Monday, May 3, 2010

Hallelujah! That Was Then and This Is Now!!

Hello Dear Ones! (I'm posting this early for Monday and for Tuesday - forgive me - I'm gonna milk this post because I'm so very busy right now) I'm so very excited because I got new chairs for my living room! Woo Hooness! I think I'm in love with my new winged back chairs in my living room. What? You ask can you love new winged back chairs in the living room? Well, you bet your 'sit down and rest a spell' you can! :)

Feast your most gorgeous peepers on my new like?
Warning! Warning, Will heavy!

Here's where my story begins and you know how I love to tell you little stories...
Once upon a time we wanted to start redecorating the living room. So out with the old stuff, well, most of it anyway. The old sofa and love seat ~ gone! The old coffee and end tables ~ gone! Old carpet ~ gone! But my tapestry covered winged back chairs were going to remain. Mr. Precious had purchased these for me way back in the 70s and we loved them and even had them recovered. So they were going to remain. The search for a sofa was on and on and luck.
Then one day, I spied this sofa from the Ralph Lauren line by Henredon. It had been discontinued and the price was right and I fell in love with it. I fall in love easily with furniture. It's cream and rust, never had this color before, and we were ready for something different. Never did we realize how difficult it was going to be to find chairs to blend with it.

Well, you can see in the top part of the moasic my adored tapestry covered winged back chairs did not work with the pattern of my newly acquired lovely sofa! The horror! The shame! I got dizzy every time I walked into my living room! Long story short...poked the adored tapestry covered winged back chairs somewhere else in the house and started the search for more chairs! Woopee! We found them even though it took over two years! Yep, it did, Dear Ones! I'd just rather do without til I found what I wanted. Didn't know it would be more winged back chairs, but it was. I think I just love winged back chairs!! Can you love winged back chairs? You bet your flight pattern you can! :)

It was hard to take a photo of my new loves and get the color right. But the color in the chairs is a tad lighter than the rust color in the sofa.

Slowly but surely my living room is coming together. I need an accent color for some pillows and it's very hard to decide what will go with this rust color. My friend Paula at Paula Grace Designs told me a blue print with the rust color in it would work. What do you think? So the search will be on.
So grab a little cup of tea, sit back and I'll take you on a tiny tour. Well, actually as I said before ~ a loooooooooong photo heavy tour! :)

Big old round coffee table with inlaid wood, I love this piece too. She is wearing her summer duds at the moment.

Being coastal we have to have our shells. I filled my big old etched jar ( I love this, by the way!) with shells and a candle. Poked down some greens, books and topped it off with a star fish shell.

I have two end tables like this and love them too. The tops have beveled leaded glass where I just poke stuff all over them. Love me some tiny bird doo dads! The lamps, I love them too, were purchased at The Bombay Company many moons ago. Sob breaks my tiny most sad heart that they shut their tiny doors! :(

The other end table with more bird stuff poked on top!

Here's the other side of the room where my piano sets. This is where I play my little note songs!

Here is an olden 'center table'. Guess what? I love this too! :) It has a collection of one of my favorite mags on the bottom ~ Tea Time. On top I have a cloche with a little bird poked under it and all of this is sitting upon some decorating books. Then I have three pieces of crystal. I just love me some shiny bling. Oh, I tossed off the doiley that was on the tabletop and shined up the wood. My table is breathing so much better now!

Hanging over the center table is an oil painting painted by a friend. Bluebonnets in Texas! Gotta love this!

Then another favorite lamp ~a chinesey looking ginger jar lamp. You wanna know something? I love this too. I'm thinking of spiffing it up with some trim like Marty at A Stroll Thru Life did and so many others of you! Do ginger jar lamps go with bluebonnets! Yes sirree you bet your soy sauce they do! :)

As you can see, I have a little tiny living room and my piano takes up quite a bit of the space so with my windows coverings I just placed one panel to each side of both windows. I made them and have the same ones in the dining room but with a different beaded trim. You see this poor little lone chair? Hopefully she will be gone soon. I have a lovely chair my mother gave me that will sit in this spot one day! It's covered with blue crushed velvet at the moment. That will have to change!

uh oh...

Sorry this is a bit blurry. Chloe Dawn startled me as she came in here bringing her baby and wanted me to play with her. Not now, Darling, Mommy's taking pictures.

She loves to have her picture taken and begged and begged me to include her in my post. You know she's spoiled and gets her tiny way when she looks at me like that with those big ole brown eyes. So here is Chloe Dawn trying so hard to look photogenic! :)

Well, that's the tour and I'm so glad you came! Please just ignore the dog toys in the living room.

Here's where I poked my beloved tapestry covered winged back chairs ~ in the dining room for now.

uh oh...

I told you she was spoiled! :)

I'm joining lots of parties today hosted by:

Our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday
Our Dear Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday
Our Dear Cielo at The House in the Roses for Show Off Your Cottage Monday
Our Dear Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
Our Dear Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday
Our Dear Paula at Paula Grace Designs for Timeless Tuesday

So be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

Oh, before I leave you, I wanted to remind you about my party on Friday, May 7th! It's going to be a
Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva Party!
Oh, it will be so much fun. If you don't come, my tiny little grand daughter will be so sad!

You wouldn't want to make her sad would you?

Hadn't you rather see her like this?
I know I would! I'm shameless, I know. I'm just so proud of her. She's my first and only grand baby so forgive me! :)

So please come to my party! For all of the information, just click here. You can take this little button that I made this for you with my most tiny dainty fingers and place it on your blog!

See you Friday!

I will spare you a little Note Song today due to my loooooooooooooongness!