Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two More Days to party at the Heart of the Home Party - Favorite Cupboard

Hello, Dear Ones! Are you enjoying peeping into each others cupboards like I am? This is so much fun and I hope you're also getting some ideas too! I'm going to let the party continue until Friday evening, so if you haven't linked yet you'll still have a couple of days to do it. Let's continue to party! :)

Come on into my little kitchen...I've been waiting for you.
I know, my kitchen is small but I think we can all squeeze in here.

I've made some more Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, OJ and mango sherbet punch just for you!
Let me pour you a little cup.

Now I've made some little stuffed hearts just for you so take your pick!

I'm ready to show you my favorite cupboard. It's there ~ those two big white doors.

There's also drawers under the doors but I'll show you what's in them later on.
Right now I want to show you my tiny little pantry.
I love my tiny little pantry.

Ta dah!
See how this works?
My tiny little pantry doesn't take up much space in the kitchen but it holds quite a bit.
Let me show you...yep, there's one entirely empty shelf. :)

When you open the front doors, this is behind the door on the left ~ shelves to poke all sorts of things on.

Here's what's behind the door on the right when opened up.
There's that empty shelf again! :)

Then there are these two doors in the middle. I straightened my cans just for you!
Now don't feel sorry for me ~ it's only Mr. Precious and myself now so my little pantry is not packed like it would be if my children were still at home.
Guess you've figured out we love our beans! :) Protein!

When you open the inside door on the left, this is what you see. I call this my "sweet side" as I keep cans of fruit, cake mixes and such here.

This is the very back of the pantry on the left hand side. I keep baking packets in here. Those big plastic pickle jars are where I put my extra flour and sugar. Then I just keep a small amount in my canisters.
I also keep the large glass jar to poke things in when I go to gatherings.

Yep, I'm so healthy ~ that's my box of Fruit Loops! :)
Love those little flavorful circles!

This is what you see when you open the inside door on the right inside door.
Isn't this cool?
I keep my pastas and more beans in the door.

You're seeing a few dishes and things in here. I probably could do a better job with my arrangements but this works. Those yellow and white canisters on the bottom (bought those in Italy many years ago) hold ~ guess? More beans!
We love beans and I usually cook up a pot each week!

Well, that's my favorite cupboard and as I shut the doors I wanted to show you my cute little knobs I found at Hobby Lobby and my Rooster tassel I bought years ago from our very own Susie Harris when she was making tassels.

I want to thank you all for coming to my party and I just can wait to pour my tiny cup of punch and start peeping into your cupboards!

Please make sure you link back to this post
so others party goers
will be able to come see your kitchen cupboards.

Maybe I can sneak our party into Our Dear Kimmie's Wow Us Wednesdays
and Our Dear Sherry at No Minimalist Here for Open House Party Thursday.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)