Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Call Me 'Determined'!

Hello, Dear Ones! I've missed you all so much. First of all I want to thank you all for your comments to me this past week. Your visits mean the world to me! :)

Now, just call me 'Determined'! Yes, ma'am!

I've finished the booger afghan! Yes, I've finished it!

Cast your most gorgeous peepers on this puppy!

What do you think? Well, as I told you earlier I tore this apart two times! Now I'm glad I did because I decided I would alternate the colors of the flowers. I'm glad I did as I like it so much better this way. It started out just with the pumpkin colored flowers.

Look at my most lovely handiwork! :) Isn't it amazing that with just a bit of yarn you can go to town and make something pretty?

I don't know exactly how long this afghan has taken me to get it finished. But I can tell you, I have worked on it almost every moment for the last week. I even dreamed in crochet! I did, I really did! :)

Here she is thrown over the den sofa. Looks pretty good, huh? This afghan weighs a ton too!

Next I took her to the living room and tossed her on my winged back chair - again, looks pretty good!

Here's my artsy snap for you of her all nicely folded on the sofa in the living room. I think this snap looks a little like a photo from a 1960s magazine! :)

I wish the little flowers' petals would stay down nice and neat but they do like to flop around.
As I told you earlier this is a Christmas present. It's for my daughter and son-in-law. She is so busy with little Carter she doesn't look at my blog often so hopefully she won't see this.

Here's another little artsy snap for you! Now, I want to encourage you ~ when something seems difficult, don't give up! I really should have read the instructions for this afghan a little better before I started because parts of the instructions were not clear. I didn't join my circles the way the pattern said to and I made my border a little differently too because the instructions didn't make much sense to me. So...I winged it at times but it seems to have turned out okay! :)

I confess, I feel like I've given birth ~ well, all except the contractions and pain~ :) But blood (sort of ), sweat and tears were shed! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You're Havin' My Baby

Havin' my baby
What a lovely way of sayin'
How much you love me
Havin' my baby
What a lovely way of sayin'
What you're thinkin' of me
I can see it, face is glowin'
I can see in your eyes
I'm happy you know it

That you're havin' my baby
You're the woman I love
And I love what it's doin' to ya

Havin' my baby

You're a woman in love
And I love what's goin' through ya

Havin' my baby

I'm a woman in love
And I love what it's doin' to me
And you're havin' my baby
~ sung by Paul Anka