Thursday, November 4, 2010

Auction for Visual Vamp

Dear Ones, I'm joining Our Dear Laura at Decor to Adore for an online Blogland auction and her very first linky party to help a fellow blogging friend ~Valorie from Visual Vamp. Her husband Alberto had a heart attack while in Canada and they need to get back home.
What a wonderful idea Laura! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help.

Valorie and Alberto are tango instructors and you can read about this incident on her blog here.

Here is my contribution ~ I am AUCTIONING this table runner ~ 80" x 20"

The table runner is made of prewashed cotton and is a wine and cream color.

I have added a little ruffle to both ends of the runner too.

Made for you with my most dainty fingers...

on my sewing machine.

Starting bid for the runner is $10.

Please increase your bids by $1.00

If you would like to bid on this item,
just leave your bid in a comment to this post and your email address.

There has been a change in the date to end our auction. So read on in Laura's own words...

There has been such a tremendous response to the online auction for Valorie aka *VISUAL * VAMP* that I have extended the linky party to run for an additional week.

You may go to THIS POST to see all of the auction entries. Shop, bid, win!!!

Or, add your own auction donation!

You can also end a direct monetary donation to a special PAY PAL account set up for Valorie and Alberto.

So, Dear Ones, you can keep on bidding! You'll be able to place bids until 9:00pm next Sunday evening, November 14th. If you want to bid you can go to my previous post and go to town! Thank you. :)

The winning bid for the runner will be announced here on my blog Monday, November 15th.
I will then ship this item to the winner.
All monies from the winning bid will go
to helping Valorie and Alberto return home.
There is a special pay pal account set up:

You can help too. For all the info pop over to Laura's blog - Decor to Adore.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)


  1. Shelia, this is so nice of you to help someone in need. I will start the bid at $15.00. The runner is beautiful. Maybe I have to bid in another place. I'll read it again.

    I commented on a couple of your previous posts in case you don't check back.
    Special hugs to you for being such a caring person.

  2. Oops, my email

    Jeanne, again

  3. $16.00.


  4. I will bid $17, and Shelia, mail it to Jeanne if I win, but shhhhhhhh, don't tell! ;-) She just had a birthday.


    Sheila :-)

  5. $20. You really ARE a sweetie. Let's keep this bidding going!

  6. $25.00 I just saw this but wanted to help.

  7. Just lovely! I'm bidding $30.

  8. Hi Sheila, I'd love to have something of your! $35.00
    xo Yvonne

  9. Wow weeee Sheila! Thank you for such a beautiful donation!!!

    May it continue to climb and find a perfect bidder.

    Be blessed.

  10. I'll bid $40 :)

  11. Sheila, you are an angel to do this, I saw this on Laura's blog too. Maybe all of us can donate a little to this cause.

    Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my window treatment. I'm pretty proud of it since I really cannot sew. You obviously CAN! xoxo

  12. Hi Sweet Sheila,

    What a beautiful table runner.

    I bid $43.


  13. Hi Sheila, Beverly and I were just checking to see who won the bid. I love the runner but my table is 9 feet long and very narrow so I didn't keep bidding. I just wanted to start the bidding. I will say I would have been thrilled to win it but I am very happy the bid went so high for the cause.

    YOU are the Sweetie my dear friend.
    Love you, Jeanne

  14. I am just sick...sick...sick that I missed bidding on your pretty runner. I have had a FULL weekend and not on the computer much.
    So glad you got a good price.
    Very sweet of you to do this.
    xo bj
    OH, and I am lovin' your groovy, cool new room with the round window. Love it without a think on it.

  15. Oh, sorry, I missed all of this. It is a gorgeous runner created with your iddy biddy pretty fingers.

    I'll just go make a donation.

    Hugs of love, Marydon


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