Friday, August 13, 2010

Rewind Week 1970s

Hello, Dear Ones. Recently a fellow sister from our Bloggerette Sorority hosted a fun party. A Rewind Week - 1970s. We were supposed to make a craft of that time. Well, if you know me, I cheat alot and that's what I did for this project. But it was fun. If you'd like to see some other nifty groovey 1970s views pop on over to Angela's blog ~ Sew Loquacious.

It's also Friday the 13th! So...booga booga!

Well, as I said, I may have cheated a bit, but Angela said it was okay. Do you remember crewel embroidery? I used to love to do this form of needlework. Here is a sweet little Hummel embroidery I did in the 1970s. Isn't it sweet? Wonder why I've kept it all these years? Hmmm...

I had a little boy that went along with this little girl but he's disappeared!

Look at all the fat yarn! I love this stuff. Do people still do crewel embroidery?

Look at the little birdie? Isn't he a darling? Now I'm looking at the word 'Hummel' there and wonder why I put a dot over the 'u'? Oh, well, I was young and we didn't have computers so I couldn't Google the name Hummel! :) Bummer!

See, even the colors are colors of the 1970s! Oranges, yellows and browns. My appliances were Harvest Gold and my bathrooms were Avocado Green. I know I had on BLUE eyeshadow and bell bottoms, and was drinking a Fresca soda!! Groovy!!

Pop on over to Angela's and see all the Rewind Projects and tell her I sent you!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)