Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Play and Eat

Hello Dear Ones! Do you like kitchen gadgets? Well, I do and do I have one to show you today!

 My Mr. Precious is so thoughtful and he brought me a little gift ~Eggies! Just like on TV! :) I'm sure you've seen it. Boiled eggs without the shells. Sounds good to me!
Well I opened up my box of Eggies, gave them a good bubble bath and then the instructions said to add a dab of oil to each little plastic Eggies so the boiled egg would not stick. Okay, so I did it all that.
Then I carefully cracked my eggs and so slowly poured the raw eggs into the Eggies.

 I carefully placed my little Eggies into my pot of water and turned on the heat! Bubble bubble, toil and trouble! See, they're boiling just fine!

 Okay, out of the pot of boiling water and onto a plate. You can see some of the egg escaped. I may have not screwed the little Eggies lid on tight enough.

I have to tell you, at this point I was so excited! ;) Here I'm holding up a little Eggie with the boiled egg in it. Pretty cute, huh?

 The top is unscrewed and we're almost ready! Can you feel the eggcitement! :) I'm just so clever and all! :)
You know I'm teasing, well, sort of.

 Ta dah! See! A hardboiled egg without the shell and it's flat on the bottom. Pretty perfect. Flat bottomed eggs! :)

 Here you can see all six hard boiled flat bottomed eggs. Aren't they cute? They can stand, well maybe that's SIT, on their own.

After all of that hard work playing with my Eggies it was time to eat my eggs and they tasted wonderful! I baked up some biscuits, poked some jam on my plate and I was off to the races! If you're wondering where the white of the egg is ~ I don't eat the whites, I just eat the yellow! I know, I know, not too healthy but the white is just too slicky in my most tiny sensitive mouth! I'm very delicate you know! ;)

Well, shoot! Now I have to wash all of these little Eggie cups. Nothing's easy is it? :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Since I Fell For You

When you just give love, and never get love,
you'd better let love depart.
I know it's so, and yet I know,
I can't get you out of my heart.
You made me leave my happy home.
You took my love, and now you've gone,
since I fell for you ...
Love brings such misery and pain.
I guess I'll never be the same,
since I fell for you ...
Well it's too bad, and it's too sad,
but I'm in love with you ...
You love me, then you snub me.
But what can I do, I'm still in love with you.
Well, I guess I'll never see the light.
I get the blues most every night,
since I fell for you ...
Since I fell for you.