absolutely no cheating, will never be a waste of time. Essentials makes life worthwhile." [Ruben Alves]

  76. No reason to not be proud of you Adorable kitchen. White cabinets have always been a favorite of mine,...perhaps cause my grandmother had them. They are sentimental.
    It looks like a "happy place" to be.

  77. Oh my...where to start! So many nice & colorful things! Ok- love the glass shelves in the window and the black hardware that matches your sink. My favorite is the cookie sheet cabinet! Every kitchen needs one of those! Love the details on front of the cabinets and that one area is a light green. So much to love- I can't write about it all or it becomes a post! Very nice!

  78. Your kitchen is gorgeous Sheila!! I love all of your details and the glass front cabinet just topped it all off. Awesome job, and it is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Cowgirl Up.

  79. Thanks for sharing your kitchen! It's so thrilling to have those extra touches and how incredible that you shared that song at the end as after not thinking of it for a long time it came back to me this week reminding me of it being on the hit parade when my hubby and I were courting.

  80. Your kitchen is just adorable. It has so much cottage style personality. I love your changes. I think it's one of the best rooms to makeover since everyone usually congregates in it anyway.

  81. You have a pretty kitchen that looks like someone is a good cook too ;)

  82. Your kitchen is sweet as can BE! Filled to the brim with lovely, warm details. SO cute. It is just cottagey perfection!!

  83. Hi Shelia, I am finally getting to your post today. I was wondering what happened to your arms. I must have missed something. I'm sad when you are hurting. Rest and milk it good. HA!

    Your kitchen is divine. Your kitchen should be in House Beautiful. Is that still a magazine.? Smile. I do love your Jade bowl and the fancy trim under the sink. It's the little things that give us so much pleasure. The glass doors rock. Lucky you. Your kitchen is now 2012!!!

    When we are in Houston do you think we could drive to Galveston to see you. I would be in heaven to see your beautiful home. I also would love to see Galveston a bit. We could go out to lunch with our guys. They can talk and we can visit our little hearts out. Just thinkin!!!

    Thank you for the sweetest anniversary wishes. I am so belated thanking everyone. We had a wonderful celebration.

    Wishing you sunny days with your poor little arms healing very quickly.
    Love, Jeanne xo

  84. I absolutely LOVE your 'new' kitchen! A big deal? You bet it is! Your kitchen and mine have a lot of things in common. I am so ready to replace our doors but that will probably be awhile. You inspire me - and I might have to 'borrow' a couple of your ideas, my friend!

  85. Your kitchen is gorgeous, Shelia. The cabinets are very pretty and very functional too. I like how bright the whole room is...Christine

  86. love love love it! wish I had a jadite bowl and one of those cupboards for cookies sheets! Your kitchen is warm bright and welcoming!

  87. Shelia,
    Oh, dear friend...I'm lovin' all the new things in your kitchen! That glass front door really gives you a 'precious' space for displaying all your lovely dishes!!! The corbels are stunning! Amazing how just a few details and newness can make our lives full of JOY!!! Thank you for sharing your updates!
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comments and visits!

  88. Wow Shelia, everyone has already said it. Your kitchen is homey, cozy, yet elegant and beautiful. Your decor is fabulous. Every little detail is perfect. I would want it exactly the way you've done it.

  89. I love all the "Note Worthy" things you have done with your beautiful kitchen Pickle..Girl you always stay so busy..I have not done one thing to write home about in months..
    I have had glass upper since 1996 and I just love them..I hung lace curtains at the top on mine with blue (of course) ribbons and still have that same look after all these years ha ha!! The only thing I wished Wally had done for me before he died was put lights in them sighs..
    Love ya my Dear sweet friend..Hugs and love Pickle, Gloria

  90. Every time I see your kitchen, it's gotten better and better (just when I thought it couldn't get any better). Everything looks so bright and pretty. laurie

  91. Your kitchen is awesome! Everything I love in a kitchen!!! I'm in the process of painting my (brown) cabinets white. My walls are already yellow (butter) I have a tile backsplash that I'm not willing to remove yet (not because I'm in love with it) but we put beadboard above the cabinets (still trying to decide on white or yellow paint). Wish I could spare a cabinet for a glass door but since the idjuts that built this house left dead corners instead of using them, I just don't have enough cabinets. :(
    My last kitchen had white cabinets, yellow breadboard walls and a cabinet for my cookie sheets!
    Guess I should go paint now!

  92. Love your blog....I used your kitchen pictures to convince my husband to use beadboard in our own kitchen. We recently finished our kitchen and it looks beautiful. Making home more homey is so much fun. Rosemary (Louisiana)


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