Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've Fallen in the Kitchen

Hello, Dear Ones! Yes, ma'am, I've Fallen in the kitchen ~ well, in the little corners of my counter top. I see many of you are starting to Fall around in your homes and I thought I'd start too! :)

Here's the first little Fallen corner I want to show you. I've used a little punkin tureen I found a couple of years ago at a thrift store and poked Fallen faux flowers in it! You know how I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me as I just use them over and over again!

I love the Fallen faux flowers and all the vibrant colors. I'm seeing some white Fallen decorating going on and I love to look at it, but honey, I love colors!

Here's a little olden platter I'm using because the colors look so sweet and Fallen!

The punkin top lid and ladle are sitting by quietly and looking so cute! I love this stuff! :)

Here's my other little Fallen corner. I'm using the same place mat as the other corner. I love using placemats for my little vignettes in the kitchen. They seem to ground my things and also act as a little buffer in case I slam something down so hard! :)

Now Dear Ones, this is one of my most favorite looks! Did I create it originally? No no Nannette, I did not. But I saw a tomato can like this with flowers poked in it and it was under a cloche and I fell in love with its cuteness. My friend Dot at Picket's Place is so creative and this is a copy cat of hers. I used this for spring and summer, with different flowers, in my kitchen. Well, I didn't want to mess up a good thing so here it is again all Fallen. Thank you Picket for giving me inspiration and not minding that I copy catted you! ;) I love the Land of Blog, don't you?

Here is an amber glass Rooster looking so cute surrounded by a flower and a tiny punkin!

Here you can see my 'back drop' plate. I have a set of these dishes and just love the colors and of course the big ole Rooster! :)

One last little corner to show you. This is the little desk area in the breakfast room all Falled up!
I've backed up in the corner my tray with all the same nice colors.

I guess Roosters are enjoying the Falleness of my kitchen for here is another Rooster item - my cute little pitcher filled with faux flowers. Love my fauxs! :)

Then I've poked down this olden couple. They are so cute but I do believe they are having an argument at the moment! Mrs. Roo is giving Mr. Roo 'the eye' while Mr. Roo is looking all smug and I don't think he's going to give in. Oh, the drama these yard birds cause! :)

One last little Fallness - a tiny little cloche on a tiny little Fostoria pedestal with tiny little gourds and punkins underneath the dome. Now I do believe I've Fallen enough in my kitchen.
Have you Fallen in your house yet? I'm sure I'll be Fallen all over my house in the next few weeks. So stay tuned.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ just because I love this song! :)

A Sunday Kind of Love,

I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night
And I’d like to know it’s more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea yea

I want a a love that’s on the square
Can’t seem to find somebody
Someone to care
And I’m on a lonely road that leads to no where
I need a Sunday kind of love

I do my Sunday dreaming, Oh yea
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day

Oh I’m hoping to discover
A certain kind of lover
Who will show me the way

And my arms need someone
Someone to enfold
To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold
Love for all my life to have and to hold
Oh and I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea yea yea

I don’t want a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, Friday or Saturday
Oh nothing but Sunday oh yea
I want a Sunday Sunday
I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yea
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of loooove
~ sung by Etta James


  1. I have fallen too, and I don;t want to get up. haha I am in Autumnal Heaven. My absolute favorite time of the year. If I could find a state that had eternal Fall weather I would move there tomorrow. :)

  2. You scared me with the fallen comment. Don't do that. But love how you worked your little corner of the counter. The tomato can idea is the best! After the pumpkin taureen find.

  3. Love all of your fall decor. It is fabulous. The pumpkin tureen is wonderful and of course I adore your cloches. Hugs, marty

  4. You are all FALLED UP!Richard from my old Historic House.

  5. Your fallen vignettes are fun! I love them all, especially the tomato can with flowers!! How did I miss that at Dot's? I am totally in love with your pumpkin tureen, such a soft color and so pretty.

    You have done a great job so far, Shelia. I can't wait to see more!!


  6. I am ready to fall also! Your colors are soooo pretty!

  7. You sure do Fallen mighty purdy..
    Love the cloche over mator:) no one else would think to do something that cute, but you... absolutely adorable.
    doing some fall around here to be ready for parties this coming week.

    see ya soon

  8. I have NOT put out 1(one)not one fall thing yet! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! :)


  9. I'm loving your fall look in the kitchen. I have started to put out a few things too - even outside, although the summer flowers are still looking pretty gorgeous in their pinkness. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  10. No falls here YET! I have to get some cooler weather first....I hope it is coming!!??!!
    I love your have some gorgeous deep colored fav!!

  11. Lovin' your fall vignettes Sheila! The amber rooster is great, I just love all the fall colors-have fun:@)

  12. Love that your Fallin (that's a Texas word isn't it?) in your kitchen! Each and every deatil looks so great! That is a really cute Hunt's can "vase" you're using. So unique of you to think of it!

    I would love for you to link to Potpourri Party #2 in progress. We are have a great time! Your participation would make it even better!

  13. Lovely "fallen" decor. It has cooled off here in TN...thank goodness. Fallen is sounding pretty good right now.

  14. Love the Hunts tomato can, Shelia! Every year about this time, you have "fallen" and I always expect you to!

  15. You are the Sweetie! And I get another chance to see you Fall kitchen!

    I am so pleased that you linked to Potpourri Friday. Your participation certainly makes the party more successful . I appreciate you and hope you will make this one of your regular stops each week!

  16. Shelia, you had me worried for a minute with the "fallen in the kitchen" phrase. Love what you've done....I thought the flowers were real! Cute Hunt's can, too....what a great idea! Linda

  17. Just beautiful beautiful... I wanted to crawl in my computer and grab that rooster plate, then when I read on , you actually have a whole set of that. Girl! that ain't right... We were at Cracker Barrel and I saw this huge pearlized white rooster, I was in love, but it was pricey. So I moved on, my dear MIL, went back and bought it for me for my birthday. Can't wait to get it on the mantle in the kitchen in NC.


  18. Oh, Thank you Shelia! I've wanted to fallen and have been waiting for somebody to start the ball rolling! You've captured that "early fallen" season between the long hot summer and the autumn that contains Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's such a short and sweet season, don't you think, and stars the delicious harvest bounty. Thanks again! Annie

  19. Sheila, I've fallen in love with your breakfast room desk vignette and that beautiful dark rooster pitcher. Everything is so pretty at your house. I need to get busy.

  20. I love all of your special Fall touches! The colors of autumn are some of my favorite colors! I enjoyed taking a walk with you in the previous post, too! I hope you're have a wonderful weekend! ♥ Now where's that tomato can I put in the recycles! ♥

  21. Your little sweet kitchen looks so cute ~ Love your decorations... especially the pumpkin!!!

  22. Oh Miss Shelia I love how you've been "Fallen" around!! Your vignettes look beautiful, I especially love your rooster ones! Martina

  23. Oh the little can under glass is so adorable, you make me want to get going with my fall decorating. I just love the way you put things together!

  24. Shelia, you are soo devious! You knew we all would run over here as fast as we could get here when we saw " I've Fallen", didn't you? Well I'm glad you are ok and since you got me here, let me tell you how much I like your Fallen designs. You are so good at putting together pretty vignettes using things you already have and love. The tureen is such a pretty color. Now, you take care if you do anymore Fallen!! Shannon

  25. love the can under glass.. so glad you showed this again.. it's a great idea.. so many pretty cans out there too. you've fallen so prettily. It all looks fabulous.. xo marlis

  26. Shelia, I have a little pumpkin very similar to yours, and I am *so* stealing your idea. This corner of your kitchen is *to die for* and autumn-licious!

    Ricki Jill

  27. With it still over 100 here in Arizona I haven't got in the mood to look at my fall decorations yet. Hopefully it will cool off soon and then I can start "falling" too!!

  28. Oh goodness- already so pretty with fall decorating!! I must get going on that. Went yard saling and found a few things to bring fall into my home! NOw to get those goodies up and out.

  29. Hi Shelia, The best thing about blogging is meeting lovely friends like you. The other thing is being inspired by others. Be inspired and run with it. I would do the same. BTW, you are one of the dear blogging friends in my life that inspires me. Your fall inspirations are all beautiful. I need to get busy and 'fall' too.
    Love, Jeanne

  30. Hi Shelia, I love all your touches of fall but I especially love that rooster pitcher and the vignette you created using it!

    Have a wonderful day,

  31. I absolutely love your kitchen corner vignettes. The Hunts tomato can is so clever! I may borrow that idea from you both. The placemats used for grounding is an excellent idea! Susie

  32. I never fall, except thru you. Your creations of seasons are just charming & so inviting ... you will a room with delight, Shelia.

    May God continue to help us all heal & bless the souls once again.

    God Bless America, may she stand FREE forever.

    TTFN ~

  33. Beautiful, Shelia! Love all of your roos ... and, the soup can serving as a vase all under the cloche is so cute! And, your placemats truly do serve as a perfect anchor for your lovely vignettes!

  34. Hi Sheila,
    You have some many ideas in this post that I love! The cloche you put together with the Fosteria pedestal is wonderful. The platter tucked in the corner is another favorite in this post. The tomato can :). Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  35. Hello Shelia! I just love the colors. They are so lively and happy :) Have a great week beautiful

  36. Just beautiful. I love your fallen look, and my you sure do have some lovely roo's there....just adore the roo plate.

  37. Oh Yes, I have fallen too! I dont want to use that word fallen because I'm so afraid of falling (again), but seeing that you have fallen and not broken anything then I will say I too have each corner you have fallen in...
    Enjoy time..


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