Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Olden Better

Yay, my followers list is back! Hope the Blogging issues are just about over. I still can't long in to my blog on Google Chrome. I'm back on Firefox! I hope you're all breathing a tiny little sigh of relief this morning too. Thank you to all who emailed me who couldn't comment on my blog!


Hello, Dear Ones. I have a redo to share with you today.
I found an olden chest and knew I loved her but she looked so tired.

Here she sits in all of her tired oldenness. Bless her heart

I knew she had possibilities!

So out in the garage, I got down and dirty! :)
Primed her up and she already looked better.
Now don't laugh at me ~ those little hangy downs would not come off.
I tried a screw driver and the heads of the screws were already stripped.
I got out the pliers and tried that.
Nope. Didn't work. Shoot!
I just had to leave them on the drawers!
Does anyone know what to do when you can't get off the hardware?

Here she sits.
Now Dear Ones, some of you have drop cloths hanging at your windows,
I have them on the garage floor all yucked up!
I decided to just sand the top and restain it.

Ta Dah! Here she is in all of her oldenness looking so much more spiffy!
Don't you just love her?

She's actually not this white in person.
I used Zinsser primer and then painted her with
Behr Premium Plus ~ Parchment Paper.
The color is a soft creamy creamy cream. You know that color, don't you? :)

Look at this! I do believe this little chest was a child's dresser.
On the back there is an area where a mirror had been attached.
The reason I say I believe it was a child's dresser is because it's so low to the ground.
Now Dear Ones, I'm only 4' 11 1/2" tall and the top of this doesn't even come up to my most shapely hips! Now you know I'm teasing on that! :)

I didn't have access to the wonderful waxes everyone is using
so I just grabbed some clear Minwax.
I thought waxing was hard but quicker than painting on a poly sealer.

I love seeing all of the glazing you all do but alas, again I didn't have any glaze and don't know nuttin' about it. So being the most creative one whom I am, I grabbed a little bottle of my olden craft paint in brown and rubbed it in these little grooves down the legs and wiped it off!
Voila! It worked.

Did I do good? Please tell me I did! :)

Now I almost don't like these little knobs since they gave me so much trouble.
I just primed over them, then painted them, then rubbed on more craft paint on the guard at the back. I liked that look but didn't like how it looked on the hangy downs.
So, this is where I just amaze myself! :)
I got some old cleaning rags and wrapped them around the hangy downs so the drawer part would be protected and got out my Rustoleum hammered bronze and sprayed those little boogers!
I thought they turned out just fine.
I would have loved to have had the back guards this color too but they were not coming off!

Now gaze your most gorgeous peepers on the top.
Isn't she pretty and shiny?

Now I've poked down some sweet little things for you to see.
I love my doggys and this one was so happy to be the special one to sit here.

Then my olden basket who went through Hurricane Ike and came out all mildewed but was saved by bleaching and spray painted a dab, was poked full of hydrangeas.
Faux ones of course!

Lovely views of the fauxs!

I love my new little chest and now I will name her ~
Yes, ma'am, Charlotte it is!
She just looks like a Charlotte, don't you think?

Here's a fiddled with snap of the fauxs. Love this stuff.

There you go, Dear Ones, and I hope you've enjoyed getting to know my new olden Charlotte!

I'm joining these parties this week:

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Longer Than
Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens
I've been in love with you.

Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew
Deeper than any forest primeval
I am in love with you.

I'll bring fire in the winters
You'll send showers in the springs
We'll fly through the falls and summers
With love on our wings.

Through the years as the fire starts to mellow
Burning lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow
I'll be in love with you.
I'll be in love with you.

Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean
Higher than any bird ever flew
Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens
I've been in love with you
I am in love with you..
~ sung by Dan Fogelberg


  1. I love it! Such cute lines and looks really good now! :D

  2. This is so pretty! You did a great job redoing this dresser! Enjoy showcasing it in your home!

  3. Sheila, you did a great job on that. I love it. Don't start painting everything in site now like I do.

  4. Looks really sweet. Could you get one of those teeny brushes and paint the back thingys??? I bet it was a child's dresser!

  5. Oh Sheila Sweetie...
    Charlotte is just beautiful. I am clapping, clapping, and clapping some more. Please take a bow for a job well done. I love the little bell shaped drawer pulls. Sometimes they just do not want to come off. (I have been known to take a tiny little paint brush and add color in places to those little boogers when I can't get them off. You might be able to do that to the top parts, I don't know.) Either way it is beautiful.

    The top shines like a wooden floor. It is beautiful, and I am so tickled that you left it natural. It sure makes it pop. Love, LOVE it sweet friend.

    Thank you for sharing this evening. I am so darn tickled for you. What a treasure to have for years to come. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Love that chest! Wow what a difference paint makes!

  7. Sheila Charlotte is a beauty, you did a fabulous job fixing her up.

  8. Oh Shelia, that is just gorgeous! I love that you just shinied up the top instead of painting it too. Beautiful contrast! Please do stop by my blog and see why I've been missing in action for so long. I've got really big news!

    Love that Dan Fogleberg song. The world is just a little less bright since he has been gone.

    Kady@Life on the Edge

  9. Hi Shelia,
    I love Charlotte! She's a great looking gal and fits right in with your lovely home. Looks like you are venturing out into repurposing furniture. It's fun isn't it!!!!

    You did a wonderful job. Whenever I have those stubborn knobs and pulls, I just paint right over them!


  10. This turned out marvelously! Love thee contrast of the stained top with the creamy sides - you did a great job restoring your beautiful flowers! Lovely touches in decorating - the dog is precious!

  11. You did a fantastic job! It is beautiful! I love everything about it. You did yourself proud :) I am sure you will treasure it forever.

  12. Shelia! I didn't know you were so handy at furniture restoration! You deserve a blue ribbon for giving Ms. Charlotte a second life! She is more lovely than ever! The contrast of the dark wood top to the soft creamy bottom is SO purty! And you adorned her in a most southern fashion...hydrangeas are my favorites...fake ones, of course! Truly, this is a special piece!

  13. She looks great now!
    I didn't know you were such a little thing !?
    Love, Lorraine

  14. Hi Sheila, wow....what a wonderful job on the painting, it looks amazing! Love the hydrangeas and the puppy!
    have a great weekend,

  15. Turned out beautifully!!! Just lovve the white bottom and how you left the top the wood finish!

  16. Shelia, you did a super job on that old dresser! I love it. You were innovative when you didn't have the usual product too. I like that! Charlotte is beautiful and I love the dog and basket of hydrangeas on top. Well Done! Pamela

  17. Shelia,
    You did wonderfully! She looks fabulous! All fluffed and finished. Perfectly!
    I am repainting my 50 buck hutch. I hope I can get it to turn out the way I want it to.
    You've been an inspiration! I CAN DO THIS! AGAIN...

    :) Happy Memorial Day!
    Hugs! Karen

  18. Shelia you did real GOOD! I LOVE IT!! Martina

  19. It looks fabulous. What a great piece and I love that you left the top stained. I think that is so much more interesting. Beautiful vignette also. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  20. Charlotte is exquisite!, Shelia. I love the pulls JUST the way you hve them. They are gorgeous ... & the top is just a beauty of its own.

    You can be VERY proud of this redo. She stands out in all her regal beauty fo ryou to enjoy.

    Have a lovely & safe holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~

  21. Such a pretty piece...and I like that you contrasted the top and stained it a darker color! Very elegant! ♥

  22. Hi Sheila,
    Well you have been busy! Charolette is one lovely lady, you dressed her up very nicely! She has beautiful hardware, and I like the two tone, I have seen a lot of ladies painting the hardware too and have been thinking about trying it myself:-)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Yup, I am loving Charlotte! She looks mighty spiffy! Love the pink posies in the basket too.


  24. She is beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job!!! I even love the little "hangey downey thingys!!!

  25. Beautiful! I love how Charlotte turned out.

  26. You did good she is a doll...she does look like a Charlotte. I have been trying to leave a comment for what seems like days so I just gave up trying until tonight. Have a good weekend. Trish

  27. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Charlotte is a really cute dresser and it must have been made for a little child with its size. Neat how they could do that.
    Your paint job was good and it looks so sweet now. It sounds like you had so much fun making it not so olden but olden looking.
    hope you have a good Memorial day weekend.

  28. Great turned out... your efforts changed completely that tired dresser... The magic of paint... and your effort... the end result is simply gorgeous
    Hope you would like to visit my PINKIES



  29. You did an amazing job! I have to say, I love your hangie down parts, um, well, you know what i mean. It turned out just darling and I can never get enough of hydrangeas. Real or not, they are my favorites!

  30. That's just beautiful ... I love the finish.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  31. Well..I am dazzled at how your little dresser turned out. I am!! But, Shelia..I am delighted you could not get those gorgeous pulls off of Charlotte. Yes..I am most serious!
    Those pulls are some of the sweetest ones I've ever seen. I gasped when you wrote you were trying to get them off. They are just so precious.
    With the top of the dresser left it's natural just plain works! Good for you, little songbird! It's lovely...and you accessorized Charlotte perfectly...
    Love and hugs and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. You ALWAYS make me smile. But mostly, thank you so much for your continuing prayers for my daughter!

  32. I love how your itty bitty dresser turned out and the fact you left the original knobs on and the top natural. GREAT job, Sheila!!!!


  33. This came out wonderfully and an amen to what is I hope a break from Blogger problems for a while.

  34. I love that you didn't paint the top!

  35. Charlotte is gorgeous! You did a great job on her, and I DO know that color - soft creamy creamy cream! It's one of my faves. Well done, Shelia!

  36. Shelia,
    Charlotte looks wonderful in white! I do love white. Fresh, simple, elegant and beautiful!
    Great job!
    And thank you for your dear comment. I really appreciated it. Isaac is all better.

  37. Hi Shelia, you did a great job on that olden chest.....nice lines, and the painting turned out beautifully. I really want to paint a piece of furniture like you did! Linda

  38. Very cute!!! I just redid a dresser too!! :) I love the finish you put on this one! Looks fantastic!

  39. Well well look at you Sheila! That is a fabulous piece. I really love the wheels on it too. You did a great job of transforming this old beauty to a new life!

  40. She looks so fresh and pretty now, Shelia. Good job!...Christine

  41. Shelia, you did a great job on this. She looks terrific! ~ sarah

  42. Oh my goodness Shelia - you did an AMAZING job transforming the tired desk. It now looks 100% gorgeous and love the knobs and wheels.

    Happy Memorial Monday to you and I hope you can join my giveaway.

  43. She is fresh and brand new now! Beautiful treasure!

  44. The makeover is gorgeous, Shelia!

    I am alternating between Firefox and IE. Everything is back on IE, so may stick with that for the time being.

  45. Well Sheila, Miss Charlotte is most lovely! You did GREAT!!! Beautiful!

  46. You did a wonderful job, Shelia! I have no idea what to do to get those doo-dads off when the screw is stripped. I usually ask my hubby to help and he always manages it. I should probably watch next time so I know what to do!

  47. You did a great job!! I want to paint so many things white. Love Shabby!
    Thanks for saying hi. Google is kind of back...I can only follow in firefox...Big hugs

  48. Love it, it turned out beautifully. I love the little dog too.

  49. Hello Shelia~ I've got a favor to ask...I would like to invite you over for a visit to see a very special post I've written. I would love it if you could take a few moments to stop by.
    Thank you sweet friend,

  50. I love what you've done with the chest, but I am absolutely ga-ga over that doggy figure. Like you, I love my ceramic dogs!

  51. I love your dresser! Great Job...

  52. Sheila...I love, love, love the chest! You did a great job!

  53. WOW!!! You did an awesome it.

  54. I can't decide which I enjoyed more: The dresser makeover itself or your commentary!! You made me laugh! I think she's beautiful and I love how you 'creatively' improvised in her restoration! I get the impression that there is no 'right or wrong' when it comes to restoring furniture! Beautiful job and love all of the lovelies you put on her!

  55. Oh, Shelia she looks absolutely gorgeous! You did a fabulous job, truly. I have been thinking about doing something similar to a little table I have and you just gave me the extra nudge I needed to get crackin' at it. Thanks so much! :-)

  56. it looks lovely!!! as for the hardware, i have had tht happen before and i took a drill from the other side and pushed through the screw hole... that helped! you worke with it though and it looks beautiful!

  57. Sheila, Charlotte is the PERFECT name for your little dresser!!!! You really did do a WONDERFUL job! I also am thinking: is your little dog the same one Susan had made into a lamp???? It looks almost the same, I think!!!!! XO, Pinky

  58. P.S. I really like the drawer pulls!!!!!!

  59. The dresser looks absolutely adorable...I think you did a great job and your decor is lovely!!!

  60. Hi, Shelia! When you get tired of Charlotte, just send her to me in TX ~ I love her!! I'm so loving things that leave the top the original wood finish and then paint the bottom!! Very classy and you did a great job. And hey, I really do like the hangy-do-hickies!!

    I'm hostessing my annual Wedding Blog Party and Giveaway on June 10th and would love for you to join us! Come read all about it!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  61. My, my Sheila what a nice job. It's just lovely. Will you be doing more?

  62. Sheila this turned out so beautifully I love it!!
    It is always so fun to see the before and afters!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my $250 Amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  63. Haven't you been a busy bee! It looks great.

    Hope to see you Sunday at "Where do you keep it all?"

    - The Tablescaper

  64. Haven't you been a busy bee! It looks great.

    Hope to see you Sunday at "Where do you keep it all?"

    - The Tablescaper

  65. She's so pretty, I'm surprised she not doning a happy dance across the floor!

  66. Good morning my dear clever friend. I do love how Charlotte turned out. A nice old fashioned name for a wonderful old dresser. I think the old pulls are awesome. Nothing else would look as good. I love that you stained the top. Sometimes I am sorry the way everyone paints everything white/cream. Smile. This old charming dresser looks wonderful. Love the dog and your new look basket of faux flowers. One day people won't be so stuffy about faux flowers. They are pretty and make a whole lot of sense to me.

    Oh how I love little Carter.(scrolling down) She looks so much like you Sheila. My, my, you are a little thing. Beverly is short like you. I am 5'5" and my children are all taller than me.

    Love you, Jeanne

  67. I think you did a fine job on this cute piece of furniture.
    I just paint right over ANY thing that won't come off!!! :))
    xo bj

  68. Oh You did do good! This is a great piece. I love it. Those little bows for the pulls are darling.
    Everyone knows...Oldenness is always better!

    AND I hear that oldenness is next to Godliness...literally. :)


  69. Hi Sheila! Charlotte looks wonderful with her new paint job! I love the doggy and your basket too. I hope you had a great weekend and thank you for joining my party.

  70. You did such a beautiful job redoing your dresser!

  71. I love Charlotte - she is beautiful!!! And I saw what you did to that round table, and I have one exactly like it that was my mom's. I am dying to do what you did to it. This week I attempted to glaze a little table with drawer, but it was a fail. I am not happy with how it turned out. I think next time I'll copy you and just use a little craft paint. I am so much more comfortable with a little craft paint :) Thanks so much for sharing, love what you've been doing!
    Mary @ Redo 101

  72. Love it Shelia~ You did a fantastic job on this sweet charming piece!! I love the finish with the antiquing too~ Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  73. Oh!!!! She is so sweet NOW and not tired looking at all! Nice job Shelia!

    Darling dresser
    Visiting from older linky party at MMS
    WHYCUZICAN in Illinois

  74. What a lovely little dresser! I just love it. You did a beautiful job. :o)
    Can you please tell me if you needed to sand the part that was painted? And if not, how is it holding up? I am about to paint a few pieces of furniture and wondered about the sanding part before priming. :o)


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