Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Tablescape

Hello, Dear Ones! 
Well, it's the time of year to pull out the Springness for my dining room table.

 First I threw down a tablecloth I crocheted many many years ago. 
I've crocheted a couple tablecloths in different patterns and hopefully they will be passed on to my children one day.

 I've decided to use my Pink Willow dishes ~ very Springy, don't you think?

 Perfect little napkin with a pink bloom to dab your most ruby lips with.

 The silverplate belonged to my Aunt Alma who passed them on to me.
She would be so proud to know how much I cherish this silveware and that I actually use it.

 I have used a creamy colored charger with a sweet rose on top, then my Pink Willow dinner plate and a little napkin ring with fresh Springy flowers.

Mr. Precious gave me the crystal goblets many years ago. 
I think they are so pretty and sparkly.

I have two sets of Pink Willow salt and peppers and place one set at each end of the table.
I was so excited to find these at Tuesday Morning right before Christmas.
Merry Christmas to me! :)

 Also at Tuesday Morning I found this, on the smaller side, tureen. 
Again, Merry Christmas to me! :)
I deserved this little tureen, I really did.
The chop plate it's sitting on is very olden, even has a few chips. 
Do I care? No, no Nannette, I do not care! :)

 Here I have a little divided vegetable dish which I've had for quite a while.
I've also poked down the pretty silverplate Picker Upper.
Just don't know what you call it. Picker Upper will do.

 Little creamer.
I've been known to put gravy in it.

 Here's the little sugar bowl. Looks a lot like my little tureen, doesn't it?
The little underplate I've used is very very olden as you can see.

 Here's my centerpiece. Do centerpieces just draw you in?
They sure do me.
I've used my little Bunny Foo Foo vase. Just love this little vase.
The pinkish red color on the vase is almost the same as the Pink Willow's color.
Now I must tell you, these little Bunny Foo Foos work so very hard holding up the vase and let me tell you something else, the vase has never fallen over in all the years I've had it. 
No, no Nannette!

 Lots of Spinging on my table. Even a couple of little birds have landed!

 Sniff sniff! 
Well, you're not going to smell anything but pretend Springness smells
because these are faux tulips.
I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me! :)

 Hope you've liked my Springy table. 
Sit down and I'll pass you some faux food! :)

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I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

It's A Beautiful Mornin'

It's a beautiful mornin' ahhh
I think I'll go outside a while
An jus' smile
Just take in some clean fresh air boy
Ain't no sense in stayin' inside
If the weather's fine an' you got the time
It's your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day
Either way
It's a beautiful mornin' ahhh

Each bird keeps singin' his own song
So long
I've got to be on my way now
Ain't no fun just hangin' around
I've got to cover ground you couldn't keep me down
It just ain't no good if the sun shines
When you're still inside
Shouldn't hide still inside shouldn't hide
Ahhhh oh shouldn't hide ah ah oh
There will be children with robins and flowers
Sunshine caresses each new waking hour
Seems to me that the people keep seeing
More and more each day gotta say lead the way
It's okay wednesday thursday it's okay
Ahhh monday wednesday friday weekday ah ah ohhh

Do do waaa

~ Sung by the Rascals


  1. I have the same picker upper!! Your pink is beautiful for spring!

  2. I love all your Springtime Prettiness - and your crocheted tablecloth.


  3. So spring and happy! I love your crochet table mantle. I know how hard it is to crochet, the intricate details and time, it's a priceless piece. I'm sure your children would love and treasure it as they do. I also love the centerpiece. Flowers and bunnies, how cute!

  4. "SPECTACULAR"! Loved every detail, BUT, my favorite,favorite, VERY favorite thing "IS" "Your Gorgeous Tablecloth"!!! WOW!!! You are Beautiful AND Oh So Talented...Did that earn me an honorable mentioned on the VERY BOTTOM of your will, just in case your dear ones don't have your taste in linens!hehe
    Hugs, Donna

  5. Hi Sheila,
    what a lovely spring table, and love that bunny vase so adorable, and can't believe you croquetted that gorgeous tablecloth. Your children
    are gonna be so blessed to get them one of these days.
    Everything is simply lovely,

    Happy St. Patricks Day
    Irish blessings to you, Nellie

  6. Your Spring table is just very Spring..Just adore the collection of your dinnerware...I must remember to bring out my mother's crocheted tablecloth. I so treasure it and have it stored away..

    Thank you for joining the Egg-xellent Spring Party. I so appreciate you linking your beautiful tablescape!

  7. Sheila, when I see your songs I imagine you sitting at the piano and singing them to me. Do you sing too? I love your beautiful, springy table. All the PINKness is wonderful. Love those S and P's and the teeny tureen! Have a beautiful weekend. XO, Pinky

  8. I've just recently started collecting red/pink transferware dishes. So far I have 3 little pieces, but you have to start somewhere, right? Your table looks gorgeous!

    I had to youtube Little Bunny FooFoo and the song is just as goofy as I remembered. :@

  9. I used to love that song, it was always so happy!!! Love the pink tablescape....very pretty!!! I have the exact same pieces in blue, even the divided dish....but most amazing is the tablecloth you made!!! That was a lot of labor there girl!!! God bless your little fingers....and hugs to you...cleo

  10. Sheila, I love your china! It's one of my favorites! And your centerpiece does draw me in! Oh it's all so perfect!
    Thanks for sharing at my first party!

  11. Love the wonderful dishes love love your beautiful tablecloth everything just looks so inviting and welcoming...good job shelia you are a sweetie.....

  12. Sheila,I so love your pink dinnerware,I save this colourway too,Love it. Your table is beautiful,I pinned it. Thank you. I love the picker upper,so cute. I call them thongs,but from now on picker uppers they will be :)
    You are so cllllleeeevvver to have crocheted that beautiful cloth. All I can do is double and trebles, no patterns. The bunny vase is delightful. OOOOH I'm in love with this post.

    xx jeanettann


  13. Sheila,I so love your pink dinnerware,I save this colourway too,Love it. Your table is beautiful,I pinned it. Thank you. I love the picker upper,so cute. I call them tongs,but from now on picker uppers they will be :)
    You are so cllllleeeevvver to have crocheted that beautiful cloth. All I can do is double and trebles, no patterns. The bunny vase is delightful. OOOOH I'm in love with this post.

    xx jeanettann PS just corrected thongs, should have been TONGS thongs are what we call flip flops hereLOL


  14. Well, everything is just precious of course...but the red transferware vase with the bunnies just plain stole my heart! Looks sooo Springtime! Love it all!
    But then I love your home to bits anyway!!

  15. Sheila,
    SWEET MAMA, do I LOVE those dishes!! LOL!!
    STUNNING tablescape!!


  16. Very pretty and perfect for spring. I am in awe that you crocheted that tablecloth. It's beautiful and will certainly be a treasured heirloom for Carter.

  17. Beautiful Spring table setting Shelia! I LOVE faux too and faux loves me!! Enjoy your weekend, Gail

  18. The pink willow is delightful Shelia. The Foo Foo Bunnies could not be any cuter. Makes me want such a vase too. Hugs, olive

  19. Hi Shelia,
    Your dining room and tablescape is drop jaw gorgeous! I love it all.


  20. I love the dishes you chose for your table, Shelia! I'm a fan of transferware, too. I almost bought real tulips from one of our local grocery stores here but it was a bit too much for me.

  21. Gorgeous table - love the bunny vase with the tulips, I'm a faux girl just like you. The crocheted table cloth is stunning, you are so amazingly talented, Shelia, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing all the beauty of your table with us. Hugs ~ Mary

  22. Hello Sheila,

    What's in the menu? I am coming!
    Love your table setting and dinning room!


  23. Gorgeous Spring table Shelia. I love the dinnerware, especially.

  24. What a beautiful table setting! I like faux flowers too. They're less work and last forever. Ha! Your pink willow dishes are perfect for Spring.

  25. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Centerpiece is beautiful with the bunny's on the vase, I also love your Pink Willow China plates go's great for Spring, your crocheted tablecloth looks Gorgeous with your Tablescape. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Hippity" Hoppity". I hope you have a wonderful St.Patrick's Day with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  26. Love the pink willow - I haven't seen it very much in pink over the years. The shapes are similar to the blue willow made by Churchill. I'm curious to know if it is Churchill. Beautiful tablescape, as always. Sally

  27. Your table setting is beautiful. It's very cheery and ready for spring. Your bunny foo foo's have done a great job.

  28. Beautiful and Springy! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. Shelia I think this is one of my favorite tablescapes you have done. From the cute bunnies holding up that adorable vase to the very sweet napkins this table is perfection. Springy colors and beautiful vintage and new all mixed in to make this a table I would love to sit down at! Hugs to you! Linda

  30. Hi Shelia, just perfect pink beauty in this tablescape. The s&p's are so cute. I like the bunny vase as well. Happy Sporing to you. xo

  31. what a gorgeous tablescape. I love your Dishes Grace xoox

  32. Yep, picker upper will do...I have the same one,lol..I love your crochet tablecloth, it's gorgeous, such talent! The pink lovelies are that, lovely! and the bunny pink vase is perfectly adorable! Have a nice spring weekend dear sweet lady.

  33. Gorgeous many hours of work in it! It makes a beautiful backdrop for your dishes. Love the vase...and the tureen.

  34. Beautiful table, Shelia. Love the pink tulips.

  35. Shelia, your tablescape is stunning. I love that you crocheted that stunning tablecloth. Wow, so pretty. Your picker upper tongs are gorgeous. Such a beautiful table. Hugs, Marty

  36. Oh Shelia, I love love love your table. The crocheted tablecloth is exquisite. My mother used to make them, but somehow I don't have any. I think because I'm the youngest and my older sisters got them. I would give anything for one. Your Willow dishes are beautiful. You have so many pretty things. Love the centerpiece. I always feel inspired by your designs. Thanks so much.

  37. This is just beautiful, Shelia...every last bit of it! I WANT that pretty vase with the bunnies! And I love your hand crocheted tablecloth, I have seen some of them before. You are so talented!

    Happy Spring!


  38. What a stunning collection of dishes and trinkets! Spring most definitely has arrived at your place!

    Thanks so very much for stopping and leaving such a sweet comment about my bloggy facelift! I really appreciated it!

    Best wishes for a lovely weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

  39. Shelia -- what an absolute treasure that tablecloth is! I do love your Pink Willow -- those are the cutest salt & peppers!

  40. Your table looks lovely! Those bunnies do a great job! Spring has sprung at your house.
    Here from all 3 table parties! :)

  41. Hi Sheila, I can NOT believe that you made that gorgeous tablecloth. It is a nice size too.
    It would take me an eternity to finish that. Actually longer, I forgot I don't crochet. lol! Love your entire table. The pink willow looks so pretty. I have one bowl and a little creamer, that's it. Love the bunny vase and those faux tulips are quality. They look real!

  42. Shelia as always its a total delight to call by and see what you've been up to, so so pretty. Oh and I just love the colour of the walls!! Like a toffee colour?
    Fond wishes

  43. Shelia, your dining room looks beautiful all dressed up for spring. I admire you for having the patience to crochet that lovely tablecloth. I crochet very fast but get bored doing large projects. It is stunning on your table with all the pretty dishes, flowers and everything else. You have influenced me to go clean and dress up our dining room. I need a gorgeous hand crocheted tablecloth to complete the look. Oh well..... I'll just have to go with what I have.
    Hope you have a nice weekend. ------------ Shannon

  44. Hi Shelia, I'm in love with this tablescape, it is just beautiful. So many things here I love. First the crocheted tablecloth, it is exquisite! Yes, I think the Pink Willow is perfect for a spring table. I love pink too Shelia and you have such a beautiful collection here. The chargers with the lovely rose are a perfect addition and really show the pink. The pretty napkins and stems. Oh, your silverware, what a treasure from your aunt! The centerpiece bunny vase, well all I can say is I want one too! How perfect for spring and Easter with your tulips. Beautiful tablescape.
    Happy Spring Shelia……

    The french Hutch

  45. Shelia, what a wonderful Spring table!! You have so many lovely treasures to showcase! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  46. Your table is lovely, Shelia, I love those dishes! I would love to have some like that. Your lovely faux tulips look gorgeous, even if they smell gorgeous!
    Hugs, Cindy

  47. Gorgeous table setting, Shelia! I love the crocheted table cloth...everything, actually! That bunny vase is precious!

  48. Love your Springy table! Pink willow is so gorgeous. My dear, little mother always had the blue but I love the pink, too. Love me some faux flowers, too - I have faux daffodils on my table right now.

  49. Oh my, it all looks so elegant and beautiful! You did a wonderful job on your tablespcape. I really love your dishes, and well, EVERYTHING! =)
    Happy St. Patties Day! xo ~Liz

  50. Such a classic and beautiful tablescape, Shelia! I love your Pink Willow pieces, and your Bunny Foo Foo vase is lovely ... the perfect compliment to your beautiful tulips! Spring has truly arrived in your home. :)

  51. So pretty! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  52. Oh so pretty Shelia! I have always loved your pretty red dishes! Just Spring to a T is your Tablescape!

  53. I'm in awe that you can crochet a tablecloth! Beautiful table!

  54. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Such a pretty pink table. I do adore those dihes and your beautiful crocheted tablecloth and the sweet bunnies peeking up all over the lace.
    a lovely place to dine.
    Have a wonderful day

  55. As always very beautiful. Love visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing. Hugs to my blog friend. Karie

  56. I like pinks, I adore the Willow patterns, and I'm in love with those darling Foo Foo Bunnies holding up the marvelous vase. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  57. Your table is beautiful! I love your pink willow I have the blue - given to me by my grandmother - I would love to have some pink to mix with it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  58. Shelia,
    WoW...what a lovely Spring tablescape! Your willow dinnerware is magnificient! I adore the silver serving tongs!But it's your centerpiece that stole my heart!


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