Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stars of Wonder

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm so excited today to share with you my Christmas mantle! Now my decorating is going so slow and I've missed so many parties! Waa...I hate to miss parties!
So grab you a cup of tea or a nice frosty glass of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper - my drink for champions - I have lots of snaps to show you. So if you're in a hurry...gulp...please don't leave.

Okay...on with the decorating. Mantles are hard for me. Do you think they're hard to decorate?
I'm never sure and always have a tendency to go overboard. I'm just that type of gal. :)

Did I go bananas?
Remember, if you don't like it, I'm very sensitive - so tell me lies, lies, sweet little lies!
You know I'm teasing!! :)
After all, Jesus is here.
He loves me and knows I'm a silly - He made me this way! ;)

I have this big nativity I bought many years ago at the Joann Shop's after Christmas sale.
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are all made together and then the wise men are all in one clump. You know what I mean! I guess I should say - all on one base. That's better! :)
They are about a foot tall.
I usually share them with my church and put them on the piano I play.
But this year they stayed home with me.

I wanted to have the Nativity as the centerpiece of my mantle
and then I went and went and went some more from there.

I popped Mary, Joseph and little baby Jesus upon a coppery pedestal
so they would stand tall.
After all that's where our Dear Savior should be -
standing tall on the center stage of our hearts.

Here you can see the pedestal.

Now I was fiddlin' with my snaps in Photoscape
and think this one and the next look like 1970s magazine snaps.
Kinda comic book like! ;)

Cool, huh? It doesn't take much to entertain me.
I wanted some flat stars to hang from the mirror.
Of course I didn't have any.
So I went to the nearby Dollar Tree and there they were -
3 big ones for $1 and 10 little ones for $1!
I was singing the Hallelujah Chorus all the way home!
Now these stars are really cheesy - plastic and covered with glitter but they worked fine.
It was hard to snap pix of the stars against the mirror because of their reflection.
They do look prettier in person.

Here's a close up of a large one.

I hung the stars from little ornie hangers
and tried to cover some of the tinness up with golden ribbon.

On each side of my Nativity,
I poked up a couple of Christmasy candlesticks
and placed a candle on top and tied a golden ribbon around it.
Well, actually I started out with red candles. Didn't like how that looked.
Then swapped the red out for green candles and didn't like that either.
Then a bubble popped in my tiny little brain and it said -
go with a cream colored candle
I did, and it looks so much better!
Whew! I told you I have a hard time with mantles.

Did I go bananas?
I'm just never sure if I like what I do or not.
Dear Ones, I need affirmation from you. :)

I poked up a garland filled with lights, then added two different kind of red beads.
Then I poked golden ribbons all over the place.
Then I hung my stars of wonder.

Then I hung a cute little star of wonder.

...and then since it's in the 50's here - I lit the fire for you!
Glory! I love this stuff!

So there you have it,
my Christmas mantle that I'm not so sure if it looks good or not.
Jesus knows my tiny heart
and knows I wanted Him to be the center of attention here in the den!
After all - He is the reason for the season.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shining far through shadows dimmed
Giving the light for those who long have gone
Guiding the wise men on their way
Unto the place where Jesus lay
Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem shine on

Oh beautiful star the hope of light
Guiding the pilgrims through the night
Over the mountains 'till the break of dawn
Into the land of perfect day
It will give out a lovely ray
Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem shine on

Oh beautiful star (beautiful, beautiful star) of Bethlehem (star of Bethlehem)
Shine upon us until the glory dawns
Give us a lamp to light the way
Unto the land of perfect day
Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem shine on

Oh beautiful star the hope, the grace
For the redeem the good and the blessed
Yonder in glory when the crown is won
Jesus is now the star divine
Brighter and brighter he will shine
Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem shine on

Oh beautiful star (beautiful, beautiful star) of Bethlehem (star of Bethlehem)
Shine upon us until the glory dawns
Give us a lamp to light the way
Unto the land of perfect day
Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem shine on
~ sung by The Judds


  1. Sheila, it is PERFECT!!!! Love your firescreen, too.

  2. Shelia, your fireplace is beautiful. Your nativity scene is perfect up there in the place of honor. :)

  3. I love it all, and that is no lie! The snowflakes are dreamy in front of the mirror. I am in love with your firescreen. I am dreaming of sitting in front of your fire. It is actually cold here in Florida and here I am with no fireplace to cozy up to!

  4. Hi Miss Sheila....well what can one really lie about? This is pure eye delight. I love your nativity, and you have it so proudly adorned with all the glitz and shimmer. Pretty photos Sheila, you did a great job!

  5. No my dear,no need to worry, you did not go bananas.It's wonderful! I love what you did.

  6. You did a great job and that is no lie! But, I am a "go over board kind of gal" too. Love it.

  7. I love it Sheila and your centerpiece is just beautiful-enjoy:@)

  8. I love it Ms Sheila~! mighty mighty purdy as my Papa would say...
    Love the stars and all the pretties you added..

    Holiday Hugs

  9. Gogeous mantel, Shelia and it's no lie. I love it!...Christine

  10. Oh I am clapping my hands from seeing your stunning mantel Shelia.It all looks lovely. What n elegant glass screen too. Beautiful!

  11. Sheila, your mantel is so beautiful! The nativity is perfect and belongs front and center! Happy Holidays! ~Susie

  12. Sheila! It is just gorgeous, and I am NOT lying!!! It looks beautiful! I love your nativity and the candle sticks are wonderul! Your firescreen is beautiful too!!!!!!!! I joined in the party at Susan's too!!!! XO, Pinky

  13. Your mantle looks fabulous! I agree.... mantles are not easy to decorate! But you did a great job. I would be honored to have you add it to my blog party

    Amaze Me Monday Blog Party

  14. Beautiful Shelia! Love all that you did to embellish it.

  15. Shelia, your fireplace is so pretty and your mantel is decorated to perfection. I love it. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  16. Shelia it all looks so beautiful! Funny you said you tend to go over board because The Hubster says I do the same!:)

  17. Affirmation will come is truly beautiful Shelia. You did a great job, every bit of it is so pretty! Have a great week :D

  18. It looks pretty gorgeous to me, Sweetie!

  19. no lie...
    i have a big smile :)

  20. Love it all - it's just perfect!

  21. Hi,

    Your mantle is very, very pretty...I really like the snowflakes. I am the last person in the world to tell anyone that they went 'over-board'in decoring.(-;

    And, thank you so much for finding the time to visit my blog and leave such a nice comment.

  22. Sheila, this looks so fantastic! Overboard? Nahhh! :)

  23. Im in love with the Christmas decoration and presentation. Lovely

  24. I ❤ your nativity, and I don't think it's at all over the top. You have a touch... I just adore your decorations!

    Happy Blue Monday, Shelia.

  25. Love your decorations.. I so envy it..:-)

  26. How festive your entire home looks, Shelia! You did a wonderful job on your mantle...makes me think I should add some draping beads & snowflakes, too.

    Brilliant idea to elevate the Holy Family on the pedestal...truly a place of honor.

  27. You have done a lot of decorating :)
    The piece of Maria Josef and the baby is beautiful.
    Happy BM!

  28. Morning Shelia~

    Your mantle is gorgeous. I love your nativity set, too. I think going bananas = Amazing. ")


  29. No bananas at your house, just a pretty, sparkly mantel. You did a great job. Now get out and par-tay! xoxox

  30. This is perfect! I love what you have done and it is gorgeous!

  31. thoughtful, beautiful, and spiritual blues.

  32. I'm definitely NOT lyin...I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT...Yes, I too find it hard to do the mantle. I had to click on your pic..I thought that nativity was a print..not this in front of the mirror..oh my goodness, it is gorgeous. I love what you did...

  33. Shelia, your mantel is gorgeous. I too have troubles with mantels and our new old house has no mantel ;-).. I am having one made, but I doubt it will be ready this Christmas. So for me it's an easy task this year. I love the snowflakes and your nativity is gorgeous. thanks so much for sharing.

  34. Shelia, you've done a lovely job, it's all so beautiful. I doubt if we will be decorating but I have started buying ornaments for next year, lol. Keep warm, dear friend, and have a blessed day.

  35. Hi Sheila,

    Your style is beautiful and you do lovely work! I love how you layer, add on, and build up. I do that too, and I wonder if it is too much sometimes. But everybody else seems to think it pretty, and after a while so do I. You spent all those years building up your pretties, so let everybody see 'em!

    Thank you for sharing,


  36. Wow your decorations really awesome...happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  37. I've probably said this very thing before. It's beautiful, festive and Christmasy, Shelia! I love it! All your Christmas decorating is as I mentioned.

  38. Over the top? Impossible! You have way to much class for that. Everything you do is just right!
    I hope you're doing great and your precious little granddaughter if bringing you bundles of joy this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas you silly thing!
    p.s. I love how you hung the snowflakes!

  39. I think you've done a great job. You can never have to much festive sparkliness in my opinion!!

    And, do you know what's cool...?


    I love your posts. They make me smile every time!!


  40. OH THIS IS SPECTACULAR. And no you didn't go bananas or overboard. When Baby Jesus is the center how can you? Your mantel is lovely and the candlesticks very pretty. Just awesome.

  41.'s gorgeous! Your nativity is beautiful...the colors are just beautiful! Everything is just perfect...not overdone one teensy bit. I love it all! Merry Christmas!

  42. Hi Shelia! I just love it! Jesus is front and center on my mantel too and I love having other folks in blogland who agree that this is where He should be in our homes and in our hearts!

  43. You did NOT go bananas and I do not have to lie! It is gorgeous! I love it all! Especially the manger being the center of the mantel...perfect! I love the stars! It is beautiful!!

    Lou Cinda

  44. I just love all of your photos. That mantle is beautiful. Happy Blue Monday.

  45. Ha, no lies for me, I LOVE IT. YOU sure do have the decretive eye. AND I am partial to the snowflakes, cant have too many of those.

    Your place is so festive~

  46. Beautiful job Shelia, I love it all! Your nativity scene is breath taking. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Your nativity is beautiful !! I love it. And, the hanging snowflakes are such a festive touch. You did *not* go overboard one bit. Becca

  48. PS: I meant to add that your fireplace screen is stunning !! Becca

  49. Shelia your mantel is gorgeous and that is not lie! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Enjoy your evening,

  50. Hey sweet one! No need to lie here it all looks beautiful. I love how you displayed the nativity on the mantel. It is gorgeous especially with all the hanging snowflakes. It looks truly divine!

  51. Your mantel is gorgeous, Shelia! I love how you made the nativity set the focal point. I am going to do that next year, as I already decorated our mantels.


  52. It's just beautiful! I want to come to your house :-) I love that you made the nativity the center of the mantel too.

  53. Looks fantastic! Isn't it great that the cooler air has moved in? I haven't done my decorating as yet. Working in that direction. ;-)

  54. OOO, it looks MAGNIFICENT. You didn't overdo at all.
    I tried to cut way down on my decorating and my mantel in the living room is practically NEKKED. I liked it a lot...until I saw I have to go add something.
    Don't forget the REASON FOR THE SEASON over at Happier than a Pig...nativity sets are to be highlighted, I think..14th. This will be a perfect post for it. :)
    hugs, bj

  55. I think your mantle looks wonderful!! The fuller the better to me! I had to put my sleigh centerpiece on a block of wood to raise it up on my mantle!! Beautiful job!

  56. Very pretty!!!You did a wonderful job and I love it.

  57. I think your mantel is just so lovely Sheila!
    And 50's? That would be a heat wave right now!
    We're in the single digits and I am freezing my you know what off! lol.

  58. Shelia, it looks spectacular. You always make everything look fabulous. And, your pictures are the best.

    I've missed you on Pink Saturday. Come back and play with us. Our theme this week is favorite holiday movies.

  59. My stars, that looks lovely, really! I love your Nativity, and Jesus is the reason for the season, so of course He should be the star of your decor!
    Dr. Pepper, def a Southern "thang", LOL. Can you get that in a restaurant? Here it is Sprite of Pepsi or Coke!

  60. Gorgeous! You did a great job - and, no, you're not crazy! I love the way you 'lifted up' Jesus and the reason for the season. Hope you'll show us more of your beautiful Christmas home.

    P.S. - I love that song - it's a favorite of mine! Did you hear me singing it from Oregon?

  61. Beautiful, Sheila! And that is truth! : ) I tend to do more is more with mantels, and you'd think I'd know better. I should really just do something simpler and I'd probably be happier with it!

  62. Sheila it is a lovely mantel for sure friend! I think mantels are a hard decorating thing for me too. I do ok I think for the holidays but it is the everyday look that I have such a hard time pulling together.

    I love that Jesus is the center of attention on you mantel too and pray He is the center of our hearts this season as well!

    bee blessed

  63. It's all absolutely beautiful, I love it! The Nativity is perfect in front of the mirror!

    Great job!


  64. Oh, I love Nativities... and this one is so special. What a beautiful place to put it.

  65. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mantle. Dismantle it and send it to me posthaste! Yes, I have trouble decorating my mantle. I have a 14 foot mantle. Now many would say WONDERFUL but it really isn't. Most years, I put up our Christmas in the City village (all 27 houses, etc.) on the mantle. I'm not doing that this year since the children will be visiting in-laws. Soooooo, what do I do with all that space? Oh, and send me those snowflakes to hang on my 4 foot mirror over the 14 foot mantle. Please and thank you.


  66. I don't think you went over board as it looks fabulous! Beautiful!!! Thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday" blog party. Hope to see you next week!

  67. Sheila, thanks so much for sharing all this sparkly wonder at my party!

  68. Well dear Sheila, you needed be intimidated by decorating a mantle, as you did a great job! I love how the nativity is the center of attention with the size and elevation. Those are great snowflakes too. Love it all! You did great! :)


  69. Good Morning Pickle...once again you out did yourself my Dear friend...Oh I just love this mantle and not abit over done it's just right...I love the snow flakes in front of the mirror just elegant looking...I pray you have a GREAT Christmas holiday my friend...Until next time from my mountain to yours...Love ya girl...Gl♥ria

  70. Oh Shelia, I adore your mantel. Everything you did just makes me smile. I am now adding ribbon to mine right now. LOL. You are an artist at decorating and overboard suits me to a tee. Really, we only need to please ourselves but as you can see 70 plus blogging friends love what you did. Jesus is the center of my life too.

    I have been in Florida and I have not been able to visit much. I'm back!

    Love and warm hugs,

  71. LOVE IT Shelia,
    Every little detail!!! Oh No you "DID NOT" go overboard, it is "PERFECT"... My FAVORITE THING is the candle holder, "LOVE IT", it has an antique look... AND those Snowflakes are fantastic!!! I'm going to go see if I can find some... I LOVE that you call them stars(Hmmm is it official that a snowflake in Texas would be considered a star,hehe)! Thank you for the tour, it was so festive!
    Hugs to you,

  72. You have a beautiful home! I love what you did with all your Christmas decor. What a lovely place!

    Adin B

  73. Great look. You outdo yourself with every post.

  74. This is SUPER!!!! I love all the colors and how festive it feels!

    You didn't go "bananas", you did it very well!!! Love it.


    Luciane at

  75. Dearest Shelia..your mantel is exactly how I wish mine would turn out! Those candlesticks are amazing.
    THERE!! You've done it again! Dazzled me...just plain dazzled me!! :)
    Hugs to you my friend!


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