Friday, May 27, 2011

Update!! Blogger Problems!

Dear Ones, I've decided to share with you how you can back up your blog, just in case Blogger should decide to delete it!

After you're signed in to your blog, go to where you make your new posts and you'll see all of the tabs at the top. Click on "Settings". You'll be directed to another page and on the left it says "Blog Tools". To the right of these words are these three options:

Import Blog Export Blog Delete Blog

Now you just need to click on "Export Blog" to back up your blog posts. You may be asked where you want to save it, like My Documents or Desktop. Click 'save'. Make sure you choose
Export Blog and not Delete Blog or it's all over but the shouting!

This is really very simple and I don't know how to use this if Blogger should delete my blog but I'm sure someone knows how to do it. But I've got my blog saved to my hard drive and I'm armed! I do this every couple of weeks or so. Hope this will help someone.

Oh, Dear Ones! I'm so distressed this morning! I've had a few emails from some of you saying you can't comment on my blog! I've lost all of my followers! I've been using Google Chrome and when I log on to my blog there's a funny heading with the sign in and when I type in my password - it doesn't take it. Also when I click on one of you who've commented to me it takes me right back to the sign in place and won't except my password! UGH!! When I go back to Firefox I can get into my blog but there are still no followers. I had changed to Google Chrome for a while because Firefox was acting up with me.

Is anyone else having problems? I have learned how to back up my blog and did that last night just in case Blogger decided to eat all of it. I wish they would get things straight! Should I change to Type Pad?

Help me!! Help me!! Blogging is so important to me and I just don't like these mess ups!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :(