Sunday, June 27, 2010

Behind Closed Doors

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors...

Hello, Dear Ones! I just can't help singing~ I'm so excited! Mr. Precious retired in January and we've been so busy!! We've been painting and trying to get our home organized - we purged, garage saled and now I'm trying to make neatness in my home.

This is the end of the hall upstairs - all painted and fresh. The door directly in front of you holds fabric and sewing supplies and...

this is the door, well, what's behind this door is what I've gotten so excited about! You see Mr. Precious knows I love my dishes and I have them scattered all over the house - in the kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, den, sun porch and bathroom. Yes siree - the bathroom. So he suggested I take this linen closet and turn it into a dish closet! Yay! I didn't know that retiring would make Mr. Precious so very smart! :)

Look! I've got dishes in here!! I have an official Dish Closet! Woo Hooness!!

Fallish dishes and some big autumn pieces are on the top shelf. I didn't have to put the shelves in - they were already here. Oh, the joyness!

Then bunches and bunches of transferware...oh, did I say joyness? :) I think I did but I'll say it again - oh, joyness!

Then more and more and more dishes! This is so thrilling, isn't it? Please make me happy and say it pleases you too! :)

Then a few more dishes! This is so great!

On the bottom shelf I've placed a bunch of my large candlesticks. On the floor I placed a little Target wood shelf and placed some of my chargers on it with more candlesticks on the floor! I'm loving this!

Oh, and look what I did all by my tiny self! I put labels on the shelves so I would know which sets of dishes were on each shelf! Oh, I'm just so talented, can't you tell? You know I'm kidding!

Stacked! Yes siree, and sweeties I'm not talking about my most tiny gorgeous body (again, I do hope you know I'm kidding), but my dishes! Stacked and all so very neat.

Candlesticks and chargers! Don't you just love this stuff! :) Oh, I do.

I'm thrilled, excited, jazzed, wired and each day I come up here a couple of times and open the door to look at my dishes all neat and orderly! Does this dish closet hold all my tiny dishes? Oh, no, no, Nannette, it does not! I still have more dishes in the kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, den, sun porch and bathroom. Yes siree - still got some in the bathroom. But now I have some needed freed up space! What am I going to do with all my freed up room? Buy more dishes? Well, I just might. But now I'm just trying to get organized.

Now I realize this was not a very cute post so I'm leaving you with a little snap of my cute little Chloe Dawn. Mr. Precious is holding her tiny arms down and she looks captive but she's not and she just loves this stuff! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'm joining Our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday,
I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Behind Closed Doors

My baby makes me proud
Lord, don't she make me proud
She never makes a scene
By hanging all over me in a crowd
'Cause people like to talk
Lord, don't they love to talk
But when they turn out the lights
I know she'll be leaving with me

And when we get behind closed doors
Then she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I'm a man
Oh, no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors

My baby makes me smile
Lord, don't she make me smile
She's never far away
Or too tired to say: "I want you"
She's always a lady, just like a lady should be
But when they turn out the lights
She's still a baby to me

'Cause when we get behind closed doors
Then she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I'm a man
Oh, no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors
Behind closed doors
~sung by Charlie Rich


  1. Just toooooo cool, my sweet chickness! Your Love Bunny must love you as much as mine loves me. Lovin' it, sugar...

  2. Boy, would I love a dish closet. I am always eyeing book-cases and linen closets thinking I could change them in a flash to look something like you just did. Love it!
    This will make entertaining so much more fun and easy. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  3. Now, it ought to be a LAW, I tell ya, that EVERY single lady have a DISH CLOSET...just like this..I LOVE IT...I am looking high and low for an extra closet but..alas, I haven't found one yet...O, the sadness of it all!!!
    And...the minute I saw the name of this post, I knew that I'd find ole gray haired CHARLIE RICH at the end of it. He always just sent shivers all over me...CAN NOT STAND HIM...I saw him in person once and couldn't even watch all of his show...ewwwwww !! :))
    xo bj

  4. So neat and organized, Shelia! I want one too! I can imagine why you are so happy, something like this makes me happy too and you did a great job with all your labeling.....Christine

  5. Love your dish closet -- I have one closet that has shelves in it for dishes -- and a large bookcase in a spare bedroom -- well it does have a bed in it -- but mostly it's a big storage closet! Then dishes in my china hutch, in the kitchen, in the bedroom -- none in the bathroom though -- yet!

  6. Love that dish closet Shelia...makes me just a teeny weeny bit of green with envy!!! Enjoy my friend!!!

  7. Oh I am SO jealous!! It's just beautiful and so organized and so, well, just perfect!!

  8. love love love your dish closet! I want one! And.. I remember my mother listening to Charlie Rich all the time.

  9. I love your dish closet! I have one and I know it brings great joy to look in side of it!!

  10. WooHoo is right sweet have a wonderful dish closet! I need one of those! I love the way you have it all organized and labeled! Perfection!

    My husband and I use to listen to Charlie Rich in college...this song brings back great memories;)!


  11. How exciting Sheila - and everythng labeled.
    Where's the linen from the linen closet now?

  12. Sheila, just look at all the organized greatness. What a lot of stuff you have. I don't have that many dishes and no place to put them unless we do add shelves to a coat close we have by the back door, which I keep asking for. I am sure I will be acquiring more dishes like a good little blogger should.

  13. what a fabulous idea.. I love it~!!
    so happy for you and I adore your enthusiasm..


  14. Sheila I hope someday when I grow up, I can be organized like you are. I guess that is what retirement does to ya! Thanks for checking out my video audition for the Oprah gig. Have a great night.

  15. Well you little neat freak! How awesome is that closet. I know what you mean about wanting to stop and look at it throughout the day... better than wanting to run in the other direction!!

  16. woopee! woot! woot! such lovely closet with all your fave china! love your Staffordshire the best! and look all so organized!

    have a great week!

  17. Ok, I am totally jealous and drooling. I love your dish closet. How fabulous is that. You have everything so neatly arranged and labeled. What a dream come true. Love it. Good for you. Hugs, Marty

  18. I am so excited for you!!! I can only imagine would it would be like to have an official dish cabinet!! Do you get to go buy more dishes and backfill all the spaces you had dishes distributed in before ;-)

  19. I'm neat faint! OMGOSH! I sooo wish I had a cabinet like that! :( Will your Mr. P call my Mr. AGPMan, please?


  20. Dear Shelia, Summer Blessings to you!

    Sure like the song you ended your post with today.

    You're my kind of blogger with all these gorgeous dishes!!! You have some nice ones to show off.

    A closet for these treasures is fantastic. You still have room for more!!!

    God bless and may you have a nice week,

  21. I am green with envy...totally jealous with a capital J!!! I WANT and WISH FOR a dish closet. I have dishes stacked and stored eVeRyWhErE!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. A beautiful dish closet, indeed, Shelia! I love the labels.

    Chloe Dawn is gorgeous.

  23. OMG Sheila!
    It really is just a lovely dish closet! I can see why you are so happy and I am drooling at all your lovely dishes! Your a very lucky girl!
    Thanks for the pillow info, you are a very smart cookie!

  24. Hi Shelia,
    You two have been busy! That was such a great idea and it is all so organized.


  25. Oh, Sheila, it's so nice and organized. And your little labels are perfect. I really enjoyed looking at all your dishes.

  26. I am sooooo jealous! Organized and neat doesn't last long for me, and it is nobody's fault but mine. I may have to come back to this post from time to time, sigh, and hopefully get inspired. :)

  27. My jaw dropped open when I saw that closet. It was amazing. Very nice organizing and to think there is more.

  28. Charlie Rich and a dish closet all in one post! I love it! You do have many beautiful dishes and you needed that closet...absolutely!

    Hey, when we were down your way last week, we found a classic country station out of Houston. We loved it and listened to it all weekend. I'm pretty sure that song would fit right in on the station. :)

  29. Great job! I loved Charlie Rich!

  30. That closet is the best!! I would leave the door open and walk by it a thousand times a I think you may have inspired me to change out one of my husband might be a little mad at you at some point...seriously, this was genius!

  31. Oh, please send Mr. Precious to my house! I need help with storage for my dishes - and a few other things. Your dish closet is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us - you've inspired me to find a closet for mine.

  32. Good Morning Shelia ~

    Love, love, love it. Such a wonderful way to appreciate all of your goodies. This is a charming post....from a charming gal.

    Have a great week.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  33. Oh, how I wish Mr. Precious would come and organize me! This is fantastic, Shelianess, and I love how you've got all your dishes labeled. That is a master stroke! That way you can get to them when you want! BRILLIANT! I need to do this at my house. Thanks for showing us your closet and helping us come up with solutions for our dish dilemmas.

    And look at Chloe Dawn! I love her. She is such a sweetie pie. I'm glad she let you take her picture to share with us today. She is always a bright spot in Blog Land for me.

    Hope your Monday and week ahead is tops! Please tell Mr. Precious we are cheering him for his help around the house!


    Sheila :-)

  34. What a dear! How very thoughtful! You are truly blessed and your organizing appealed to my heart as well as your lovely collections!

  35. I am totally impressed with your dish closet Shelia--the fact that it is all labeled is so appealing to the detail-loving part of my brain. Kudos to Mr. Precious for this grand idea!

  36. WOW look at all your gorgeous dishes and other goodies in that dish closet. I LOVE it and that is truly a fabulous way to store all of that.

    Sounds like you are definitely de-cluttering and organizing away. I wish I could get myself to get going with that!!! Enjoy your Monday.♥

  37. Talk about parallel lives! My husband's last work day was Friday. We are looking forward to catching up on painting, decluttering and traveling. He is keeping his consulting job for awhile. It's only one morning a week.

    Loved seeing sweet Chloe Dawn this morning!! What joy those precious little creatures bring to our lives.


  38. I can relate to your excitedness...I love it when a plan comes together!!! My Mom has dishes galore - hummm wonder if I can find a closet to help her out...Thanks for your fun post and enjoy!

  39. Did the party "Where Do You keep It?" inspire you to remake this closet? Hm, I thought so!

    This is an excellent idea, Shelia; however, I think that Mr. Precious should take a large BEDROOM CLOSET and fit it with shelves for more dishes.

    Retirement = Handy Man Available!

  40. Ok, Mr. Precious has the best design idea I have read in a long time. When is he free to talk with Mr. Decor? :)

    That Chloe Dawn, she breaks my Rudi's heart every time he sees her.

  41. LOL! LOL! Oh I just adore little Chloe Dawn! She is a precious lil' sweetie!

    What an awesome new dish closet Shelia! Woo!Hoo! Great job!

    Have a good day! ~Melissa :)

  42. Wow! Was I excited over your post or what? Sorry I went a little silly of the exclamation points. He! *Smiles*

  43. You do have a ton of dishes! You could have a dish oh my..what goes on behind your closed doors is pretty awesome! :D

  44. Sheila this was such a wonderful idea! It looks like a wonderful way to oraganize all your pretty dishes and I bet you'll enjoy them all the more.
    ♥ Pat

  45. Hi Sheila
    Your dish closet is amazing. It's a real treasure trove. You have the most wonderful collection. Glad you have it all neatly organized now and easil accessible.
    "Hello Chloe Dawn" hope you are not getting up to mischief today!

  46. You are not kidding Shelia, it is the truth - you are very talented!
    And Mr. Precious is not only very smart... he is precious!

    Much Love and Blessings
    for you
    and your Family!

  47. How nice to be so organized and neat, Shelia! See how purging a bunch of stuff got you a complete closet for your lovelies! And all "stacked" just like you. I knew that was coming when I first read it!
    Love the pics in the previous post. Especially the second one where the hair isn't quite as long. Too cute for words. I couldn't figure out what to do w/the pic, so I am a sister in spirit only. No rushing... Do ya think I still count? LOL
    hugs, Sue

  48. Are you kidding me, Shelia? I thought this post was beyond cute! I cannot believe how many dishes you have in there, and then still have tons more all over the house. Where in the bathroom have you got dishes? in the tub? Crazy woman.

    Justiney :o )

  49. Shelia
    Oh you sure do have a lot of dishes! That is a great place and everything is set up so nicely in there. I can't imagine you have yet so much more. They are lovely.

    Your baby Chloe is such a good girl. Very cute picture....makes me chuckle.

    Hope you have some time to relax after all that work you have been doing!


  50. Sheila, this is the BEST post ever! What a closet you did and OMgoodness woman are you ever organized. And labeled, oh my. Thanks for stopping by, too. See you next week. Jane F.

  51. Wow, you have an amazing china collection. And it all looks lovely and so orgainized! You are great!

  52. I could stay in that closet all day! I love dishes...dishes and art supplies are my passions!


  53. Wow,
    That's allot of dishes, and you are so organized. I can't believe how everything is tagged so beautifully.

  54. Hi Shelia! Oh my goodness, girl! You have a lot of dishes! I love love your dish closet! Everything looks really neat and organized. Love it.

  55. Sheila great idea to have a dish-closet and labelled too!
    It seems that retired means editing and purging...we're doing just that around our house!!How did we get such a collection of stuff!!!

  56. Dear Shelia, thank you for showing us your new dish closet. I think it's so cool, every woman should have one, lol.


  57. Shelia, that is such a great idea Mr. P had! It is so organized and labeled, etc. Easy to find things. You must have freed up some other space, too. Love it! Linda (hmm, now where can I do that in my house??)

  58. Good morning Shelia, I have missed my visits to your fun posts. First I have to tell you I am sure you are an official Bloggerette now. What you did with that photo is genius. HA! I agree with your wonderful description of yourself. I'm NOT kidding. smile.

    You definitely are stacked. Your new dish cupboard is AWESOME. Oh the joyness of it all. I did something similar in my laundry room. I should post it but your organization would put my effort to shame. sigh. the labels are genius! I know how much time and effort you put into this project. does Mr. Precious know you intend to fill the empty spaces with more dishes. I BET NOT !!! HA!

    Love you and dear Chloe Dawn too.

  59. Hi Shelia, goodness girl, this is beyond fabulous. Oh my I love how organized everything is. Wow.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  60. You are the Queen of Neatness!! Love your closet filled to the brim with your dishes....I am lusting after the white Meakin! Of course, that Chloe Dawn is a doll!

    Happy Tuesday...come visit me sometime!!! dana of The Stone Rabbit

    PS...Does my return link appear on your notification? Since I don't have a blogger acct, I didn't know.

  61. Well, I would be pleased if I had room in my house for that! Your mister has wonderful ideas. He can come to my house any time and tell me where else I can find room for dishes. And he returned just in time for that baby! What timing!

  62. I love what goes on behind your closed doors. And, I love you, too.

    You and Mr. Precious are quite the pair.♥

  63. Wow!You are so lucky to have so many dishes! I told my husband I was thinking of buying another set of dishes and he asked "why do you want another set of dishes, you have three already?" I just laughed!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my Home Tour. We can only hope our home sells within the next 6 months!

  64. Sweet Shelia ~ I swear you have every dish imaginable in that closet!! WOW-ZER! What a stash of gorgeous beauties. No wonder you set such exquisite table scapes!

    I did my first table scape with Marty today ... take a peek!

    Have a lovely 4th!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  65. Wow, Shelia! You are one lucky gal to have all that extra room!
    You are just like Ceekay. She has a whole bedroom closet of dishes.
    You have so many pretty tablescapes.
    Isn't it nice when you get a project done and get it organized!!
    Happy 4th!

  66. Oh, Shelia! What organization-ness! I love it! LOL---> You go look at your most organized closet of dishes a couple of times a day! I don't blame you!

    And Chloe Dawn! I want to kiss you on your most precious little nose!!!! You are too cute!

    I spy something tureen! I want one!


  67. I am most thoroughly impressed! Love the dish closet. What a great idea! Oh, I think all of use tablescapers could use one of these! I like the idea of labelling all of them too. I have a couple pieces of the Franciscan Desert Rose too!

    I've been absent from blogspot for so long, but have been missing everyone. My life has been incredibly busy, but I have vowed to get back into blogging and making visits. It will take me a little while to catch up. I would love if you stop by and see my latest good news!

    Life on the Edge

  68. Lord have mercy, you are cracking me up with the labels on the shelves for the dishes!!! This is too funny. Dishes are completely taking over my house. But what to do? I can't get rid of them...I love them all! I need to do some organizing myself:)


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