Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Redo

Hello, Dear Ones! I wanted to show you a little Spring redo I did. Very small and very cute and a little bit of a continuation of my last post.

I have this cute little wire cloche with a birdie on top and the color just wasn't doing it for me. It was almost black. So I took my tiny dainty fingers and grabbed a can of spray paint and went to town! I'm so talented! :) My little wire cloche with the birdie on top has some little sisters too, four actually. One tall candle holder with a birdie, a short two candle holder thingys with a birdie on it and then two matching single candle holders with little birdies on them. All very cute, but not loving their color. I found a creamy off whitish color and sprayed away.

Here is my wired cloche with the birdie on top now! Isn't she pretty? I love her. I've captured a little bunny and poked her under the cloche and poked down a runner I made. You can read about how to make my runner HERE.

I do believe I'll use this cloche more now that she's sporting a new softer color.

The little birdie on top is so happy now. Sweet as can be! I love this stuff.

I've also poked down some more little tiny bunnies, eggs and faux flowers to have a little Spring time on top of my table. As you can see the little tiny bunnies are just a little bit timid. It's okay little tiny bunny honeys.

Here's a peep at how the ends of my table runner looks. Two rows of ruffles. Love this stuff. Now when I made my runner, I made it just to sit on top of the table and not flow down the sides. My table is oval shaped and runners don't hang the right way from oval edges. Just thought you should know why I made it short like this. :)

There you have it. A little tiny Springness redo sitting on my newly made table runner.

Just a minute, Dear Ones, my captured bunny is saying something. What's that? You want out of the cage?

Don't you give me that look! Oh, Lord, I thought all my teenagers were out of this house! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Get Happy

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy,
you better chase all your cares away.
Shout hallejulah c'mon get happy
get ready for the judgement day.

the sun is shinin c'mon get happy,
the lord is waitin to take your hand.
shout hallejulah c'mon get happy,
we're going to the promise land

We're headin across the river to
wash your sins away in the tide.
it's all so peaceful on the other side.

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy,
you better chase all your cares away.
shout hallejulah c'mon get happy,
get ready for the judgement day.

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy
chase ya cares away.
hallelu get happy,
before the judgement day.

The sun is shinin c'mon get happy,
the lord is waitin to take your hand.
shout hallejulah c'mon get happy,
we're gunna be goin to the promise land.

were headin cross the river,
wash you're sins away in the tide.
it's quiet and peaceful on the other side.

forget your troubles get happy,
your cares fly away.
shout hallejulah get happy get ready for your judgement day.

c'mon get happy,
chase your cares away.
shout hallejulah cmon get happy,
get ready for the judgment day

The sun is shining c'mon get happy,
lord is waiting to take your hand.
hallejulah c'mon get happy,
we're going to the promise land.

headin 'cross the river,
throw your sins away in the tide.
it's all so peaceful on the other side-

shout hallelujah c'mon get happy,
ya better chase all your cares away.
shout hallejulah c'mon get happy,
get ready-get ready-get ready,
for the judgment day.
~ sung by Judy Garland

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  1. What a sweet little spring display, Shelia! I love that big bunny with the blue egg :)

  2. Oh so cute and you are so talented!

  3. Your cloche looks so cute!!


  4. Ya always gotta watch the bunnies Sheila! You look like you're all decorated for Easter-enjoy:@)

  5. Pickle I really like it painted white..I have been going to get a wire one but didn't like the black..maybe I'll get one and do it blue for my kitchen ha ha!! Hope you have a Blessed Sunday my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. Good morning Miss Sheila, I love the new color it really makes the pieces stand out!! Love that cute Mr. Bunny under the cloche too! Enjoy your Sunday, Martina

  7. LOL, Shelia! Look at that bunny face and the look. ;-) You are so funny, and this is so cute.


    Sheila :-)

  8. You are a very talented lady! I love the two bunnies that look like they are kissing. xo,

  9. I love your little cloche with the "new look". I am tempted to try the same. It looks great as part of an Easter vignette on your table. Happy Spring! ~Susie

  10. Shelia, this is so cute. I have that same little cloche, and yours is stunning painted white. I love it. So much fun and the little bunny is so cute inside. Love that runner, it is gorgeous and the ruffles just make it. Such a beautiful vignette. All of your bunnies and eggs are fabulous. Thanks so much in advance for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. They look wonderful bath in creamy white!

  12. It's gorgeous fresh and so cute with the darling bunny on it..the whole thing is so pretty with that runner too! :D

  13. Shelia, this is a marvelous transformation ... so elegant, & that darling bun-bun tucked inside to rest beautifully ... the runner is still as gorgeous as when you first shared it, but the perfect accent to this vignette. You are one creative gal ...

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  14. Your table looks so pretty Sheila, it just says Spring. Love that wire cloche and it looks even better in white.

  15. You are the most talented one this runner and the pretty cloche...I think that bunny should be very happy in there!!!
    Have a beautiful week Shelia!!!

  16. I love the wire cloche, really fixed her up nicely! I like it in white. All your your springtime goodness is just lovely. And your runner is beautiful!

    Happy Sunday!!


  17. Shelia, it came out so cute in white! I love it! What a great choice! It looks so springy too!
    Hugs, Ann

  18. It looks so sweet Shelia. I like the white paint on it better and I think the bunny likes it too. :-) Pamela

  19. Hi dearest Shelia,
    I love the song, is it an old Negro spiritual by any chance, it sounds like one.
    I adore your little cloche and the eggs as well as the bunny, it is all very cute. I like the color much better, too. It suits your home better.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  20. The white looks very fresh and Springy, Shelia! Perfect for your dining room table display!

  21. Love it. I can't get enough cream and white - so fresh! Linda

  22. The bird cloche is so pretty in white! And I love your other decorations. So springy!

    Have a great day.

  23. I love your spring makeover. The tablerunner is wonderful. Take care and enjoy your week:)

  24. Very Sweet! Everything looks all ready for this wonderful Easter season. Nothing that a can of spray paint can't fix!

  25. Hi Sheila
    A sweet spring tablescape and I love the cloche painted in the new cream colour.

  26. Great mosaics!! I love the re-do - and I love the song!!

  27. Oh Shelia, your cloche is so beautiful! In fact, your entire table is really lovely! Thanks so much for sharing at MM> :)

  28. Love your bunnies and the little bird ... just *makes it* doesn't it!!!!! Fun!

  29. Your newly painted cloche is darling and all the little animals that go with it makes a lovely vignette. V

  30. All so pretty! Your cloche is beautiful and the bunnies are so cute :)

  31. Love what you have done to that cute Wire cloche Shelia! Your whole table vignette is just darling! I haven't pulled my Easter things out yet- I think you need to come decorate for me!

    bee blessed

  32. All your bunnies are ready for easter.... Mr bunny has himself a nice house now with its new color....he was telling you not to let the others in. Trish

  33. oh soo cuteee, you're so talented,love the cloche and the bunnies as well as the birdies, everything there is adorable!

    Susan @

  34. Morning Pickle...I love seeing your pretty treasures..they look great in there new color...contrary to popular belief I dooooo like other colors besides just lol Everything looks so Springy sweetie....have a great week....Picket

  35. Talented indeed! I love the chicken wire! So cute. Your whole table top is a springy as can be!

    PS Maybe you can let the bunny out at night or give it a cover. They like to take shelter. It makes them feel safe. :)

  36. That is so cute, Shelia :o) I'm thinking of getting so white spray paint. Cute, cute, cute!

  37. Hello Shelia! The combination of birds and rabbits are perfect. I find them very fitting for spring time!

  38. OMGosh, that cloche is to die for! I want one... right now Ü Great job. The paint made all the difference.

  39. Sheila, your springy things look so pretty in white. Really freshened them up!! You are all ready for Easter, and I haven't even opened the box. I think I had better get to it.
    Have a great week.

  40. This looks lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas! Have a great week ahead.

  41. What a wonderful transformation! So cheery! I love your song pick too. It's one of my favs from the era.

  42. Hello Sheila! Your wire cloche is just beautiful and I love the fabric you've used for the ruffles on your table runner, just fantastic :-)

    Jem xXx

  43. Great redo! Love your runner. Mt table is oval so runners don't hang well there, either. Yours is wonderful!

  44. Hi Sheila,
    I love the new color and your vignette is adorable on your table.
    Great job on the runner! It turned out so cute!
    Hope you're enjoying the week so far.

  45. What a sweet display! Full of Easter and Spring goodness. And your runner turned out beautifully. I just love ruffles!

  46. It looks great painted white! I've been thinking I should paint a few of my wire things white, this gives me inspiration to do so!


  47. Such pretty things! I just love those adorable bunnies.

  48. I'm ALWAYS happy when I come here. That bunny looks like he had something VERY important to tell you. I bet he knows where you hid his eggs. That's it isn't it?
    LOVE your redo Shelia.
    Look for an email in the next couple of days.
    Love You
    Love me

  49. I LOVE that cloche and your table and the "Runner" and all the little honey bunnies... BUT, Yes, the captured bunny looks SO SAD! LOVE HIM!!! If I ever find one of those cloches with that sweet little birdie "It's following me home"!!!
    Hugs to you,

  50. One of my favorite things to see is a wired cloche like that with the little bird on top. I must get myself one someday! Yours looks beautiful repainted, and your whole table looks lovely!

  51. Oh, I'm so GLAD you stopped by my blog,or I wouldn't have found YOURS! :)
    I will just say, HOW VERY HAPPY!!!!
    I love the baby bunnies with the big beguiling eyes, and the sweet little birdie cloche, but I am :( sad at the poor bunny trapped inside... was he bad like Peter Rabbit? ;)

    Happy day to you--may it be blessed!!!!!!

  52. What a sweet centerpiece! That wire cloche is so very precious ~ love it!!

    Susan and Bentley

  53. I love it Sheila!
    It looks so much more springy now!
    And your vignette/table is just adorable!
    You sure have the creative touch and the humor too!

  54. Oh my dear Sheila, that made the sweetest table for Easter I've seen yet. I had to laugh, before I got down to where your wrote about Mr. Bunny I was thnikin', "that bunny really looks like he wants out!" Heeeehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have an amazin' day. Ya always leave me singin'...... :o)

  55. Such a sweet vignette! I hope you stop by the Tuesday To Do party and share it!


  56. so gorgeous!
    take care,

  57. Shelia, Sweetie..that is just so cute. I ran amuck with spray paint today too. It just seems to be the thing to do lately, doesn't it? I think it's that old fashioned "nesting" urge! :) Your table is adorable!!

  58. Cute display. He does look like he's being held captive doesn't he. Love the runner too!

  59. So cute! I wish I had that cloche! Stopping by from My Backyard Eden

  60. I am lovin' your new whiteness..:)
    Lots of Easter bunnies around.
    Your new table runner is as cute as can be. You are a talented lady.
    xoxo bj

  61. sheila, looks like you are all set for easter. love the wire cloche! verbena cottage

  62. Your bunnies captured and free are so cute, Shelia. I think you would have made the cloche look just as lovely white or dark, 'cause you're talented like that! Hugs, Kim

  63. Great spring display, Sheila and love the wired cloche in its white color. Thanks for joining WUW.

  64. What a sweet vignette! Love the cloche makeover -- I do think your bunny wants to escape, though :)


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