Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Bunny Table

Hello, Dear Ones!
Well, shoot! 
You are all so talented and are poking your bunnies inside wreaths.
So what is a body to do?
Copycat, that's what! :)

 I found this cute bunny at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! 

 So I made a little Bunnified table top in my breakfast room.

I was going to make a Eastery wreath, but alas! 
I didn't have any more empty wreaths. 
So I popped into Marshalls and found this cute one already Eastered up.

 Isn't it cute? 
Easter eggs and little flowers.
Even the little garlandy thingy has buds that look like tiny little Easter eggs.



So handsome! 
Don't you think? 

 More Easter eggs poked all around the table.
Of course all of this is sitting upon a crocheted doily I made years ago.
I'm so talented like that you know! ;)

 One little pink depressiony glass bunny egg cup my son gave me a long time ago.
Oh, and the little egg cup is sitting on the tiniest pedestal. 
Pink pedestal.

 I found this darling yellow bunny candy dish at a thrift shop! 
I love it and poked eggs inside.

Dear Ones, I think my little bunny is telling me he needs to make potty! 
Look at those little crossed paws and that "Are you finished with me yet?" look!
Bunnies! :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Easter Rabbit

A rabbit came to my house once,
With funny, stretched-out ears  (Hands on head like bunny ears)
His nose was full of wiggles, and (wiggle nose)
His eyes were full of fears (point to eyes)
I said,"Why do you twitch your nose?
Is that a bunny habit?
And are you called the "March Hare"
Or called the Easter Rabbit?
He never said a word: but bounced (Hands on head like bunny ears)
Away on pushing legs; (Hop forward)
But, oh, he left behind a nest (Look backward)
Of colored Easter eggs! 
~ sung by my breakfast room