Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sorrow and Joy

Dear Ones, I hope you're all doing well. If you visit me often you know I like to keep my blog upbeat and hopefully bring a smile to your most gorgeous face every once in a while. Well, sometimes things happen in our lives that make us very sad. I know we have many prayer warriors in Blogland and I'm asking for you to join your hearts with me on this request. Mr. Precious' sister has been diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctors say they can't do anything for her but keep her comfortable and has said she may have 3 - 6 months to live. She's only 63. I consider myself a woman of strong faith and of course I'm asking our mighty God for a miracle and I know He's bigger than anything that can be thrown against us. His will will be done. If she isn't healed on this earth, she certainly will be healed in heaven. She is married and has 3 grown children who also need our prayers. Thank you so much, Dear Ones, for your love and support during this time.

Now for some wonderful news filled with joy!!

Our girls are coming to visit us for 2 weeks! We're so excited! S0n-in-law is going for a conference and my girls are coming to grandma's! Woohooness! Little Carter is walking now and trying to talk and we're just going to have a marvelous time. I've been buying toys, clothes and little snacks for my little darling.

So I won't be around much in the next two weeks or so as I want to spend as much time with my girls as I can. I'll try to pop in on you from time to time.

Love you all and you're such a big wonderful part of my life.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll skip the Note Song for today.


  1. Sending prayers your way, Shelia. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and granddaughter. Blessings to you and your family, xo

  2. Shelia I am so sorry to here about your sister-in-law,she'll be in my prayers. How wonderful it is having your girls for two whole weeks, I'm sure there is going to be a lot of spoiling going on!! Enjoy your time together and take lots of pics to show us! Martina

  3. Oh I am so sorry Miss Sheila to hear of this. I will keep your sister in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy every minute with her and your family. XO

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Of course she has our prayers. I believe strongly in prayer. My father-in-law had colon cancer which spread to his liver. The oncologist gave him two years with invasive chemo. John chose not to take chemo and focused on the quality of his time left. He lived five happy years more. So you tell your sister-in-law to be strong and have faith. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and grandbaby! By the way ~ I love the word woowhoness and plan to use it often!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. Shelia,
    Sorrow and joy indeed. I shall certainly be praying for Mr. Precious' sister. I've seen plenty of miracles and I'm going to believe to see one for her!
    What a wonderful 2 weeks you'll have! Enjoy every moment!

  6. I will keeep you all in my prayers.

  7. praying for you and and your sister sweet Shelia..all my love,


  8. Dear Sheila,
    I am so sorry to read about your sister and I will lift her in prayers for God's love to see her through this journey. Prayers for her children and for you also, as I know your heart is hurting.
    So thrilled for you to have your dear ones for a visit. Enjoy them each and every minute.
    Blessings always,
    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  9. What a bittersweet post Shelia. Your faith in Jesus will see you and your husband through this. How wonderful for those of us who believe to know that there is healing for your Sister-In-Law just as said so sweetly in your post. I will be praying for all of you.
    Enjoy your time with you girls!

  10. Shelia - My heart goes out to you as I know what it feels like to watch a loved one struggle with cancer. I will keep you in my prayers. Have a wonderful time with the 'girls'. I too will have to sign off next week as my son is getting married and there is lots to do at the last of the week. I will be thinking of you and your sister. Hugs, Deb

  11. Hello Sheila! I will surely include her in my prayers. Have faith, there's always a rainbow after each storm.

  12. Shelia I am so sorry for this sad news. I will keep your SIL in my prayers and your whole family. I am glad your girls are coming for a long visit. I know how much seeing my Grandson means to me. Enjoy and I'm praying for that miracle along with you.
    hugs, Linda

  13. Oh, I'm so sorry for your sil! I will most certainly pray for her and her family...very sad and sweet post, hon. Your little Carter is just so precious! My daughter and her two cuties live 3 hrs. away and I feel like you when they come! Enjoy your visit to it's fullerst dear Shelia. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  14. Oh Shiela, I will certainly call her name up in prayer. I am the SAME age as her---way to young. Your daughter and grand are just precious, so happy for you to have this visit.

  15. My prayers are going up...


  16. Dear Shelia,

    Sending prayers for your sister in law...I am so sorry.

    Enjoy your time with your family.

    You are so sweet........♥

    Hugs, Barb

  17. Sheila, I am so very sorry to hear about your sisters cancer. I will keep her in my prayers too! I hope you enjoy your precious family as well!

  18. Sending prayers Sheila and wishing you a wonderful visit with your daughter and darling grand-daughter!
    I know your going to have the best time with that little cutie!

  19. Life... throws us hard ones and I will pray. Then life turns around and sends us joy. Have fun.

  20. Experiencing great joy and great sorrow ... life's conditions for living.

    I will keep your precious sister-in-law in my thoughts ... hugs and kisses to your little ones.

  21. Hi Shelia,
    I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, so please know that I will be keeping your sister-in-law in my thoughts and prayers. Bless her heart. I will keep your entire family in prayer, too! ((HUGS))

    Have fun with the girl's. Have a great weekend! XOXO ~Liz

  22. Oh Shelia, I am so sorry for your sad news. I have and will continue to pray. I know the Lord hears us and he is the God of Miracles.

    I am thrilled for you that the girls will be there for a visit. I know you will have a wonderful time. Such precious moments. Take tons of pics, we want to see it all. Hugs, Marty

  23. Sheila I'm so sorry to hear the sad news, my thoughts are with you and your family.

    I am thrilled that you will have such special company for the next couple weeks-have fun:@)

  24. Shelia, Sending prayers your way for your sister in law and all the family.
    I know you're thrilled the girls are coming, what fun and joy they will bring.
    hugs ~lynne~

  25. Hi Shelia, I will keep your sister in our prayers, we serve a mighty God! Have fun with your family this week!

  26. The fact that your blog is normally so upbeat and cherrful, makes this news all the more poignant. Of course I will pray for your husband's family....and for you too, that you will be able to be a tower of comfort, in this time of enormous sadness, as well as receiving the comfort you yourself need.

    Big huge hugs to you,


  27. Sheila, prayers are already going up. So sorry to hear that. It is in God's hands now. I know you are thrilled to see that grandbaby again and your daughter. I know you will spoil her rotten and that's o.k.

  28. Shelia, of course I will pray! I believe our God is mighty too. And we will just agree in prayer for your sister in law that she will be strengthened and touched. give yourself a hug from me too...I know this is hard on you.

  29. Sending prayers your way sweet Shelia. I pray for you, your husband and his sister that God will heal her and bring peace to all of you.


  30. Richard at My old Historic House says, you got my thoughts and prayers. Life is a challenge and we have to face up to it. All my love.

  31. I will sure keep her in my prayers, Shelia.
    Glad you will have your family around you soon.
    Carter is a cutie!

  32. Thinking of you and your sil and family and sending prayers your way. I'm glad you will have your family with you soon, too. Take care, Shelia.

  33. My prayers will include your SIL for sure. My brother came up with the same kind of cancer and was given 3 months to live. He survived 6 and was gone. His funeral was on his 50th birthday.
    Yay for your daughter coming...have 2 weeks of pure heaven my friend! :D

  34. Hi Shelia,
    I am sorry to hear about your sister in law and I will pray for her and her loved ones.

    It will so much fun to have your daughter and her little one to visit-I am sure you will have lots of fun.
    Thank you for your sweet comment.

  35. So sorry to hear this Sheila. I will pray for your Sister In Law and her family.
    Have a lovely time with your daughter and little Carter. You must be so excited about their visit.

  36. I'm so sorry for your sad news. My heart is with you. But I'm happy you're going to have your girls there with you awhile.

  37. I am sending a prayer up for your sister-in-law are so right God will take care of her if she may not be here but in heaven. Trish

  38. Also praying for all!!!
    Enjoy the time with your sweet little Grandkids!

  39. Thanks for the updates Shelia.... We just never know what is going to happen...
    But I know you will be happy with the girls with you.
    Love, Lorraine

  40. Dear Shelia,
    Very sorry about this illness your sister-in-law has been diagnosed with.
    Very sorry.

    Will pray,

  41. My prayers are with your sister in law and with each of you.

    How grand to be anticipating a visit from your daughter and granddaughter. Take lots of photos to share.

  42. Best wiahes for your sister in law and family.

    Enjoy your time with the girls.

  43. So sorry to hear your sad news Shelia, my thoughts are with you and your family as you pray for a miracle.

    I can't believe your granddaughter is so big already, it seems like she was just born and now you'll be chasing her around. I know her visit will bring you happiness now when your spirits need lifting.

    God bless you and your family.

  44. Shelia, I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and will pray for her and the family. I'm happy that your girls are coming for a nice visit. Won't you have a fun time with Carter! She is a sweetie! Blessings, Pamela

  45. Shelia, I am so sorry to hear this news and we will definitely be keeping your sister-in-law and her family in our prayers. This is when the real stuff of faith kicks in. Both in praying for a miracle and in trusting in His sovereignty!

  46. Oh Shelia, I so very sorry for the sad news,, I would be so Happy to keep her in my Prayers, as well as her family and for you and your husband.
    How exciting; your girls are coming for a visit,,little Carter is getting so big, she is so adorable and beautiful... have a great time with them.... God Bless you all;

  47. Shelia, I'm saddened to hear about your sister-in-law. I lost a long time friend to cancer this past week. The third friend taken by cancer since January.
    I'm glad you will have your girls close to you in the coming weeks. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  48. Shelia, enjoy every moment with your girls and all of us bloggy prayer warriors will do our part to help!!!
    Have a beautiful visit!!!

  49. Oh Yes, I will be praying for you all! Miracles Do Happen!
    Enjoy your girls...
    VERY Big Squishy Hugs coming to you Sweetie!

  50. Shelia, My prayers are being raised up for your sister-in-law and for all who know and love her.
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter and precious little Carter.

  51. Shelia...I am so sorry for this sad news. But rejoicing that you get to have your precious family come visit. Enjoy. Life is wonderful, but difficult!

  52. Prayers for your sister and your family Shelia!!

  53. Shelia -- I'm so sorry for your family and the dreadful report from your SIL. I do pray for healing and know that our most gracious father does indeed heal in this life or the next. Praying for comfort for you all and her family as well. I know you'll enjoy that time with your precious girls.

  54. Praying... for comfort and memory-making and peace -- no matter what lies ahead.

    Thanks for your nice comments tonight. I hope you enjoy those sweet girls! I know you will!

  55. You can count on my prayers. I am so glad they have a plan to keep her comfortable - and free from pain.

    Love to you and your family.♥

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  57. Oh Shelia, I will be on bended knee before the thrown of our heavenly father asking and praying for his blessings of a miracle. I know how hard it is to lose someone to cancer (my Father) but the lord blessed him with a peaceful sleep. I pray that if the lord's will is not what we here on this earth pray for then my prayers are for God to give you all strength and to know she will be with our heavenly father seeing him face to face and seeing things we only here can imagine. May that image be pictured in all of your minds and give you some kind of peace.

    GOD grant you peace and strength.

  58. Shelia,

    Of course we will pray! This news is shocking to say the lease. May I just say my dad was diagnosed late August last year with a rare form of liver cancer. We were told 3 maybe 6 months. We are now 10 months along....and so far he is strong and fighting. Although there are good & bad days. We always have hope and prayer...we will include your family in ours.

  59. Oh, my friend - You and your dear ones are in my prayers! May the arms of the Father hold each of you close and whisper peace to your hearts.

    Have a wonderful time with your girls. Can't wait to see more of Miss Carter and her antics.

  60. Your room is lovely and it's coming together so well! I love your new loveseat - and that pillow? Oh, swoon! I like your ideas and can't wait to see what you find for the walls when it all comes your way.

  61. I just know I posted here but I can't find it anywhere.
    I am so sorry for this sadness..please know I will be praying for everyone concerned.
    Bless her heart...I am asking God for a complete IS possible..with HIM.
    XO bj


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